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  1. People like K.Netiwit restore my faith in this place. Well done, brave man.
  2. Swallow your pride and revoke the TM30 requirement. Until then, I won’t be booking into any hotels in Thailand, I’ll be staying with friends, staying at my second residence or staying at home. All of which are free and require no TM30. No cash for you, no hassle for me. Great policy guys, you really showed us
  3. Not yet. The government will bail them out again once the headlines have died down. Obviously it won’t be called a bailout it will be labeled a restructuring and reform process designed to eradicate corruption and protect national interests just like the coup was. The Thai populace will moan for a few days on Facebook and then roll over for another tummy tickle. A pathetic spectacle all round.
  4. Looks OK, but expensive. If you want a "go anywhere" type of bike then a KLX150 would be better and it's 6,000 cheaper as well.
  5. Well let's wait and see. In Thailand anything is possible, especially with these muppets running the show. I do tend to agree though that even if they open the borders the influx will be slow.
  6. Hopefully some of them use the downtime to renovate their tired old decor and facilities. I've paid decent money in the past to stay in places that look like they were used for the set of The Shining. Third World facilities at First World prices is never going to be a winning formula. It used to be acceptable because it was offset by low prices and polite, smiling staff but the strong Baht and surly attitudes of the past few years have removed that advantage.
  7. I see the lefty Remainer Europhiles have failed to get Cummings fired with their trial by media. Still, they must be used to these disappointments by now after the Referendum defeat, General Election defeat etc.
  8. Wow. Thailand is becoming unrecognizable to the fun, laid back place I first visited in 98. What a shame it's heading towards becoming a police state. I say this as a non smoker.
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