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  1. Right? They are really "beautiful" in person, to a hardware geek such as myself. These were for sale in Chiang Mai Plastic, next to the rolls of vinyl sheeting, that cheap stuff you cover a table with to keep liquids off it and for easy clean up. CM Plastic is not a shop for the applications you mention, as I understand it, so I think it must be for something else. I should have asked and maybe I will go back and do so! I'm thinking something about food/restaurant usage as I saw some references on the internet in that regard. Perhaps it's a good cutting surface? I would think it would damage easily, however. Protection on the top of a glass case in a shop? Hmm..... Or on top of glass shelving? That could be...

  2. 12 hours ago, grin said:

    Typically used for vapor/air barriers for glazing. In the US one can buy adhesive sheets or non-adhesive.

    Thanks for the response. This is very expensive stuff, however. 1 meter x I think 1.5 meters tall is 500 baht, for the 1 mm thickness. And 3mm thickness is 1500 plus. Seems too pricey to use as a vapor barrier on a house if it's to cover all wall surfaces. YOu mean like Tyvek? I read something about it being used in food production when I did some google research but I'm not sure how. I'm just curious as the product piqued my interest. When you see it first hand, it's pretty cool stuff.

  3. Hi folks, I'm just curious and posting this here because found in CM. I was in Chiang Mai plastics the other day buying some vinyl covering for a table. You know, that cheap stuff that is waterproof and so easy to pick up spills, etc... They also had some rolls of silicone sheeting, 150 tall. 1 mm is 500 plus baht a meter and a 3mm thickness over 1500 baht. Expensive stuff. I'm curious what this silicone sheeting is used for. Anyone know what the application is? I didn't know silicone was so pricey.


    Cheers, Bamboozled.

  4. You can refill them or get the external tanks but the cartridges still wear out and start printing funky. The only remedy is a new 900 baht cartridge. At least, that's what the shop tells me now and again.

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  5. I would love to know if you can contact Sumalee. I had met with her perhaps 2 years ago, maybe less, and recently sent an email asking for another meeting. I did not hear back. I didn't pursue it more as I thought she was maybe winding down her practice (retirement) as had seemed the case. Cheers.... Oh, I liked her work.

  6. Joe, you're right. I've just always had the multi in the past and I never thought twice about coming and going. You're right in that things are different right now and no one can say when that will change. If things do change within the year, I could see myself screwing up and leaving without remembering the reentry permit and voiding my visa. Such as I mentioned before, being in Mae Sai and jumping over to Tachilek. I would hope the officers would bring it to my attention. The fact that it voids your visa is, seemingly, silly. Why not just charge 1000 baht upon reentry? Well that's the life. Some things don't make sense.

  7. Thank you everybody. So when I go back to get the visa in a month or so, I can at that time purchase either a single reentry or a multiple reentry pass, yes? For the single, does it have a date on it such as I am exiting the country on this day and returning on that day? Or can I purchase it and it is valid for any time while the extension is valid? That way, if I have a sudden whim to exit the country I am good to go? I think Ubonjoe you are saying that yes, it can then be used at any time. And can just purchase another reentry permit after that one for another 1000 baht? The multi-entry O visa is, or was, 5k. Has that price changed? If not, I'm just curious why the multi for the extension is more expensive. Anyway, don't sweat the small stuff. What do most folks do that have this extension? I don't leave the country all that often but it's kind of nice having the multi and then not having to worry about it any longer. Maybe I don't want the fake viagra but if I'm in Mae Sai I might want to pop over to get some booze at the duty free.

  8. I'm confused on this point. I've had a 6 or 7 O visas based on marriage for the past years but always got a new one out of the country and always applied for a multiple entry. I am now doing my first extension since leaving the country is impossible and waiting for immigration to come for the house visit. I had written "multi-entry" on the application form but in the end paid only 1900 baht and the officer talked about re-entry forms. Am I to understand that there is no such thing as multiple entry visa with the marriage extension? I would rather pay to have that and not have the hassle or worry of having to obtain a reentry pass if and when I exit the country. What happens, for example, if I am in Mae Sai and decide I want to pop over to Tachilek to buy some fake viagra? Do I have to get a reentry permit and can that be had quickly and easily at the border there?


