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  1. yes there was a vision test, med certificate done at the local hospital, no my USA license was expired.
  2. DLT office used was Maha Sarahkam, my USA license was expired so I had to go through the whole process as a new driver. Documents required 1. Passport along with copies of current extension of stay along with copy of the front photo page. 2. Physical, an actual 5 minute physical at the local hospital in Kud Rang. They did blood pressure, checked my chest, feet and hands along with asking me about 20 questions. I was in and out in an hour. I think it was 50 baht. Its a public hospital near to where we live. 3. Resident certificate, went to Sarahkam Immigration, super easy to get took about 20 minutes. Paid 500 baht, for what i still don't know. 4. Completed the form for the drivers license, along with providing them a phone number. Next step had to wait 30 days as there was a waiting list to do the 5 hour class. 1st day at Department of Land Transport. 1. Started at 0930, we all sat in a class room, where we were shown a video with English subtitles. You should pay attention, most of this is on the test. 2. 1130 lunch, there was a food hall outside and for 100 baht you can feast like a issaan king. 3. 1230 more video, lasts until 3 PM. Told to come back at 9AM next day for written testing. 2nd day 1. Took test, scored a 44/50 failed. I noticed a bunch of stuff on the test was not covered in what i was studying. 2. Took it again at 1PM, 43/50, failed again. Wife passed this time. 3rd day. 1. 0900 passed test with 49/50. 2. 1PM driving practical exam. a few steps 1. Drive straight through cones and then back up in a straight line. 2. Drive straight, then park at the stop sign, your left tires must be within 25 cm of the curb. They made it easy, painted a red line where the tires had to be. 3. Parallel park Once all this was done, i paid 205 baht and was issued a 2 year temporary drivers license. I did the car only, as i don't use the motorbike. Helpful study guides are attached. I located these after my two test failures. A few things to know for sure. 1. 1.6mm tire tread is required by law, any less you need to change the tire. 2. Know all the road signs, alot of the questions are on the road signs. 3. Know the penalties for drunk driving. 4. Loads on a large truck are not allowed to go over the sides, either side. 5. 24 KPH, is the max you can drive when towing a vehicle. 6. 5 Meters is the max for a tow rope. 7. Section of the BE 2522 for weight is 113 8. Section of the BE 2522 for speed is 112 9. Know all the speed limits, for national highway, provincial roads, etc. Also max speed in bangkok and pattaya 10. Know the max speed for motorbike anywhere is 50KPH 11. Max speed for a goods carrying truck in bangkok 12. Know speed limits for tuk tuks and tri bikes 13. You can apply for a non gear motor bike at 16, everything else is 18 for a car and motorbike, unless carrying commercial goods or passengers then its 20 years old 14. vehicles going uphill have the right of way. Those were all on the tests. There are 50 questions you need to get 45 right in order to pass. All in all, i was surprised that about 80% of the class failed the first test, with 50% failing the second round, i am not sure how many failed the 3rd as i was the first out the door. The driving test was about 50% failure. This is from last week, i hope this helps someone.
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