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  1. Well there is one solution, we all upsticks and move to Roi Et or Khon Kaen. Unfortunately my IO is the one Bill Smart posted about.
  2. That is not what the new post from. Tanoshi says. It give examples of how the new combo method will work. You can have a small amount of savings plus monthly income as long as adds up to 800K.
  3. He didn't write that, read again. He wrote extension of an O-A visa.
  4. Rarely will you hear an educated Thai use that dreadful word, in our golf club house which is full of senior retired Army Officers, Police, Judges, Doctors etc, I have never heard it said. However gobby lard arsed expats are more than likely to use it. The same types who cannot even pronounce Pattaya correctly.
  5. Since opening Phetch have always insisted that the Bank letter is on the day you apply for your extension. If you have a Bangkok Bank account you can do it in the main BKB in the city. The staff there are aware of this and will do the letter for you. It does save going along in my case to Si Thep and getting the letter. Not sure about the other Thai Banks, but cannot see why not.
  6. Let's not go there again, we all know that, but the Phetchabun Immigration Officers all call them visa's, and my advice is do not get in a p*ss*ng contest with them. I tried it and came second.
  7. Just read through the PDF Bill posted and that is me totally screwed for the retirement combo method. My pension is just a small amount from the required funds and just keep a small sum in a Thai bank. Extension is due in a few weeks time, I already have the UK Embassy letter. Will not have time to get the 400K. The IO Bill is commenting on is Phetchabun, they have only been open a few years, before that we all came under Phitsanulok.
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