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  1. Thanks so much, Ubonjoe. So it's just 40k monthly if married and not 65k? I guess I will apply for the 60 day extension before the April 15 expiration of my current 90-day stamp. That gives me 2 months to get transfers in after which I can see how things stand with the virus/rules/etc.... Either I can do a border hop at that time (unlikely I would say) or start doing the 90-day extensions showing the money in the bank. This will mean welcome to the TM30 club, I guess..... Ugh.
  2. This might not be the proper place but it's an add-on to the above about changing rules and the inability to do a border run. So, if indeed I need to change to doing extensions at immigration, at that point I will need to deal with the financial side of things, which heretofore I was able to avoid in Savannakhet and Saigon (no need to show money in the bank or monthly income). To the point, I have no record of monthly incoming deposits nor do I have 400k in a bank. When do the transfers need to start to be acceptable and valid? My current visa is up in mid-August. I could start doing transfers tomorrow, before the end of the month, and given another 90 day extension at the expiration date of my visa in the middle of August, it would take me to mid November when I would need a new visa. That could give me 9 months of transfers. Would that suffice? Pardon me if this needs to be moved to a different forum or a separate thread. Thank you!
  3. Right, I'm not leaving right now. But it will be interesting to see what comes down the pike as things progress.
  4. When I first started doing it this way many years ago, I was always in and out pretty much every 90 days anyhow. So it just became my MO. I didn't even know about extending it at immigration. And I never went there, pretty much. And being in Chiang Mai it's not so hard and I rather like the "day off" from my normal routine to go to Mae Sai and cross over. I read somewhere that many insurance plans don't cover the virus. Ok, so it's a wait and see situation. That makes sense, I guess. The how world is a wait and see right now, isn't it? Thank you for your response.
  5. Good afternoon fellow Thailanders.... I am here on a ME O-visa based on marriage to a Thai citizen. Every year, I have been getting a new visa at either Savannakhet or Saigon and leaving the country every 90 days which has been just dandy. A friend of mine is worried I will now have to put 400k in the bank as well as buy health insurance that covers Covid-19 for when the border opens again and I exit the country to renew my stamp and attempt to re-enter (whenever that will be possible is anyone's guess and in the meantime I will do a 60 day extension(s). Is this true about the money and the insurance? I know I've read something about insurance necessary for O-A visas but so far I hadn't seen that anything had changed for O visas. Anyone with info? Thank you.
  6. Ubon Joe also says wife is required to go to immigration. Hmmmm.......Well, she might want the chance to get out of the house anyhow and immigration is not far.
  7. No TM30 or tabien Baan of house owner (or is that your wife?) Thank you.
  8. ok well good that narrows the possibilities. As I was typing the question out I started to realize how crazy it sounded and how unlikely so it's just as I suspected. I would certainly hope the gov. would step up and end this nonsense until things settled down. If it's about the money, just let folks pay online or at the post office whatever is needed for an extension. Or even better, make the costs known and one pays either upon final departure or when it becomes feasible to do a renewal or stamp or what have you. Putting everyone at increased risk and causing undue chaos serves nothing and no one, as far as I can tell. In fact, it goes against the gov. decree to stay at home, as many have already noted.
  9. Is it possible to fly anywhere close by right now and turn around and come immediately back on the next returning flight, and by doing so getting a new stamp (for O-visa)? I haven't been keeping up on every twist and turn. I know (believe) all land crossings are out. Unsure if there are still flights anywhere and if so does return entry to Thailand require a medical certificate and/or 14 days of quarantine (self-quarantine would be fine!)? Also true things change by the hour so it would be a rather large gamble....
  10. According to Tmoney's list, I will need rental contract, copy of household registration of current address, copy ID card of house owner, and copy of registration of house owner (tabbien baan, I guess). I have only the rental contract and not the last 3 items. Actually, I'm not sure what "copy of household registration" is...TM30? And I need the last two items to be able to do the TM30, is that not correct? Ugh...
  11. Thank you, lopburi3. Much appreciated. I need to bring my wife with me to immigration?
  12. Hi folks, I've got an O-visa based on marriage and have always simply done a border run every 90 days to get a fresh stamp. That border run is now impossible. Does anyone know if I will be able to use this extension service? My current stamp expires April15. Thank you.
  13. Cheers, folks. What is needed for the 60 day extension based on O-visa (married to Thai wife)? Is financial proof and TM30 required and if one doesn't have these? I've always gone to Savannakhet or Saigon in the past for the visa and border hop every 90 days. I tried to cross into Burma last week to renew and even had a Myanmar visa but they closed the border practically in front of me: no entry allowed. My current 90 day period will be up April 15. Thank you all! Hang in there!
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