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  1. Quite the opposite, Thailand has plenty of money and plenty of foreign cash reserves. Every time the Baht rises they have more money. It's been on the rise for some time now.
  2. This is what you're up against : That's a regular plastic bottle top with plenty of larvae living in it, these hold just a few ml of water and that's plenty for them.
  3. I might just stay in for the summer this year or find a bar that has Air Con.
  4. There is probably only one thing that can destroy Thailands tourism industry permanently and that's the Baht being too strong. That and a widespread civil war.
  5. I seem to recall reading similar statements in the month or so before the coup that led to the current government and perhaps the one before that. It's hard to keep track these days, there's so many coups.
  6. Changes like this will bring Thailand firmly into the 20th century. There is no typo in the above comment.
  7. There is a document which is linked below that stated all of this illegality surrounding e-cigs. It's an interesting document, just try googling the guys name at the bottom of it and see what comes up. https://www.tobaccocontrollaws.org/files/live/Thailand/Thailand - Consumer Protection Board Order No. 9_2015.pdf
  8. You don't seem to get it - they won't be taking you to any police station, the whole thing is a bluff. I've never seen any evidence of anyone being charged with a crime for carrying a personal e-cig around with them. I've come across various people who've paid 'fines' to get out of what they thought was a pending arrest but it's all fake.
  9. The law is all about importing the devices and liquids for commercial purposes. What if you buy it in Thailand for personal use...no problem. They can't do anything - this is why they didn't take you to the police station, the 10 year sentence is for commercial importers and resellers of the products. I can prove where I purchased my device and liquids and it was a company in Thailand. If they ever hassle me about this I will immediately insist on going to court to 'face the music' and they won't get a single Baht from me.
  10. Sounds very weird, why did they even care about the hotel rental, that's department of labour business isn't it ? You already have a work permit, they should just rubber stamp the visa extension. Hire a lawyer and take him with to immigration with you.
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