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  1. They won't decide on anything once they join the EU. 1 of 28. One of the 20 insignificant minnows in an undemocratic protectionist racket led by France and Germany. More face paint required.
  2. Yes you can be "independent" as one of the smallest countries of 28 in the EU, dictated to by a failed politician that even their own countrymen consider to be incompetent. A woman that was selected rather than elected. Good luck. https://www.politico.eu/article/ursula-von-der-leyen-biography-career-inconvenient-truth/
  3. Yep, political pressure is a very difficult thing to quantify. You can deny it's existence or acknowledge it as the huge force that it is. It's a nice day for a few afternoon pints (at least it is Bangkok), enjoy.
  4. It facilitated and provided an easy passage for us leaving the disastrous EU vaccination scheme. Of course it was technically possible that we could remain in the EU and be the only one of 28 member states to opt out, but back in the real world it never would have happened and you Remainer Europhiles know it. There would have been way too much opposition and pressure applied from within the EU and from the Europhile MPs like Catherine West who was later forced to apologise for trying to force us into the scheme. https://www.politico.eu/article/labour-mp-apologizes-for-j
  5. The UK won. You just haven't worked it out yet. You've had plenty of hints though. The vaccine rollout being the most obvious.
  6. Unlike Sturgeon who opened Pandora's box of Scottish nationalism. Who benefits? Sturgeon. The pied piper of Scotland.
  7. Losing control is what triggered the EU. They simply can't accept that we are now a sovereign nation. It is the EU that is obsessed with protecting its single protectionist market. Global Britain is open to the world now. We were perfectly happy with a soft border it was the EU that freaked out at the concept. Now this. The protectionist racket. The gift that keeps on giving.
  8. Nothing to do with the EU? Do you realise the republic of Ireland is a member? Why did they pretend that the peace process was the most important thing? It's the EU single market that is being protected here. They used Ireland as a pawn. Varadkar fell for it like the mug he is. They didnt seem too concerned with the peace process last month when they wanted a hard border for vaccines did they ? They could have installed a soft border for tariffs like the one that already exists between north and south for currency, vat etc. They could have had a trusted trad
  9. Is that why the EU tried to reject the concept of first come first served and demanded the doses being made for the UK? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-55822602
  10. Exactly, but the EU has to protect it's precious single market above all else. They never really cared about the Irish issue or they would have realized that a border down the Irish sea is as offensive to Unionists as a border between North and South is to Republicans. They didn't care though, it was all about the single market, not to mention trying to prise NI away from the UK as a punishment for leaving it's protectionist racket. Fortunately, article 16 of the protocol is a safeguard clause within the Northern Ireland Protocol that allows either party to take unilateral measures
  11. Which world? The world where the first to place the order gets the goods first. First come first served. A well known expression. You snooze you lose. Also a well known expression. The early bird catches the worm. Well, you get the picture. I know it's a bit embarrassing that the EU were so incompetent, but hey, that's the EU for you.
  12. Again, you are wrong. You really should do some research. Macron claimed AZ was "quasi-ineffective". He had absolutely no evidence for this, he was talking out of his behind. Then he did a U turn. Now they EU are restricting the export of AZ to keep as much as they can for themselves (otherwise known as hoarding) hence this thread. I know it's embarrassing, but denying it won't make it all go away. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1404372/AstraZeneca-vaccine-France-recommended-over-65-Emmanuel-Macron-coronavirus-latest
  13. Yes the UK ordered first. So they get the first vaccines off the line. If the supplier (AZ) runs out half way through the next order (the EU's order) then that's tough tittie for the EU. They should have got their act together and not taken months and months to place the order. Stop blaming AZ or the UK for the EU's incompetence.
  14. OK, definitely getting weird in here. I'll try for a 6th time and then bow out. I have no issue at all with taking care of your own country first. UK, EU, US. All of them. Fine. The issue is with rubbishing the AZ vaccine and claiming it is "quasi-effective" to score political points, and then trying to keep as much (i.e. hoard) of the same "quasi-ineffective" AZ vaccine as you can. I can't word it any more simply than that, so I won't be clarifying again. If you don't understand, read it 10 times. I'm off for a well deserved beer.
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