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  1. when the piglets are born, how early do you cut the teeth? why i ask, some mums can be very sensitive, ie piglets biting when drinking the milk.... you also said the piglets were big, so 2 plus kg each? this could have made the labor more difficult, longer time between piglets born? into a long a labor? then this could also have made she stressed/angry... if you see large kg birth piglets coming from gilts it might be good to look at the feed amounts you give during gestation. just my thoughts...
  2. the piglets will need to drink the 1st/2nd stage of the milk to grow/be strong ect... try an inject 1cc (small gilt/sow) of combistress, this will take the edge off she/calm her/relax ect. she is stressed because of the birthing process. also try and gve her 2day/2morrow 10cc of anaigin to help with the pain/high temp ofter the birth... if she is in a create/pen area try and lift she on her side and restrain her (ie tie her up for 12/24 hour) after this time she will be more relaxed and will let the piglets drink. if the piglets can not get to her first 2 stage of milk they will die or be no good.... the wife has 10/15 gilts birthing every month at least 1 will show the traits you mention, they tend to carry these traits throught till p3, after thisi f they continue this way they will be culled. have one p3 sow birth today the way you decribe, this is the 3rd such birth the same from she, 1cc of combistress and 1 hour later she is onshe side relaxed, would have culled her before but each birth she births alive 17/18 so will try with she one more time...... with the comistress dont give tooooo much cc, gilt/sow around 200kg 1cc will take the edge off them, 250/300kg try 1.5/2cc more than this will stop them drinking eating 100 percent for afew days and the then the same proplem, low of little milk to drink.
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