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  1. Isn’t that then victim blaming? Up there with blaming a woman for getting raped...
  2. Yeah, except the federal debt has doubled under this mob.
  3. Feel free to keep posting. Just don’t expect not to be called out for it as you would when chatting to your mates at the go go bar. As for you being an extremist? Who knows. But when you pay the ‘us and them’ game, sow doubt about people’s motives purely based on their religion, well history tells us this is a well worn tactic...
  4. A-frigging-maxing. 50 people dead, and you question the allegiance of the victims. what is the point of that? No mention of the shooter. An Australian. No mention of his ‘ideology’. No examination of that. And as someone who’s family are kiwi, and who spends every second Christmas there (and yes you can mention Christmas), it’s a safe bet that if we judge you on your posts, the kiwis I know wouldn’t have you.
  5. Fair enough. I’ve been thinking about what you asked. And for me the definition included the concept of ‘fear’ of Islam and things associated. But on further reflection, and re reading many of the posts on this and other threads, I was wrong to use that term. So just tonuse this thread as an example, a strong female PM dons a headscarf in a simple show of empathy for a community who were targeted for one thing and one thing only: who they are. As a response, we get the following responses from the TV journey men (remember you were the one who mentioned deflection): - what about ‘our’ culture? - how about those Nigerians? - they wouldn’t do the same thing for us! - how about that homophobic imam? - they are imposing their culture on us! A very us versus them theme shows itself. So you are right. It isn’t islamaphobia. These blokes aren’t scared of it. They out and out hate it. And it shows but them trying to cast a bad light on ever Muslim. I could go on about lack of empathy for the victims (just cause of who they are) or misogynistic attitudes, but we can leave that for another time. Thanks for forcing me to clairfy my own thoughts. As for democracy, I’m sure the voters of NZ will reward her in spades for her actions of the past few days.
  6. I’ll leave you to make your judgements. Not really looking for validation from you.
  7. Sure whatever. And the 5 pages of comment here, plus the deleted bile, was purely comment on her fashion choices.
  8. One is taking the piss, the other is showing empathy. That you are comparing blackface with what the PM did just shows how bizzare your thinking on the issue is. As for Muslim’s not liking others dressing up as ‘them’ they seemed to appreciate it in Dubai last night. But as the Muslim spokes person, you clearly know better than the rest of us.
  9. So are many many Catholics and evangelicals. So what is your point? That homophobia is wrong? Welcome to the human race... No mention of the shooter being outed today as an admirer of the leader of Australia’s white supremist movement.
  10. Im not your walking dictionary. Nevertheless, I’m sure the concept has never entered your mind....
  11. Prey tell, what arguments are not standing up? We’ve got pages now of diatribe just because the PM of NZ decided to be empathetic to muslims? And I’m the hater? Yep, keep trying with your phsycobabble.
  12. Sharing Katie Hopkins videos, that well known islamaphobe? Keep telling yourself that this is just about your dislike for politicians...
  13. Ahhhh, lots of ‘whatabout’ isms. The classic tactic of the knuckle draggers at the moment.
  14. And Ivanka is? Jewish. Not that there stated religion really matters. A simple act of respect by all concerned both in this picture and in NZ. Doing exactly the same thing. So its okay when these guys do it (of course), but it really doesn’t fit your Muslim bashing narrative does it?
  15. I've taken my car to Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and would love to take it to Myanmar. According to my research, the answer is 'not at this time'. The only Thai cars I've seen go across are those immediately at the border (but no further than the city limits of the border town). There is also no insurance available (and most Myanmar cars are uninsured anyway). The other way is to join a 'caravan' - basically Thai tourists going on offically sponsored road trip. These happen, but are expensive and not exactly what you are looking for, I suspect.
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