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  1. JonnyF

    Honda Crf 250 L 2019 model

    Playing with the preload will affect how much the back end drops when you sit on it. With loads of preload it won't sag as much with your weight so it will ride a bit higher.
  2. JonnyF

    How To Determine a FAKE GREEN BOOK?

    I had a dodgy book on a GSXR I owned. I never noticed until I went to sell it and the buyer (someone I knew) found that the chassis number had basically been 'tippexed' out and retyped into the book. The weird thing is, I had no issues buying it, no issues changing the plate from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and no issues selling it. I guess the DLT Officers were as unobservant as I had been. If you looked for it, it was blatantly obvious that it had been changed. Glad I never noticed until I sold it as it was a great bike that I had some brilliant trips on and all that time I was convinced it was 100% legal!
  3. JonnyF

    Triumph Street twin 2019- Honda CB650R?

    That Speed Twin is a lovely bike. Not really into the modern retro thing but the Triumph range is fantastic.
  4. JonnyF

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Spun a few laps on my new track. It's getting better the more it's ridden with some nice lines/ruts forming and the dirt compacting. Needs about 50 more trucks of dirt for a couple more jumps and berms. The most fun way I know to get some exercise.
  5. JonnyF

    How many cubes you riding brah?

    I think we have a winner! Your Rocket 3 on it's own almost beats all 7 of my bikes 899 + 850 + 250 + 140 + 125 + 110 + 110 = 2484
  6. Polls said Remain would win before the referendum in 2016, how did that work out for you? The only "poll" that mattered was the one on 23rd June 2016. It was a really, really large sample size. The whole population of the UK in fact. A historical turnout. Leave won.
  7. Even though I disagree with your assessment of the consequences of Brexit (I believe if managed correctly it could be hugely positive for the UK), I admire your honesty in admitting that you're not that bothered about Democracy. It's much better than the Remainers who are trying to claim that ignoring the results of the Referendum is actually really democratic. All this "democracy is a moving process", "how can more votes be less democratic", "people's vote" nonsense really grates after a while. Kudos for admitting you just want to Remain at all costs and since you lost the vote, to hell with Democracy.
  8. But there was a referendum in 2016. Which unfortunately for you, Leave won. You think it is democratic for Parliament to overturn the results of the biggest vote in UK history because they don't like the result? Not to mention that the Conservatives were subsequently elected on a manifesto promise to Leave. You think it's democratic to break that promise? It is anti-democratic to not accept losing the vote. You are abandoning any democratic principles you may have once had because you do not like the result of the democratic vote.
  9. Yeah, I mean who really cares about Democracy anyway. How many Baht you get to the Pound is way more important than Democratic principles.
  10. I think this was the plan all along. Offer a deal so bad that there was no way it would be accepted by parliament. Simultaneously ramp up Project Fear about the sky falling if we trade on WTO terms and then call the whole thing off. A sad, sad time for Democracy in the UK if Brexit is aborted. There really is no point voting if the result is overturned by the political classes.
  11. The US electorate can change their minds AFTER his term of office. You are requesting another vote BEFORE we have enacted the results of the first vote. Surely even a blinkered Remainer can see the difference. You are welcome to push for a second referendum after we have left. Why should Leavers accept the result of a second referendum when you cannot accept the result of the first? Why should we believe you'd accept defeat the second time when you couldn't handle it the first? It could go on forever. Best of 3. Best of 5. Best of 7. Unless as I suspect you just want to stop voting as soon as Remain finally wins one of the votes. I guess that is your version of Democracy.