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  1. Just as a guide to do a car with the standard film is probably about ฿ 3,000 to do the same car with the good heat protection film is over ฿40,000 as your windows are a lot bigger than a car my guess is that unless you can buy the film wholesale it's going to be crazy money.
  2. That rather depends on the film. The type that will reduce heat transfer by a lot without reducing the light by much is available it does work but it is very expensive. The cost effective way is curtains.
  3. I have heard a report a few days ago of an offer of ฿25,000 from an agent in Bangkok "all you need is passport 3 photos and 25,000 + 4,000 for multiple re-entry permit + EMS cost. You do not need money in the bank we take care of that" the person who received the offer lives in the Northeast
  4. Japan does not issue visas to non residents so that is not a good country to try that. AFIK Korea is an option.
  5. I had thought the same but now knowing a reason don't find it a problem. It has nothing to do with individual drinkers, nothing to do with mom and pop shops. It is to prevent big parties with free drinks influencing the votes, it is common knowledge that many locals have short memories so if they have just got free drinks from the Number “6“ candidate they a quite likely to vote for the Number “6“ candidate Since it's virtually impossible to just ban those events a blanket booze ban is simple and works. It has the side benefit of giving the habitual drinker a day or two off. The alcoholics and determined drinkers will probably have booze stashed at home anyway.
  6. You need an ion exchange or RO filter to deal with hard water.
  7. What ever you do, do not breath it. Get a mask with organic vapour filters (they are easily available here) and good eye protection that actually seals against your skin. it is a serious neurotoxin that is absorbed by skin contact and through the mucus membranes. After spraying leave the area for at least 72 hours. spray down and wet all wood and painted wood surfaces.
  8. There are even smaller sizes available. However you should leave the area for at least a couple of days.
  9. It is available in 2.6mm, I have some at home, I'll post a picture later if I can find it. L-55
  10. No he would not if on an extension of stay. Any visa that he had had would have been used or expired. So no visa.
  11. People have found, and posted links to, thinner rods on Laza It is available in 2.6mm, I have some at home, I'll post a picture later if I can find it.
  12. Try it with the old passport number, if you get past the first page you will know that that was the problem.
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