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  1. phutoie2

    Retirement Visa

    Friend of mine up here (province east of yours) just been down to do it, a must apparently for first time. Cost just short of 13K BHT. He has explained all the process involved, simple enough. The only thing I didn't like the sound of was posting your passport down there for 90 day report.
  2. phutoie2

    Mid-range smartphone recommendations

    just bought my wife an Oppo A7, for 6990 Baht. Battery life and finger print scanner are good. I am still running with an Asus zenfone, the one with the 5000 amp battery, not sure what glass they put on those phones but not a mark on it, no protective screen cover and I tend to treat my phones roughly, ie dropped a few times. The Redmi Note 7 appeals as a replacement.
  3. Well while we are all trumpet blowing about BBK, me too. Been with my branch in Sri Thep for 12 years, never had a prob with immigration letter, just got a new mastercard, and the manager signed my recent certificate of life form for pension.