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  1. Many people get sick within 2 to 3 days elsewhere in the world, 14 days would be unusually long, that's why 14 is used for the quarantine.
  2. Where are they right now is the question everyone should be asking.....
  3. This is the insurance which covers your 'confinement' should you be locked up for the good of society if someone you know has COVID, like what just happened to a man and his kid of Samui after his wife tested positive. They test negative yet they're in a hospital right now in isolation being 'treated' by people in spacesuits on a daily basis - this is what they do when you test negative. Nobody should come on holiday to Thailand right now - nobody at all. It's crazy, I've been saying this for a couple of months, they've just doubled down on it and made it of
  4. The government are in a bit of a pickle here, either they admit that the quarantine system failed or they admit that COVID is on Samui One or the other, there is no middle ground here.
  5. An interesting question because the lady in question is apparently a Thai with dual nationality. I wonder which type of quarantine facility she was in....
  6. Considering Kary Mullis died just over a year ago I find his recent statement surprising.
  7. In case like this I've found that a number of posters will come along and post their opinions and judge the person guilty / condemn them without a single shred of evidence. Remember, the police are the Mafia in Thailand, especially in the vile and extremely corrupt places like Samui. I've seen someone who I know personally pilloried on this site a few years ago even though I know for sure he did nothing wrong and the case against this particular Thai national in the end went nowhere because it was false, there were still many pages of comment on here though saying he's
  8. Lol, you're at least half a year behind and it's only October!
  9. That's not so much money at all, there must be hundreds of millions of people with this level of debt in Thailand to make up the trillions of Baht owed
  10. I think it's much better, nice and clear.
  11. They started the phase 3 trials on the younger people first and then expanded them to the elderly much later in the testing. I recall reading some time back that the under 50's group were no longer being recruited for the phase 3 test of the Oxford vaccine and they're concentrating on older people. The vaccine does generate T cells and antibodies which come from B cells (so we know it generates B cells due to the presence of antibodies) - I think that's the best you can hope for from any vaccine. T and B cells usually last for some time, measured in years or decades. Ho
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