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  1. back when we sold some rubber trees the same guys that cut-buy the euca where cutting-buying the rubber trees, maybe try talking to one of the larger weigh stations in your area that buy euca. again back when we sold we were getting about the same money for 10-12 year old trees as you would for the euca, 700-800 baht a ton
  2. when the piglets are born, how early do you cut the teeth? why i ask, some mums can be very sensitive, ie piglets biting when drinking the milk.... you also said the piglets were big, so 2 plus kg each? this could have made the labor more difficult, longer time between piglets born? into a long a labor? then this could also have made she stressed/angry... if you see large kg birth piglets coming from gilts it might be good to look at the feed amounts you give during gestation. just my thoughts...
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