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  1. They have already confirmed it to me Joe. The VA also confirmed it to me through Peggy.
  2. Confirmed by Bangkok Bank your address in E Benefits must be a thailand address, and you need to have a direct deposit account with Bangkok bank.
  3. Well that day is my birthday so I will simply pre buy, although up here no one could give a shit what day it is, they need to sell stuff to eat.
  4. have it mailed to you at the address the IRS has on file for you.
  5. U need to make sure that e benefits has your local address here in Thailand and that will trigger the IACH format for your DD. Any questions call me <contact by personal message>.
  6. VA does IACH transfers for me with no issues at all. Fill out the form on e benefits and if u do it early enough u will see it in your account at bangkok bank the following month.
  7. My VA disability check goes directly into my bangkok bank direct deposit account. I am 100% P and T. You need to go to Bangkok bank branch and set up the correct account type and bring along your VA papers make sure u have the correct routing numbers. Works fine very happy. I have to go into the bank on payday and then I can use it as I need it. The transfers mine is 3600 a month is shown as coming from the USA so no issues with immigration.
  8. Immigration just called the wife my extension approval is now in. Off to get my 365 days... Thanks to all who took the time to respond to my questions.
  9. We have the single concrete tank not a septic and its pumped out every 2 weeks for 80 baht per pumping
  10. Pot head for President........ Trump gonna have a field day, never mind the Meme's........
  11. Was just curious figured i would ask. Monetarily this process makes no since to me, but i know where the airport is if it starts to effect me. You can close the post now Joe, no need to make additional work for your self babysitting all day. Off to make my biscuits and gravy.....
  12. OK, guess treaties and all that would make since. Still though, if a farang needs at least 40K to be able to survive at a minimum for their own safety reasoning to cover the farang and family well......., guess they don't care if the Asean citizens starve? How many of them have health insurance, being inquiring today i guess.
  13. Like I said i am thinking out loud here. I have no skin in the game, so no need for me to go to immigration and ask. I simply show the bank book. What hurdles are we talking about here. The one, and only one that I know has to do just like I do. They live down the road. Can you tell me what the hurdles she misses out on. I don't see any, we both do 90 day reports, we both have to get our visa's extended once a year.
  14. oh so they recognize you don't really need the 65K, if you are living here as a teacher. I am only 47 no skin in this game. But how does that even make since. I don't believe this is thought through very well. A teacher is fine on 30K a month, but a older farang, who lets say owns his own condo, a car and a bike still has to show 65K a month or 800,000 in a Thai bank? Me thinks something is a foot here.
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