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  1. No they don’t. There are degrees of failure and interference.
  2. All cables fail and cheap cables are worse for that, it’s also a reasonably easy thing to check. If you have reliable stable power you are extremely lucky, few in Thailand have that. Basic trouble shooting, check the simple things first.
  3. I would get new good quality cables as the next step, do get all the connection cables to be sure. I’ve no idea what eARC is though it’s probably a marketing term
  4. The speed at the time of the check was OK but you need to check the speed at various times to be sure that the speed isn’t fluctuating causing the problem. The voltage may also vary significantly. If you have too many devices on the WiFi that could also be the problem.
  5. A voltage pen will not give a digital reading. the voltage in the MEA is a nominal 230V the voltage in the PEA is a nominal 220V neither the MEA nor the PEA maintains the nominal supply voltage, my PEA supply is at 224V at the moment it will change during the day. if in the Bangkok area you might see 240V once in a blue moon. Lazada has everything from cheap dangerous rubbish through copy goods to quality products, it is just an aggregator not a shop. Caveat emptor
  6. There is another point. Nothing connected to the house earthing system can be near enough to the car so that you can touch them both at the same time, because again you die if either is at line voltage. This will include extension cables, and anything connected to them, like a vacuum.
  7. The one point missing from that is that the TT island earth needs to be good enough and far enough away from the house earth, this could (and for the U.K. now must) include the house itself, because a broken PEN is quite capable of inducing a potential via the island earth system if it and the house earth are too close together so your car could become live via the earth. Now isn’t that a fun thought? The earth bonding in the U.K. is going to require bonding to house steel and in Thailand the house could be bonded, mine is.
  8. So you then need to accept that using the house earth or bonding the earth used for the EV has the potential to kill anyone touching the car. That is the short version. If it is the correct earth in the correct location and not bonded yes. Because a fault can kill anyone touching the vehicle. Industrial power supplies are installed by people who understand the dangers involved and have the training to avoid them.
  9. I think that the relatives of the people killed in landslides caused by greedy people cutting down everything they can will disagree, clear felling hillsides, causing contamination of water supplies, destroying people’s homes and livelihoods are good reasons for the laws.
  10. No, I don’t think so. I have a few teak plywood sheets from them that I thought were expensive but are probably very well priced. They also have structural PVC panels that I’ve used for bathroom cabinet carcasses. I have not found MR-MDF yet. If you do please let me know where.
  11. Do please understand what you are talking about. Your comment is absolutely wrong.(apart from the misspelling). You can see the way my soil bearing test got the cores that went back to the university lab for analysis in the link I posted. Yes it does, depending on the fill, and in a shorter time than 17 years. Ours was rock hard in 7 years.
  12. The vast majority, if not all, Usufructs apply to the land and give total control over the land for the period of the Usufruct contract. The ownership of the land is completely separate from the Usufruct after it has been established. So the land owner is completely free to sell the land at any time, though of course the value is vastly lower because of the Usufruct.
  13. Actually the house book is nothing specifically to do with ownership. The house master in the house book maybe the owner or may not. But the house master does have responsibility for filling in the TM30 if there’s foreign resident there. A person can only be listed in 1 house book but they, of course, can own as many houses as they can afford.
  14. If you watch the John Ward video that I posted you would quickly find out that though it is certainly technically possible to do that it has failure modes that have your car with a 220V potential so; cheap? Yes simple? Yes. deadly? Yes
  15. You will find the best variety of material in wood street at S.Samakkee The majority of the sheet goods are upstairs on the first and second floors (13.8092140, 100.5226630) soi 24 there are other suppliers along the same street. they have only generic much less quality products, great if that’s what you need
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