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  1. 3 hours ago, eskatonia said:

    If you're going to go in there and help out a little then why not just get a work permit?  You're married so you only need two thai staff and your wife is one of them.  List yourself as a "manager" then you're sorted.


    No it doesn't work like that. The official definition of work is quote,

    "WORK : the engagement in work by exerting energy or using knowledge for purpose of obtaining wages or other benefits"

    interesting link: 


  2. Quote "Uncertainty in the global economy is to blame for lower exports" ... really? It wouldn't be due to the complete lack of competence of those in power.

    You can manipulate the economy as much as you want, but it won't change the fact that the numbers speak for themselves. The problem squarely lies within, the lack of foresight, and complete disregard of the warning signs, have got you into this mess.

    It's time to change, and bring the country to the 21st century. Putting the blame on others will not solve the problem.

  3. Out of all the articles this must be the most sickening. I hope the general will have the sense to round up all these so-called collectors, parade them on TV, and then throw them in jail. Thailand is supposed to be a Buddist country where all animals are sacred, but apparently not when there is baht to be made.

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  4. I have never taken a taxi here nor will I. The prices they charge are criminal compared to other parts of Thailand, and there is no valid reason why this is so, except pure greed.

    Corruption it seems is here to stay, everybody filling their pockets at the expense of both tourists and Phuketians. Shame on you all !

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  5. I think many don't pay their tax as they only see it as another expenditure that gains no benefit. Yet foreigners who make a salary in Thailand, pay more tax to government in proportion to a Thai, which is highly unfair given they don't get any benefit. No wonder people are relunctant to pay it !

  6. I don't think Universal Pictures and United International Pictures (Fareast) will pay up, as the contract is between Sahamongkol Film International Co. Ltd and Tatchakorn Yeerum. The only ones to lose out with be the movie-goers in Thailand. 1.6 billion compensation, what planet are they on?

  7. Out of all the crimes that go on, this must be one of the most disgusting of them all. Those responsible must be imprisoned for life. Those countries that failt to protect wildlife especially endangered animals, must also be punished by sanctions, and anything else that will deter this odious trade ! Thailand must start to get it's act sorted out or face the consequences.

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  8. The heart of the Thai economy is esconsed into the hands of maybe 30 or 40 massively wealthy and powerful Thai Chinese families who get the policies they want to keep them in the gravy to the detriment of the rest of the economy.

    Until this hegemony is broken, Thailand will not move forward.

    And everyone thinks what is going on at the moment is about squishing the Shinwatras. It is about keeping these families in their dominant position preventing a changing of the guard. I mean honestly. The richest man in Thailand farms chicken and pork, whilst the consumers pay prices akin to the west. Hardly ground breaking innovation is it.

    This is very true, the rich keep on getting richer, and the poor languish in poverty. The internet is however changing all that, and the poor Thais are realising they have been conned by those controlling them. The old way was keeping them dumb, by adopting poor standards in school (if you could afford to go). Then brainwashing them will outdated propaganda, and subjects which are of little use in a modern-day society. One of the reasons why Thais are so ignorant (not their fault of course). But the tide is changing, and people are waking up to the truth, that no longer can they be repressed in the same manner, and inevitably things will change.

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