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  1. Absolutely, here are some properly designed doors, non have warped or moved. the style you illustrate unless properly made will grow and shrink in hight as that’s the way wood moves also the sides may look good to you but are structurally difficult to make. Can they be well made? Yes. Easily? No. There are structural and wood movement reasons that doors have rails and styles
  2. We went to wood street (Bang Pho) and ordered what we wanted because our door openings are large than normal at 2.2m x 1m so nobody has that size in stock. You can select the wood you want so you can have teak if you want to pay the price the door in the outside opening has not moved at all. We paid about 4K~6k per door. I can’t give an exact price as we also got a really nice set of old growth teak chairs made at the same time.
  3. No they are not. A good quality door that has been correctly built and correctly fitted during the wetter part of the year will not bind, it will shrink a bit during the dry/hot season but if it’s both well built and correctly fitted you will probably not notice that. Also since you are near the sea the humidity will probably not to drop as much as more central areas. If the door warps it’s either badly built or they did not use correctly seasoned wood, though it could be that they used a species that isn’t stable. Rain will have little effect but high and low humidity o
  4. The online system is only available from -15 to the report date. The in person reporting is from -15 to +7 after the report date.
  5. https://www.hafelehome.co.th/search?q=Grab bar*&type=product
  6. That shows exactly what I posted, thank you.
  7. No. I said that HomePro doesn’t have all of the different Häfele grab bars in stock. They only have a modest selection of them, together with some from other suppliers.
  8. Some of those will be Häfele ones, they have a wide selection of different ones in their catalogue, HomePro doesn’t stock all of them.
  9. That’s high for Thai and low for foreign houses, locals are building at 5k sq/m Our house had no requirement for plans to be checked and isn’t so small, so the allegedly is probably correct. a police helicopter pilot took this for us
  10. It’s extremely unlikely that the pressure switch needed adjustment or that adjusting it solved your problem. The are cheap so a replacement is simple. it is much more likely that something else that you did solved the problem.
  11. It is from Sir Henry Rider Haggard’s KBE book She published in 1887 that has been made into 10 movies from 1899 to 2001 . Your education is sadly lacking, sir.
  12. There are certainly poor quality builds. However SWMBO certainly did not scrape along the bottom. The build I mentioned at under 5,000 by SWMBO is now going on 9 years old and still in good condition. The paint has bleached a little and a few light bulbs have been replaced. it isn’t somewhere I would live but is better than the OP is asking for.
  13. That is far higher than a basic Thai house build. SWMBO built a less than basic house for her grandmother with some good quality stuff for under 4,800 per square meter it included a very big balcony. 3,000 is achievable without cutting corners
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