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  1. This is not the first time I've heard about a wristband tracking device for tourists. I distinctly recall something very similar being proposed years before the pandemic and all in the name of 'Tourist safety'..... Looks like they're finally getting their wish.
  2. They're idiots, COVID is everywhere, they should know this already.
  3. Sounds like the panic is beginning to set in. It's about time they got up off their collective behinds and did something. Will anything change? I doubt it...
  4. Ok, no problem. I won't share what I know.
  5. This is what it says on the form : So unless you've been sent to prison for more than a year they don't care or even ask.
  6. There is zero confidence, it's simply not going to happen. Nothing will return to normal until at least next year. Nothing!
  7. It is an interesting outcome you report here, I note that it was a long time ago but in my earlier post here I suggested that it should not be possible to do a 90 day report while on overstay which is exactly what happened in the OP's situation. How did they allow the 90 day report in his case when we know as you confirm here that it's not possible when you're 'on overstay' and he was already on overstay by some two months when he did his 90 day report. The only reason this situation happened is because they processed a 90 day report when they shouldn't have done.
  8. Yes, it's sounding like one of those hastily thought out knee-jerk reaction laws where they either haven't considered the unintended consequences or simply don't care about them, likely both.
  9. Yes, it used to be nice and easy, just pop along and do an extension, that changed. They made some changes to the extension procedure for TE visa holders last year some time, at least for those who do the extension out in the provinces. The procedure is now a lot more involved and should be planned for in advance. It required both a letter and an appointment to do the extension late last year when I did my extension. I don't know if the new procedure is the same everywhere or decided on a province by province basis, you never know here. They send
  10. I wouldn't be so sure about that, there's always a way. That said, I hope the French do something to punish the Thai government if they don't do the right thing. For example closing the borders seems to be one of the French knee jerk reactions used recently.
  11. Had they renewed their extensions of stay there would have been no arrest here. I note the arrest after 21 days of overstay, things are heating up here. Owing some rent is merely a civil matter, surely there's come procedure to evict with the backing of the court?
  12. It's not a joke when an immigration officer decided to pretend that everything's all ok and send them on their way without a care in the world. Everyone except the OP knows what it means if you go over 90 days, especially an immigration officer. This person now has to leave the country immediately or be locked up in a hellhole prison. I've long considered that the average immigration officer will treat foreigners with nothing but contempt and do anything they can to make problems for their 'customers'. As far as I'm concerned they're actively 'an enemy' who
  13. The thing is, they would have noticed this as they check your visa when they do the 90 day report yet they said nothing when he did the March report. They didn't tell him at the time he did the 90 day report, he was only on about a ~60 day overstay then and could have avoided being banned for a year by paying a fine. How many people go and do a 90 day report while on overstay and have no problem on the day? I have a feeling this doesn't really happen. I can only conclude that the immigration officer laughed a little inside knowing that they will be able to t
  14. This will make them think twice before going on holiday outside of Thailand.
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