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  1. It was free of charge, no questions asked, done in a flash. Very surprising.
  2. I've managed to get that resolved and get it booked but I still dont know if I need photos and if I have to pay for this extension, its just not clear.
  3. As well as the confirmation e-mail saying it needs photos and 1900 baht, all in thai of course.
  4. Yes correct again, I think that's the mistake being made compounded by the fact that the website is showing the fees for them.
  5. Now I do not know which bloody visa to apply for, he said I can't apply for tourist visa, I have to go to K-counter but this doesn't show on the website, so have to go back there again tomorrow. WOnderful.
  6. The que was extremely long and many people were asking him questions, he was giving the shortest answer possible and definitely not giving anyone more than 5 seconds of his time.
  7. yes, that is exactly what they told me, but that option is not showing on the website. Or if it is, its bloody difficult to find.
  8. According to the immigration website you now have to pay for all extensions. To me that is not what they were saying when amnesty was announced. When I went there to day they told me I had applied to the wrong counter, same as the guy in front and the guy behind. The official looked over-worked and not the slightest bit interested, leaving us all confused. One guy got argumentative so I walked off thinking I could just book things on-line but what it says on-line and what the offiicial said last week are very different. He said up until 30th you can change it, don't worry about overstay or ext
  9. This seems to be very different to being granted amnesty. I went back today and was told to come back again. The website has changed considerably and I do not fit into any catagories because I am on a tourist visa. Now its saying visa extension which I have to pay for. That is not the same as amnesty, which is what was being said on this site.
  10. Hi there, my Visa expired today but the gist of the procedure I gleaned from this site was that none of the formalities were still in place. I didnt know I had to book the appointment first. So they said to rebook, no probs because valid until the 30th. No real fuss made. Do I have anything to worry about?
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