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  1. Freedom of movement between Ireland and UK remains post brexit due to the Common Travel area which predates the EU. Each other’s nationals will continue to be able to live and work in each other’s countries
  2. you really didn't read your own article did you? "Moreover, trade experts have noted that, while there is some cause for celebration on the UK side, the government has thus far been unable to replicate this kind of deal with most of its other big trading partners". " Britain had signed continuity agreements with Switzerland and Norway but these covered a reduced amount of trade." and: "The UK will also need to obtain South Korea’s consent to maintain existing tariff-free terms for UK goods with significant European components and for UK components in EU exports". So this is what will happen, the South Koreans will use the next two years to consult their business community and look to see what they 'really' want out of a trade deal with the UK. The next deal they present to you won't be anywhere near as favourable. While you will like to think there will be a rush of countries to sign a trade deal with you, the exact opposite will happen. They know the UK has shot itself in the foot trade wise, and will maximise the time it takes for you too bleed, before coming to negotiations and maximising their benefit, not yours. So hardly anything to celebrate, a bit like cheering when you get a participation award.
  3. Continuity deals aren't trade deals for the most part, just a 'status quo' on the existing regulatory arrangements. ie. We'll still recognise this bit of paper on guaranteeing the quality of this good if you recognise ours. They can, and will change once the trade dynamics become clearer, and you'll have much less leverage to negotiate them. As for the barstool comment, yes apologies to all who sit on bar stools. You clearly are just making it up as you go along.
  4. say the people who've clearly never run a business in their life.
  5. Indeed - but these numpties actually believe that 'free' means actual free trade.
  6. You mean those deal with Tunisia, the Faeroe Islands and the Palestinian Authority? Yeah, major trade partners those... The EU Canada FTA started in 2004, finally got over the line in 2016 from memory. Nafta was signed in 1992, after 6 years of negotiation and first proposed in 1980. So you’ll need 20 years to get the deals and a patchwork of non comparable trade deals, just to get back what you’ve lost from throwing away the seamless access you have to the EU. Yeah, so they take a while. Not project fear, just history and fact. Hope it isn’t too much reality all in one post for you on your barstool.
  7. I said it a year ago, all that needs to happen is that the conservatives throw the DUP under a bus and they get brexit. However much they dress it up as anything else (how does ‘one country two systems ‘ sound...?) it really means that NI effectively stays in the EU and a unified ireland is a step closer. All thanks to a bunch of Eton and Oxford brats...
  8. You don't 'agree' tariffs with the WTO. You have your own listed set - for all imports into the UK. And...you face the stated lists that each country in the world/trading bloc has. The only way to get away from these stated schedual of tariffs is to negotiating an FTA. So you'll be facing EU tariffs from day one, cause you wont have an FTA, and you'll begin to face the standard tariff rates of each of the countries where you used to have an FTA via the EU's FTAs. Inevitably, these standard tariff rates will be higher and more punitive. But fear not, with a good 20 years worth of negotiations you'll be able to get FTAs up and running with these countries again, but on lesser terms given you haven't got the benefit of being part of a huge trading bloc which can press a better deal. But being plucky brits, winding up with a half arsed trade deal less preferential from what you already have now will be worth it no doubt.
  9. Wow, after 112 pages - such originality. I gave you a 7/10 though. You hit a lot of the talking points: - Poor Gretta (cue crocodile tears) - Abusive parents - Stolen childhood (nice touch that one) - Actor parents!!!!!! - Totalitarian left - liberals!!!!!!!! Not bad for a new poster. You missed a few obvious ones though. - her ‘mental issues’ - no mention of her sail boat - you didn’t dig the foot enough into the Swedes. I would have given you bonus points if you could have blamed that Muslim Obama for all of this, but for a newbie, not bad...
  10. Come on.... We are talking about Bert here. He even has an aversion to basic algebra given the contributions made to it by Islamic scholars.
  11. The law of return has led to some wired situations where the children of Russian immigrants in particular have formed neo nazi cells - in Israel. Also just plain historical fact that modern Israel basically had to blast the Brits out before it could be formed, so easy enough to imagine the graves being targeted by ultra nationalists. The reality is however, who knows!
  12. I'm waiting for one of them to come out and proclaim this is simply Trump making another masterful move in his game of 4-D chess and we are too stupid to see what he's actually doing.
  13. On this thread all I’ve seen is unrestrained vitriol directed towards a 16 year old girl, references to discredited tabloid TV documentaries, and speculative whataboutisms like your 50/50 comment. At every stage in history you have your self interested parties, your luddites, your self interested luddites. Add to this to the flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and those culture warriors who for them this issue is simply another front line in the war against those pinko facist communist lesbian socialists who have simply made it all up. At any point in history where momentous change was on society, women’s rights, civil rights in the US, anti-segregation, slavery - you name it, anything that threatened the world view of the status quo you’d have the same types out and ranting against it. If this was a debate 100 years ago about introducing steam trains you blokes would be out on force penning letters to the editor talking up the horse and buggy industry and bemoaning this new fangled work of the devil. This debate is no different as we can see on this thread and this picture basically sums it up.
  14. Well done Donald, create a problem so you can pretend trying to fix it. Who cares if people die? Basically the theme his entire presidency.
  15. So they’ll end up right back where they were tradewise in 2016 and Trump will market this as a victory...
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