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  1. Many thanks, guys! Yes, the Sharp is a bag-less model, 2000w VC LS20 or something. And while I recall I was happy with the suction of it in the beginning, there are some serious design faults that I realized soon after I bought it. For example, there is no easy way to pick it up while vacuuming, for cleaning up-high areas. There are other issues, too, but I won't get into it. I don't recall the price exactly but sure, maybe better to shut up, chuck it, and pay up! I'll have a look at that thread and try your google method, too. Thank you again.
  2. The search function is pulling up Thai airways bankruptcy news so I'm asking anew. My current Sharp vacuum is not really sucking so well any longer. It's not all that old but I don't think they enjoy vacuuming in 40 degrees, for starters. Anyhow, has anyone had good luck recently with a vacuum purchase? I'm not going to go the Dyson route, that's way over my head price-wise. I saw a Phillips Cyclone which "looks" cool and I would hope/would imagine it is a good machine because the price tag is 13k. Not really keen on spending that much either. Is it a necessity, spending so much, for a decent vacuum? I guess I would be comfortable up to 6k but more than that seems, I don't know, a lot of bottles of beer or fish sauce. Any advice? Thanks all! Oh, I live in a mid-size house that is all open windows so very dirty, up here in Chiang Mai with all the soot in the air. I don't have carpets but a lot of things that collect dust on all sorts of surfaces, not just floors. Thank you!
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