    Thanks people!

  9. Oh well that's wonderful news. Thank you, Joe. And just to double check: the Covid extension is not limited to just 1? This will be my second. Is a week prior to the expiration of the current visa too early to go (with the new extension starting on the date the previous one expires)? That would give me some time to scramble if for some reason it was refused.

    Thanks much as always.

  10. Don't hate me folks for another Covid extension question and another unanswerable query regarding the future. We all have our unique situations and must act accordingly. I am on a Covid extension at the moment (ends Jan. 26) because my wife was not well a month ago to get the O extension based on marraige and she is still not well and possibly won't be able to go to immigration (by Jan. 26). Another Covid extension would buy us more time for her to convalesce. Anyone know anything? I would think it would continue seeing how bad things are around the world, at least past my next due date (Jan. 26).


    thank you

  11. Just back from speaking with CM immigration officer who was very friendly. He said my wife could write a letter explaining why we cannot provide the house book and ID of the landlords. And I believe she has to print out the rental transfer history from her bank to owners bank. And of course our expired rental contract. This is after he made a call to....I don't know to whom but as he stated, someone that knows the answers to our questions. So, I don't yet have the visa but this is the route we're going to go. We have his contact info for when they refuse to grant me the visa because we don't have the house book and owner ID....5555. I won't be surprised but at least we know who to call: ghostbusters.

  12. I do not believe we ever got copies of their house book or ID though I'll take another look at my papers. Yes, I could add new dates to the contract. I'll have a look at that. It's a funny situation. You would kind landlords would want to make sure you had their contact info in case there was an issue with the house. Let's say it caught fire and was damaged. How would they even know? We certainly would not be in a position to tell them.


    As mentioned, I will go to immigration this week and ask if there is a way around this.


    Cheers! Thanks for your input all.

  13. I have gotten my O visas in Savannakhet or Saigon in the past, so no need for all the paperwork. Yes, I don't think immigration cares about any taxes being paid by landlords on rent, or not. Not yet, at least. However, I can see from landlords perspective that no brush with the MAN at all is better than even an inconsequential brush with the MAN. Granted, the whole need for landlords ID and house book....for what end? I will go to immigration next week and ask what I can do.

  14. Thanks for your response. The fact is, I don't want to move out. I'm quite happy with the house and the location and the rent. Also, I have a whole house full of stuff. Moving would be a huge chore and expense. To boot, I can't explain anything to them because we have no way to contact them. The only thing to do, again, would be to forego paying the rent but after four days of doing that at the beginning of the month we felt bad and wrong about not paying. Perhaps I will go to immigration and put the question to them. That would probably be the most logical thing to do. I'll certainly report back.

  15. I have been living in my current location for I guess about 4 years and each month faithfully transfer the rent money to landlord's account, an older Thai couple with whom we have always been on good terms. They are very hands-off, in a good way, and we have little contact with them,  just pay the rent via bank transfer. A while back, 6 months ago, our contract ran out and they kicked the can down the road about renewing it claiming Covid fears. In that time, it has come up that we need their ID, house book, new contract, etc...to comply with visa requirements for my first extension based on marriage. Our contact was through LINE app but when my wife mentioned to  them a couple months ago the need for these items, they seemingly cut off communication with her/us. We have no phone number for them and don't know where they live. We delayed paying the rent this month to hopefully prod them into contacting us but after 4 days still no contact and we paid the rent wanting to maintain our good renter status. Ok, that's the back story. My questions is, if we are unavailable to provide a new contract and their housebook and ID to immigration, will I still be able to get the extension based on marriage? I still have another month and a half and can forego paying next months rent to force them to contact us but I don't think they really want to provide those items. I assume perhaps they are not declaring the income and are afraid of the consequences though this is just supposition on my part. Has anyone obtained the extension without those items...which to me seem a bit silly, anyhow. But rightfully so, why should immigration care what I deem silly or not? Thank you!

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