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  1. Right? They are really "beautiful" in person, to a hardware geek such as myself. These were for sale in Chiang Mai Plastic, next to the rolls of vinyl sheeting, that cheap stuff you cover a table with to keep liquids off it and for easy clean up. CM Plastic is not a shop for the applications you mention, as I understand it, so I think it must be for something else. I should have asked and maybe I will go back and do so! I'm thinking something about food/restaurant usage as I saw some references on the internet in that regard. Perhaps it's a good cutting surface? I would think it would damage e
  2. Thanks for the response. This is very expensive stuff, however. 1 meter x I think 1.5 meters tall is 500 baht, for the 1 mm thickness. And 3mm thickness is 1500 plus. Seems too pricey to use as a vapor barrier on a house if it's to cover all wall surfaces. YOu mean like Tyvek? I read something about it being used in food production when I did some google research but I'm not sure how. I'm just curious as the product piqued my interest. When you see it first hand, it's pretty cool stuff.
  3. Hi folks, I'm just curious and posting this here because found in CM. I was in Chiang Mai plastics the other day buying some vinyl covering for a table. You know, that cheap stuff that is waterproof and so easy to pick up spills, etc... They also had some rolls of silicone sheeting, 150 tall. 1 mm is 500 plus baht a meter and a 3mm thickness over 1500 baht. Expensive stuff. I'm curious what this silicone sheeting is used for. Anyone know what the application is? I didn't know silicone was so pricey. Cheers, Bamboozled.
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