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  1. I suggest checking that the browser is up to date, a lack of changes /updates over years could be a part of the problem here. If that still doesn't work then I would suggest installing Chrome to see if that works any better. If Chrome works better then that suggests the browser itself is a part of the problem.
  2. Are you using a recent browser version on the laptop where this happens? I take it there's no problems on the other laptops?
  3. Property ownership is the number one hurdle as far as I'm concerned. Why should I buy a million dollar house to live in as my sole Thai residence when all I can get is a 30 year lease? The answer is quite simply : I won't.
  4. It came from a bat. The route it took from bat to human is not known but the recent origin is pretty much understood. The technology and know how to 'mine' bats for viruses is more available than ever before. They are a huge reservoir for many different viruses. It is odd that the first outbreak happened in an urban center in the middle of China. Talk of people eating bats is misdirection people were in hospital with COVID in Wuhan more than a month before the market outbreak, in November 2019.
  5. Their goal is to vaccinate everybody, even if they don't know it yet. Given time, they will learn this based on COVID death eradication in other countries which are going 'all in' on vaccination, countries like the UK and Israel for example. I know Israel is a comparatively small country, but there are already results showing that the number of positive tests are not really dropping off yet but the number of hospitalisations / deaths (serious COVID) is dropping off massively and that is believed to be down the the vulnerable already having been vaccinated. V
  6. I heard a story about funds which have strict percentage limits of the fund that a particular stock can grow into, this might be a problem if something goes up a lot in a short period of time. I believe this is why funds rebalance to ensure the risk is spread across many companies and whichever sectors they specialise in but I guess that's up to each fund and they will all have their own rules. When one or two of them suddenly skyrocket compared to others the rebalancing will require a certain amount of selling...
  7. They would do well to vaccinate a significant proportion of the population before issuing certificates.
  8. Watching France 24 right now I'm surprised to see that only a Doctor can administer a vaccine in Paris. They have plans to allow pharmacists to administer a vaccine 'soon' - a giant leap forward for such a backwards system @welovesundaysatspace The British vaccine developed in Oxford and manufactured all around the world mostly working with AstraZeneca but lets make no mistake, it's as British as any vaccine right back to the very first one which was also British. The Oxford ChAdOx1 based vaccine manufactured by 'whoever will make it' has been around for qu
  9. People like Macron who are frequently very wrong should keep their mouths shut. I have no doubt that the French will boot his ass out at their next election in 2022.
  10. They didn't want to order the UK vaccine as they like to think that the mighty EU does not need anything that comes out of the UK. Oh how wrong they were, and how quickly things descended into farce over in the EU. It's mostly political, however even the UK approved the German vaccine and rolled it out before it could be used in Germany, apparently it would have required a meeting to have been rescheduled to get things moving in the EU - and we can't have that can we! In the EU the bureaucracy is more important than anything else, I think a few tens of millions of peopl
  11. There's not going to be a Songkran this year, it's plain as day - literally nothing has changed since last year so why would the outcome be any different? They're not even rolling out the mass vaccinations until after Songkran.
  12. We have a winner.....which country is next? I suspect it will be Spain or Greece. The first few to do this will get millions of visitors.
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