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  1. I am a very very hardcore party goer, and I first tried RESET on Kolour Sundays back in November when product was launched. I must say I have been using it ever since, and whenever I do not take it I really have trouble with the hangover ... RESET is not a miracle thing, but can dramatically improve the day after a big party ... it is really great tool for anybody that loves to party and dont wanna lose a day trying to get by ....

    Yes, at the beginning I was also sceptical, but it is easy ... go buy one for 69 bath at Watsons and try it next time you go for a big night ... 69 bath? Come on people! this can be your next best friend (as it is now for me :))

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  2. No L plates here, many just drive without any license :D

    I don't know if there is a place where you can actually learn to drive bike, as most Thais drive around as kids and if they survive they can go and take the test for bike and they are OK.

    My wife (Thai) didn't have the licence either, so she drove around for app. 6 month before proceeding and got the teroie and practical test.

    I know in Pattaya we have places where you can learn to drive a car but if they also do for bike is unknown.

    Maybe your wife can start learn in a safe area like a village/condo area so she gets some practice first and learn how to operate the scooter which is by the way very easy to drive.

    If you go to the transport office to get a licence, you will have to bring your own vehicle to take the test on, he-he. :D

    Or pay THB50 to rent a bike there :)

  3. @ Hakku, thats essentially what i wanted to know .... grey imports sometimes had problems with delaing with servicing and repairing ... and generally you need to pay a "fee" ... same as with Ducatis (although mine since it is the 998 is exempted as the dealer was not open when they release that model) ... you seem into this ... any reliable importer they told me ETAN is good ... any others?

    @ WarpSpeed, I agree with you that anybody buying a 4 million bath car should not care too much about a service of 20,000 bath ... i dont really too much, but that said, i need to know i will be able to do it ... since i dont wanna have a car that gets broken and needs to stand off there for months until is repaired ...

    Thanks for the replies guys ...

  4. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a new Audi TTS Roadster, and would like to share with you some thoughts ...

    I have a few importers with their prices Exotic Cars Thailand and F1 Auto .... both similar prices .... anybody has some experience?

    Experiences with Audi Services in Thailand? Costs? Labor expense?

    Any good info on owning the car here in Thailand is appreciated



  5. I have been reading a lot of the comments on this thread.... and I am not going to add more things that should be changed... but just said .... I LOVE IT .... i love fewer and fewer tourists are coming to the country ... and hope we do not get any tourists in the future .... and that the economy goes down ... in fact i would love to see thailand going back back back ... so then they realize about all the things people in this thread have commented ...

    I have been living in 4 countries in the last 9 years... and although i do love Thailand .... the more i stay here, the more i realize the country has something that makes foreigners get fed up of it pretty quickly after the "initial fun" wears off ...

  6. Meandwi, I do not think you have a very good idea of what Salvia is, since it is not a drug, is a plant ...

    Salvia divinorum is a Class I substance in some states (USA), but it is legal in many other places .. actually the active compound is Savinorin A and that is what it is banned in some areas. (Check Wikipedia)

    I am not aware that you can get it anywhere in Thailand, and currently the classification of it. It may easily be legal, as it is to buy "valium" here as well ... let me know if you can get it or if you find what is the current legal status ... :o good luck

  7. Hi Everybody,

    Thanks for looking at my message.

    I have a doubt...can I make a contract where I rent the land or (pay the land already) today at today's market price today for 30 years, and in the contract it is stated that if during this 30 years I manage to be able to get the property on my name (i become thai), or get omebody (thai friend, thai gf, thai soon/daughter) or company they HAVE to "sell"/transfer to them (since I already paid the market price to them)?

    I am not sure if I am clear, basically ... I am thinking on arranging to pay the owner the money he/she is asking today for the land, and make a contract where he/she retains that land during this time until I can put it on my name, or if that is the case until I made him transfer to a third person.

    Is that possible? Any experience on that?

    Many many thanks


  8. Hi,

    I am starting new business here in Thailand and need a web designer/developer to create a portfolio of websites. They include business and personal ones.

    I am looking for somebody that can work for me full time or at least that can work for me 8 hours a day. I may be able to provide site of work in my house/office. If not maybe working in your house will be suitable too.

    Looking to pay around 15,000-25,000 THB/month based on experience. Also if the business go well I you will get better salary and will grow with the company.

    Please send me a PM

  9. Dear All,

    Thanks for all the interesting topics here in the forum ...

    I have been reading about Singapore like being one of the best places to set up an offshore account as an expat. I need to open an account preferably doing everything by internet/fax and was wondering if somebody has experience on it. Should be an "expat-friendly" since I need to get my money out of there via debit/credit card.

    The point right now is that I am getting the money from the US in a Spanish account and want better a Euro Account int Singapore since I do not have any links with Singapore and looks like a better option.

    Look forward your thoughts. Many thanks

  10. I go out with thais and I really like Santika and Jet Bar (Ekkamai and Thong Lor respectively).... I also like Beds when is a House Music night ... Q Bar a bit too full of freelancers...but can be enjoyable...

    By the way ... get a bottle.... cheaper and easier....plus you can invite as many girls as you want with you :o

  11. Can you please post some pictures or PM me please. Thanks

    I have a nice 136 sqm 2+1 bedroom, 3bathroom for rent on 18th Floor (R10 unit) of Sathorn House Condo @ BTS Surasak.

    This unit is fully furnished and ready to move in, UBC+DSL, washer+dryer, microwave/fridge, two TV/DVD player, fixed parking

    The building is managed by Plus Property, has dry cleaning service, with 7-Eleven, SCB, BAY and Coffee Corner in front.

    Great for someone working in CBD with small family, or someone who has lots of guests

    Located on North Sathorn Road (tall skinny building attached to AIA at BTS Surasak).

    Bt48,000/month, one year lease.

  12. Hi .... I guess that the swimming pool is shared isn't it?

    I will appreciate more pictures, please send them to me by PM I am actively looking at properties at the moment and this seems like an interesting one.


    350 square meters, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 6 bahtrooms, 1 maid room, 1 office.

    Large living room with pool table, new Philips TV, 2 parking spaces..

    Nice 2004 teak wood furniture hand made, very large LG refrigerator, Siemens gas cooking stove, Lg washing machine

    LOCATED in Rama 9 -> Soi 13 -> Soi Chula Sampan, VERY CLOSE to Petburi, Ratchada, Sukhumvit/Ekamai, Sukhumvit/Asoke, Rca. Even very near to Ekamai and Rama 9/Ratchada not noisy at all!

    Very close also to international schools like: Kis International School, French International School, Lycée Français Int. de Bangkok, The Regent's School – Thailand, British Int. School Bangkok.

    To move in first, last and security deposit. Minimum contract: 1 year.

    For rent by owner, 48,000 baht a month, contact via pm








  13. My first topic here....just fresh new expat in LOS :o

    My employer provides me with travel insurance so I only need coverage for here in Thailand ... should I buy insurance or just "pay-as-you-go" ... I always have had insurance in Spain, UK and USA but seems that Thailand is way cheaper....I just want to hear opinions from here.

    Many thanks. Look forward to become an active member of the community.


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