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  1. Oh great - thanks for that conclusive proof that racism doesn’t exist. Clearly these protesters are just ‘overreacting’ right?
  2. I mean that nasty MSM - how pesky are they? Televising police murdering people is slow motion - wouldn’t it be better if they just didn’t show this stuff?
  3. Last I saw they banged up her shooter in jail for a long time. Anyway, as one of her countrymen said the other day: “'Saying all lives matter is like going to a cancer fundraiser and saying there are other diseases'," Feel free to organise your own protest about the downtrodden white peoples of the world tomorrow. I’m sure lots of fine people will turn up, goose stepping and all.
  4. A country which has got enough money to equip every policeman with a rocket launcher but not have enough for health care has some problems with priority setting...
  5. Depends how much he can wrap the solution up in the Union Jack and dreams of Empire so the Rule Britannia brigade don't get too antsy. Remember too, they are gagging to give China a good kicking, so this will be part of the list. China has effectively breached it already - or have you forgotten about the kidnappings of people on HK soil extradited to the mainland....oh sorry, yes, they were voluntary. As for learning to live with China - fine, I don't think anyone begrudges the rise out of poverty of a billion people. That is a good thing. Kicking sand in the face of their global neighbors...you'll see less willingness for that to happen going forward.
  6. Basically. The pubs whinged when they banned smoking. Miraculously they seemed to get through that. This is a temporary thing needed to deal with a fairly contagious bug. Or perhaps they prefer another inevitable shutdown?
  7. Ah yet another misleading post by your good self. It’s a condo. It can be totally owned by a non-Thai unless the building already has 49% of the other condos owned by foreigners.
  8. SOE musical chairs. They need industry specialists, but that won't be allowed to happen.
  9. In a similar vein, I was crossing into Laos one day in Nong Khai, and an old lady came up with me speaking Thai asking to help fill out her departure card (this was a few years ago!). Turns out she had a Vietnamese passport! It had absolutely no visas in it, but I should have asked what other permits she had because I suspect she was part of the Vietnamese diaspora who fled the French in the 40s and 50s.
  10. Your previous post included a bizarre rant about White south African farmers being shot. History isn’t your strong point - HK was a crown colony till 1997. Hong Kong island and the Kowloon peninsula was British territory in perpetuity (if that is too big a word for you, it means forever). Think the Gibraltar of Asia. Only the New Territories were ever leased for 99 years. it was always going to be impractical to only hand back the NTs so the British relinquished sovereignty over HK and Kowloon too, the quid pro quo being one country two systems. The people of HK may not have automatic rights to full UK citizenship, but with a tweak of legislation, Boris can give HK BN(O) citizens residency and work rights in the UK. It’s probably something that would enjoy bipartisan support, but is still a step short of what the Portuguese did with Macau - everyone born there up to 1999 gets a Portuguese passport. Have you got any other historical falsehoods you’d like to be rebut with?
  11. No, to be fair to Boris I actually thinks he means it. This has got nothing to do with trump, who’d be hard up trying to locate HK on a map. There isn’t much he can do apart from the residency rights thing. The Chinese have essentially reneged on one county two systems. Some, me included hoped they’d honour it if only to keep an effective entry point for business into the county, but they seem happy to trash that now too. Britain can’t take back HK island and Kowloon, so the best they can do is give citizens there a safety net. Sure it will <deleted> China off but China has shown really good form lately in pissing everyone off.
  12. Wasn't it the case though that anyone who got an extension of stay up, up until the mid 70s, effectively became a PR?
  13. So copper gets off then? Why are they even bothering with a trial?
  14. Yes, its long over. But realpolitik dictates that he flies the flag one last time while signing up at least 3.5 million HKers (not including their spouses and children) to automatic residency in the UK. Its the moral thing to do, but that was never reason enough for the past 24 years. Singing Rule Britannia is the little bit of sugar to help the medicine go down so to speak.
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