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  1. If they are made of wood then you will probably need proof that they are not made from CITES Listed material along with proof that they are free from wood boring insects
  2. Lazada may well have them if they are available. Turn on the local filter and you will find out.
  3. That is poor technic (over filling the paint tray) or crappie equipment or both, do it right and you don’t overload the roller
  4. It’s not almost like plastic welding, it is plastic welding. Just cut open a joint. Unlike PVC joints which are reversible
  5. That depends on your entry point at DMK & BKK quite probably, at NongKai probably no. Other entry points other answers.
  6. If you do that be careful as laser printer toner will transfer to plastic that it is pressed under. It will do this faster the higher the temperature but the plasticisers will make this happen even in cold areas.
  7. it seems that among the people who disbelieve it are some immigration officers. There are certainly immigration offices who are even currently giving information to people asking about extending for marriage from an OA that insurance is required. So they do not agree that the original visa is irrelevant. Those offices are saying that all OA extensions require insurance There are also immigration offices who are saying that extending for marriage even when the original visa was an OA does not require insurance, but extending for retirement needs it. We now have a single datum from CW that it was not needed for 1 retirement extension. Until there is more data from more offices it is unwise to draw conclusions.
  8. Is it a gimmick? Yes will it work? Maybe Do tell if you decide to buy it.
  9. it is about condos I am taking the example ….!not respecting split system & as O.P. talked about his condo . As I said if the system is designed for them to be combined there is absolutely no problem. You may come from a country where systems are always split so assume that it is always correct, I lived in one of those for many years, however in other countries combining the systems is standard, again I lived in one of those for even more years. So combined or split systems are perfectly and equally good. What is bad is not combined or split but a bad design or implementation of the system whichever it is. Get the design wrong and you will have a bad system. Now Thailand is quite well known for extreme variations in design ability and competence along with similar variations in following plans when building, so adding those together you can draw your own conclusions as to the origins of problems.
  10. Completely wrong. Every house in every village that I have seen does separate the two, for financial reasons. Condos and high rise may not. if the system is designed for them to be combined (for example virtually all the U.K. is) it’s perfectly OK
  11. as long as they are siri or homekit compatible, I will consider them! They are not. The white Hue globe I posted is E27, I have one outside at the moment. There are Hue Bluetooth bulbs available. I’m probably going to get at least 1 Yeelight on the 11/11 sale that claims HomeKit, Hue Bridge comparability
  12. I didn’t suggest that a seal was not required, just pointing out that a WAX seal is not a requirement and in some toilets impossible to use.
  13. an Example where a wax ring cannot be used. the coupler will work with toilets that drain back or down
  14. That is true in some places (US) not in others. It certainly is neither universal nor an absolute requirement.
  15. Smart bulbs are a moving target. There are some that you don’t need a hub for, Yeelight, Hue Bluetooth etc. Some that need Chinese servers aqara, and quiet a few more Here is a recent article
  16. I don’t know. I have Philips Hue bulbs, Hub, motion sensor and a couple of switches, so I don’t know about other systems. You probably need a Hue bridge to allow a Hue bulb to be controlled, and then you can certainly use the Hue dimmer switch. Which Hue bulb? There are 4 different styles
  17. What you want to do is certainly possible though not cheap at all. I assume that you have a dedicated iPad, iPhone, HomePod or Apple TV to act as your connection to your devices. And the Home app. The expensive but simple and most reliable way is to dump the dimmer, have 8 Philips Hue bulbs a bridge and probably one or more switches. The next way is to see if you can get Lifx bulbs here, they are on Lazada I currently have 8 Hue bulbs and they are extremely versatile and can do precisely what you have asked for and much more
  18. That is one person in one office. Other offices do not have the same attitude and are following the rules in the police order.
  19. A wonderful slip maybe that should be the official name thanks for that
  20. I rather think that he would be in breach of the “not permitted to work” conditions
  21. You cannot. You would not get a new visa with a current active one. if you don’t have a reentry permit you can do it after June 26 2020. If you do have a reentry permit you need to exit before July 22 get the non-o and enter after July 22
  22. The Visa type was NOT changed. The reason for the extension was changed. To the best of my knowledge Visa types are/can never be changed. You can get an extension of permission to stay for any Non-O type (O, OA, OX) for marriage, support of Thai national, retirement The police order specifically addresses extensions for 2.22 (retirement) not 2.18 (In the case of being a family member of a Thai national (applicable only to parents, spouse, children, adopted children, or spouse's children)) So it would probably be an expansion by a Phetchabun IO and may not apply when you come to apply for an extension under 2.18
  23. You can certainly switch, but only by exiting and returning with a Non-O. You can change the reason for an extension but you cannot change the the Visa the extension is based on. There is no provision for issuing a Non-O in thailand if you are already on a long term extension. Yes for the short Visas and VE
  24. That is a question that has been answered. they have to leave and return
  25. Your protestations would most probably be met by giving you a copy of this The police order does not make any distinction between when the Visa was issued for subsequent entry’s, maybe it should but it does not
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