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  1. This is how the entire world operates so why on earth would Thailand do is this way? Thailand knows better of course.
  2. Someone should get this kind of treatment on video and publish it far and wide on the internet. I wonder if I can buy a tiny wireless video camera that can be hidden inside a pair of glasses, etc and record onto a phone - something like this would be perfect to expose all sorts of crazy stuff that goes on. I'm going to buy one of these if I can find it.
  3. Did you build on the land yet? No transfer, no building. That's how I would handle it.
  4. Like the driver was doing anything other than driving a truck full of cargo. Why is buying something that's in short supply from another country illegal? Who makes up these rules?
  5. Sure you can, in about 20 years time maybe we should have another referendum on joining the EU....
  6. I've come across this, they don't need it but if they want to make things harder for you they ask for it. In my case the guy just gave me the original blue book and we used that.
  7. If it's cached by everyone and for example a CDN then I find that sometimes the quickest easiest way to make it work again is to rename the css file to a different name......especially if the CDN / cache expiry settings are set a long time in the future....
  8. There is no crisis, things are proceeding as expected, a little late but fully expected. The EU made no deal, no surprise there, we all knew this would happen before the referendum, what we didn't know is that instead of exiting on 'exit day' they would delay it. I've been reading lately that changing date of the 'exit day' may itself have been outside of what's allowed by law without an act of parliament and there certainly wasn't an act of parliament to change the exit, they merely rejected the 'non deals' offered by the EU. This is where it gets interesting because the old 'May' government challenged the 'Robin Tilbrook' high court action which suggests that the UK has already left the EU due to the lack of an act of parliament changing 'exit day'. It's believed that the Boris Johnson administration could withdraw government support for the opposition to the Tilbrook action, if that happens it means it's over and done with already. To summarise : Source : https://robintilbrook.blogspot.com/2019/08/another-solictors-view-on-defend-brexit.html
  9. It's not freely floated, there are controls in place. Removing those controls....
  10. Well some dead cockroaches and small black centipedes (the ones that bite and terrify Thais) so far.....I was quite surprised at this!
  11. Yet they (immigration) will insist on copies of the Tabien Baan and a copy the person who's name is on the Tabien Baans ID card. They didn't need this before, some copies of electric bills, etc was good enough. This was Hua Hin 1 week ago. No change of address, just a trip abroad for a few days. I didn't bother to go myself, I sent a Thai. It's their mess, they can sort it out amongst themselves.
  12. Yeah I live in Takiab, everything's closed up and they're all asleep in bed by midnight these days. It wasn't like this 4 or 5 years ago.
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