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  1. Yes, there's definitely a pattern there and it stretches back way into last year.
  2. The whole scenario where people need to leave the country and go to an embassy to get another type of visa is a relic from a bygone era as is the 90 day limit on extensions without longer term visas. It needs to be discontinued immediately and people should be able to renew/extend and change visa type as required while staying in the county. If some 'influencer' out there is looking for a cause - this is it and it's the perfect time to introduce a change in the process. Now - where did this nonsense policy come from? I suspect it was introduced decades ago to increase airline travel. It's as simple as that - it's all about money but not in the way we might immediately think. Just fly to a foreign embassy they say - who gets the money? The airlines............ @Issanlawyers
  3. I can't be the only one who thinks that what's going around the world right now is the second wave of a mutated version of something which was 'doing the rounds' late last year. Many countries reported a huge increase of respiratory illness in Q4, 2019. I've read reports of 10 times the usual number of hospital admissions in the UK in December but it doesn't appear to have been the same illness we now know as COVID-19 - I think it was a previous strain. They would not have known this is something different in December because it was most likely a much milder form of the virus. If it mutated in December / January in Wuhan then that would begin what we're seeing now and also go a long way towards explaining the massive numbers of people who are largely immune from this, because they were exposed to the previous and less harmful version. Don't write this off, it's been around far longer than anyone knows so far.
  4. I think a lot of them ran away to Europe, the US and Australia/NZ thinking things would be better there. They may have been correct, only time will tell on that, personally I stayed at home which is here in Hua Hin.
  5. If you plan on applying for a Thailand Elite membership in the next few years, with a recent overstay you will be declined during the 'security check'.
  6. I've learned a little about cellular immunity.
  7. He'll almost certainly be OK just like most of the people who get it.
  8. I will refer to this thread from January : https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1146095-no-chance-of-facemask-shortage-minister-says/?do=findComment&comment=15010945
  9. I think I know the case which is being referenced here. There's a story that's been going around online among Thai speakers for maybe a couple of months now. A Thai in the UK went to a hospital with COVID, she was sent home without 'the treatment', and so the story goes - she died a couple of days later. The implication being that Thais are not treated well when abroad, especially the UK which is where this happened. There was also another one, I think it was in Sweden, someone posting videos on facebook while ill with COVID complaining that they wouldn't admit her to hospital - I have no idea how that one turned out. They all know that if you get COVID you should be admitted to a hospital and treated immediately because that's what they do in Thailand. I think they fail to realise that every country took this same approach until there were 1000's of new cases each day at which point they gave up trying to control it and the strategy changed to one of lockdown and wait it out.
  10. All bets are off, they've broken the Sino-British Declaration.
  11. They announced a few months ago that this was their intention - to discourage foreigners from visiting, if I remember correctly the specific article (months back) was about Chinese visitors, they were discouraging Chinese visitors back then. The important point being - they confirmed this is their strategy - to discourage
  12. It's hardly surprising, I regard the numbers published by Thailand exactly the same as I regard the numbers published by China.
  13. Not so much, it's about a tit for tat reaction by the UK. This kind of thing is to be expected, those diplomats are very sensitive you know
  14. It is irrelevant how the UK or the rest of Europe are doing, I'm here in Thailand - I don't give a <deleted> how they handle it in the UK as it doesn't affect me at all. All I care about is how Thailand is handling it and all I see is lies from day 1.
  15. No transparency, no travel! I'd also add in a little bit of tit for tat diplomacy as well, the Thai government are discouraging travel by introducing onerous restrictions (tests, forced commercial quarantine, etc), they admitted this already a few months back. I guess if this approach is good enough for Thailand then it's good for the UK. They have nothing to complain about. I hope there's a little more reciprocity in the future.
  16. Google is the source of this problem, their result is incorrect, many Thai people use it, hence the confusion. It's all googles fault.
  17. Interesting, so google has got it wrong? The day is known as both Asanha Bucha and Asanha Bucha according to what I've read. From a google search for "Asanha Bucha" I've seen all sorts reported about this weekend. The WikiPedia article reports it as being on the 5th. As far as I was concerned Asanha Bucha is today as reported by google and others and the actual work day off is carried forward to Monday and the Lent day is Sunday with its day off carried forward to Tuesday on account of them falling on the weekend. I think any confusion was introduced by google which many people rely on.
  18. Is today a Buddha day or not? I hear both yes it is and no it isn't. Are the bars closed today and Sunday or Sunday and Monday?
  19. No, she can't. It will be like all the other feminist drivel reboot Hollywood movies - a final nail in the coffin of the franchise.
  20. I prefer to fly in the afternoon but that would be a minor inconvenience I guess. Maybe I will check out Udon Thani at some point.
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