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  1. It has to withstand a bending force not compressive force.
  2. It’s not the winds, they won’t make any difference to it and haven’t been a concern. It’s the plants that will be hanging at the end of the cantilevered section.
  3. This is what I mean either blue or red. Actually I think that Crossy has your answer or inspired it. add a c section to the back of each concrete post with the back to the concrete. Weld it at the top and bolt it in 3 or 4 places in the length. That will sufficiently reinforce the concrete and will not make any significant change to the look
  4. The only way I can see to rescue it, given that the cantilevered structure can’t have vertical support on to the tile, will be a couple of diagonal supports between the inner rail and the base of your garden wall. That would take most of the tension stress off the concrete posts and you can probably sell it as extra places to hang plants.
  5. That should read mix how much you want. The ratio is precisely calculated, too much harder and you have no working time, too little and it may not cure. the pictured epoxies certainly aren’t designed for your job. There are many different formulations, probably as many as different kinds of paint. You will want one with UV inhibitors in it.
  6. The huge problem with that structure is that it will break sooner rather than later. Concrete is very strong in compression but weak on a stretching load. You are totally reliant on the reinforcement in the concrete and unless made for you it will be very thin. the posts are designed to take weight on them not pulling On them them They are not designed for a cantilever weight
  7. Both of those must have a pigment added and have been made for the brand. Here are the first 2 items that come up on Lazada There are others. if you contact a producer they will have different formulations, all wil be intrinsically clear. I don’t know the formulation for your use but there will be one
  8. I have no idea where you got that idea. Epoxy is clear unless you add pigment, all epoxies are 2 part, resin and hardener. If it’s not 2 part it’s not epoxy (though not all 2 part finishes are epoxy) depending on the formation the ratio of resin to hardener can vary from 1 to 1 to more than 10 to 1
  9. It is extremely unusual for there to be a separate office for 90 day reporting. Usually it’s a separate desk. Note that the words are. it doesn’t say CAN NOT. you don’t need to send me 2,000 baht, but if you do I’m not going to refuse it. Does that make it clear?
  10. Udon sets the expiration date to your extension but does NOT automatically do a new report, you need to go to the desk to do it. if you are issued with a new report slip then your better off than we are.
  11. As you will have to go to immigration when you submit your extension request I would also do the 90 day report then, the sections are usually completely separate and the extension application does not count as or act as a 90 day report. Since you are in immigration anyway you loose nothing by doing that and ensure that your next report can be online. If you didn’t need to go to immigration anyway it’s a different case.
  12. I would not contact a pool builder as in general they will be marking up the product by a lot. The epoxy producers are the ones to contact. All epoxies are waterproof you need one that is not going to run down the stone but be thin enough to be partly absorbed
  13. There are 2 part epoxy paint/sealers that should do the job, quiet possibly a regular thin epoxy. For advice on that I would be best to contact the suppliers. They are in Thailand the costs seem to be between 500 and 1,000 baht per kg
  14. What device are you trying to get pictures from? What computer are you trying to get them on to? what OS is running on the computer? What version of iOS is running on your device? Have you tried a different cable? etc. your initial post was a “how long is a piece of string” question.
  15. Only you can decide on that, what maybe the ideal for you may not be for someone else. I would not put it that way. There are reasons to buy from Apple, they include, not wanting to fiddle, knowing that any problems are covered by the superb guarantee service, knowing that you are getting perfect memory, etc. there are many places that sell RAM in Bangkok but as I’m not in Bangkok and haven’t bought memory in Thailand I can’t give you addresses Truth. Though I’ve only just started using the online store as there’s no Apple store outside Bangkok. I’ve used the Tokyo stores for years. You should go into and look at the official partner stores as it’s just possible that they may be able to add some extras, though the price for the Mac will almost certainly be the same. As for service I can only speak to Apple Japan but it is amazingly good, the service here can not be as fast as in Japan as goods have to go to Singapore but it is almost certainly as good apart from that. Phone Tech support is outstandingly good. I Personally would add the additional AppleCare extending the warrantee by two years, you never know what damage your cat can cause by knocking the computer over and accidental damage is covered though there is a small fee.
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