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  1. All done and dusted in under an hour...not bad.
  2. I have already given you my best guess from the information you provided, so the rest is up to you. @ballpoint has got it spelled out for you.
  3. Wiang Pa Pao is the most common spelling and there should probably be a village name connected with 297 Moo 4. ________________
  4. Assuming the basic information is correct, this is the way one would write it without abbreviations. Mr. Papung 297 Moo 4 Tambon Sasalin Amphur Wiang Pa Pao Chiang Rai 57170 Thailand Tambon and Amphur are local government designations.
  5. Clearly came over from a young age. You did well to stay single for 20 years 555 Moved here at 23 and was having too much fun to even consider settling down during my twenties and thirties. In my forties I began to see the writing on the wall and stumbled onto someone I could actually see myself living with for the rest of my life. When younger I was voted most likely to remain single but I surprised everyone, in the end.
  6. I spent my first 20 years in Thailand single and the last 22 years married. No kids.
  7. As a foreigner I prefer to err on the side of being polite, regardless of what might be common, so I always roll my r's. Everyone I meet seems to appreciate the way I speak. For me it is best to emulate the ideals of a culture, rather than what might pass as common. Again, that is just my personal preference.
  8. I can identify in a general way with your situation. My parents always had a room for me throughout my life. I had clothes and a few other possessions stored there. Whenever I visited, I always felt at home. Having the security of that fallback location emboldened me on my adventures. I knew I had a safe place to land if I ever stumbled and failed. I also knew I never wanted to be in a situation where had to use it for any more than brief visit.
  9. I had assumed your arrival in LoS was linked to the Vietnam war. That is a common assumption and the reason I say on my profile page "I was not sent here by military, government, god or corporation."
  10. I left home at 23 after graduating from university. Moved to Thailand soon after and have been here ever since. My parents both lived into their 90s and they were married for something like 67 years. We always got on well, and my wife and I spent a fair amount of time with them during their 80s to help with my mother's dementia. There was never any drama or violence in our home and there still isn't.
  11. It’s called VFvill, located just North of Wonderful.
  12. Over the years I have watched things change, when many said they would never change. Thais will change when they are good and ready and not when we want them to. It is after all their country not ours. It takes time to move people who are group oriented and reluctant to rock the boat or deviate from the path they find themselves on. Without cheap alternative forms of safer transportation it is hard to make inroads into the motorcycle deaths. People don't necessarily want to ride three or four on a bike but it is either that or stay home and go nowhere, for many. I have no data to back it up, but my opinion is that Thais where I live tend to be superstitious and don't necessarily feel they have any control over what happens in life, unlike people in the West. I don't see it as careless, but more to do with their belief in karma and a perceived lack of control over their destiny. There is plenty of pain and anguish on display at local funerals so it is not they don't care or feel. They are just more stoic and accepting of death because of the way they celebrate the end of life.
  13. When we built 12 years ago, I specified that I did not wish to live in a prison or fortress, so no perimeter walls and no bars on the windows. We are surrounded by rice fields and there is only one way in or out, down a hundred meter drive. We do have dogs but our main line of defense is always having someone home and being on good terms with our neighbors. I don't live in fear and everyone respects our privacy. Granted we don't live in Isaan, rather we are located in a rural area 50+ km from Chiang Rai. Walls and bars would spoil my view.
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