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  1. Yeah 112nm is pretty decent though. That's about the same as the outgoing S1000RR but it makes it at half the RPM. I was just quite surprised because I'd always thought of these modern retros as being a bit showy without too much in the way of performance but this bike was really quick. Sounded good on stock pipes as well.
  2. It was a joke, Macron was kidding that it looked like a footstool so Johnson put his foot on it for a millisecond before taking it off again and raising his hand to acknowledge that he was messing about. It was all very good natured, but feel free to deliberately take the photo completely out of context and insult the British PM.
  3. I'd be looking at the Thruxton R if I was you. I was next to one at the lights on Wednesday evening and we both pulled away pretty quick (I was on my MT09) and that thing absolutely rips. Not sure of the torque figures but it must have a ton. The looks are incredible too. Much better than in photos, the fit and finish looked superb. I'm seriously tempted.
  4. I sincerely hope Johnson is simply pretending to try and get the WA over the line to appease the likes of Hammond in the upcoming confidence vote and to distract/placate the avalanche of Remainers plotting to stop "No Deal". There's a lot more wrong with that surrender treaty than the backstop. I always felt the backstop issue was fabricated by the EU/Remainers (May) as a distraction from the other terrible parts of the agreement, something that could be removed at the last minute as a "concession" from the EU to the UK to get the deal done. I'm still hoping I was wrong. Hopefully Johnson is just stringing people along with this until we have a clean exit on 31 October. We should cut all ties that day and then if they want anything approaching 39 Billion they can offer us an extraordinarily good trade deal. If he is in fact stringing everyone along, that's certainly smarter than telling everyone your real plans (like Raab did with his prorogation plan) and giving Remainers plenty of advanced warning to plot against it.
  5. I assume it will be similar to the UK system where you get 3 points for being a bit over the speed limit, 6 points for being a lot over the speed limit and so on. So in theory, a couple of offences could be enough for a 90 day suspension. Unless of course, they are kind enough to accept paying the fine directly to the policeman who stops you. They tend to be very considerate like that.
  6. No. We keep voting until Remain finally wins one. Then we stop voting. Remainer Democracy 101.
  7. Some perspective please. You seem to forget that... Some expats in Thailand earn in Baht. Some value their sovereignty above GDP%. Some are rich and don't care about forex. Some will take a hit to escape the protectionist racket. I do genuinely feel for guys that have been stung by the exchange rate but this is the future of the UK at stake. I mean for decades. This is about whether we are sovereign or a state of the EU like the equivalent of Texas to the USA.
  8. Well if you don't like it you can lobby the Australian government to join the EU. It only costs a few Billion per year to be in the club and then you can let them control all your trade and no need to worry about your points system after that since they will simply let anyone from those 27 countries into Australia to work for as long as they like. Sound good?
  9. Did you even read the article? The Home Office said there would be no change to planned rules for EU citizens and their families already living in Britain by the end of October, who would still have until at least the end of December 2020 to apply to Britain’s EU Settlement Scheme. No one eligible for settled status would be barred from re-entering Britain when free movement ends, the Home Office said. I really don't understand how supporting an Australian style points based system can be deemed as "spiteful", "cruel" and "xenophobic". You can't argue against the real arguments so you create a Straw Man argument and attack that instead. I'm surprised you didn't call me racist as well but since I've said many times that I'd prefer a Doctor/Nurse from India/Africa than an unskilled worker from France/Germany then I guess that tag would be pushing it, even for you. The country needs to decide what skills it needs and then attract the people to fill those roles. Irrespective of the country in the passport. If you deem that cruel and xenophobic then I'd politely suggest you are becoming somewhat hysterical. If you don't meet the criteria for staying, you cannot stay. That's how pretty much every country in the world controls their immigration including Thailand. It's been very successful in Australia which has become a vibrant multi-cultural country. But then they don't just let anyone in based on a trading relationship they signed up to 40 years ago that morphed into something else without consulting the electorate.
  10. The W175 is 86,000 Baht so a bit less than the Mslaz. It would be a better quality machine than the GPX, albeit slightly less powerful (but neither could pull the skin off a rice pudding). The difference in purchase price would be reflected when you sell it. You might even lose more on the GPX as a lot of people wouldn't want to risk it and as I said the depreciation is pretty bad on the GPX bikes that I've seen. For me, I'd probably risk the GPX as a second bike because it's slightly higher cc and it's cheaper but if it was a primary bike that I was going to do high mileage on and rely on daily then I'd go with the Japanese brands.
  11. The Ashes? Are you serious? How do you expect us to win the Ashes with all this Brexit uncertainty? Frankly, I'm surprised the stadium isn't empty, or at the very least overrun with zombies. It certainly will be soon if we continue with this car crash, cliff edge, falling sky, scorched earth, apocalyptic, catastrophic, cataclysmic, crushing, calamitous, ruinous road to extinction that is simply inevitable if we don't hand over 39 Billion to the EU for SFA. If you don't believe me, buy The Guardian. Anyway can't stop, I'm off to stock up my bunker with canned tuna and semi-automatic rifles. Over and out.
  12. Well, the government will stop the current policy of discriminating against people who are not from the EU. I believe the aim is to have a merit based system (similar to Australia) based on the contribution people can make to the country and not simply letting in any dosser they like just because their passport has EU written on it. Whether you wife meets whatever criteria are agreed I cannot say but certainly wish you the best. The system should certainly be fairer once we stop discriminating against non EU countries.
  13. I see 3 ways of looking at this. 1. He's gone soft and wants to reheat May's withdrawal treaty (relabel and soften the backstop). Very, very bad idea . 2. He's just pretending to negotiate so he can say that he tried his best and then blame the EU when we leave with a glorious, clean break Brexit. Great idea . 3. He's just pretending to favour a softer Brexit to bolster support amongst the predominantly Remain Parliament in anticipation of the impending Confidence vote. Once he's won that he'll lean back towards his more sensible, glorious, clean break Brexit. Pretty good idea . Hopefully it's 2 or 3.
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