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  1. ...and that's why it's there. They're discouraging any and all visitors right now.
  2. It's on mine as well. This explains a few things about data usage when my phone wasn't connected to the internet at all for months. I knew it, there's been a forced update.
  3. How much do the Chiang Mai police charge per hour for their services? Can anyone hire them?
  4. They do check some of them. If there's a 'Clean Food Good Taste' sign in the restaurant they come around and do an inspection and take swab tests, not only from surfaces and the toilets but also from the staffs hands / fingernails.
  5. According to government figures there is no virus and hasn't been for weeks. Why are they doing this?
  6. They've been bragging every day. Either they're lying through their teeth or there is no disease remaining. Choose one. It will stay the same until they open up the borders, at that point things will be a bit different.
  7. There's only one reason to keep things closed and that's because the disease is still spreading. Either they open it all up or they're caught in the lie.
  8. Disease is in the water after rain, when the waves break it creates an aerosol known as 'sea spray'. There's an article about it here : https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-02/coronavirus-ocean-swimming-surfing-safe-beaches-los-angeles
  9. It's certainly nothing to do with ample vitamin D, I looked into this a while back and found that Thailand has very high levels of vitamin D deficiency. Much, much more than you would think..... Why? Because they hate the sun and avoid it wherever possible. If that means sitting in a room with a fan then that's what they do
  10. I read somewhere that more people older than 100 years of age had died than those younger than about 40, can't remember exactly what it said. The figure for those older than 80 years far outstripped the number of working age deaths. I'm sure all the numbers are available somewhere if people want to go digging, those over 65 are generally not part of the workforce.
  11. I have no problem with this behaviour, good on him taking one for the team. Maybe they can test out a new treatment on him if he becomes ill.
  12. It's interesting how there's so many coming from the middle east, I've read that they have the most stringent lockdown conditions in place in many of the middle eastern countries.
  13. I'm pretty sure nobody claimed you won't catch COVID-19 by taking this because that would not be supported by anyone. Based on what I've read they were saying people who were taking this didn't require ventilation and / or a funeral. The above article demonstrates a different kind of bias to the one on the fake study that showed it was killing people.. How many in the study died? They don't mention that.
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