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  1. Since the double wall option was refused that refutes your hypothesis, if capable they could easily have offered the option of thicker (it is less good) or double wall. It’s not beyond the capabilities of even the least skilled builder to offer different prices for different choices.
  2. So as I implied, incompetent. Even I with no training can build a good AAC block wall.
  3. You pay the money so you decide on the constitution. Clearly the builder is far less reputable than you imagine or claim.
  4. It isn’t about priorities, it’s about availability, 75mm blocks are available in large quantities everywhere, for better heat and sound build double walls the voids are good for running utilities in
  5. Just because it was fully legal when installed doesn’t make it safe or sensible. My first car did not have seatbelt, airbags, crumple zones and many other features that are standard today. That it was completely legal doesn’t make it as safe or survivable as today’s cars. The analogy is exactly similar. Don’t have an accident you are safe.
  6. A simpler, and probably better, answer would be to add 1 or 2 poles between the current ones bringing it down to 20 or 13.3 metres between poles
  7. It is Or Bor Tor and the vast majority of them are not so called experts they are trained in the exact points you are asking about. Are all of them experts? Of course not. Do they sometimes give bad advice? Of course they do, but not often. You have decided that Piles are needed so go ahead and put them in they will do no harm if drilled. You can drill piles into bedrock if you really want, totally useless but you can do it. That your house has piles and hasn’t moved says nothing about the need for piles. That some soils (virtually all of Bangkok) need piles says not
  8. The real meaning is that that contractor has no understanding of the physics behind pile usage. There are many hundreds/thousands of buildings in Bangkok, millions elsewhere, where there is little chance of going down to a solid base. The piles work by friction/cohesion and are not End bearing pile. certainly there are End bearing pile buildings. You should talk to the Or Bor Tor and see what they advise for your area and building.
  9. @jlm53The daughter of the owner speaks some English, take the pump with you if you can, they can then look to see if that cable is available, it could easily be made for the pump maker and not available but if so and the joint is above water level the crossy’s advice on 4 core cable is best. it’s the shop that our extremely good, highly professional (PEA/EGAT) Electriction uses for his supplies. FWIW if you need an Electriction you can PM me for his information.
  10. That can’t be the problem. The cause is a continuous small leak. It could be in the pipes. It could be a toilet tank valve , it could be a tap that is dripping. It is almost certainly less than 1 litre per hour
  11. Problem with that is the UV exposure hear is many times higher than in the U.K. and it’s the UV that kills finishes.
  12. That’s the wrong place to go to for furnishings CDC is the place for that, incidentally it’s one of the few MrKen showrooms
  13. They are made but nobody stocks or uses them
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