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  1. Southgate is doing a Pep IMO. Trying to show how smart he is with leftfield decisions. As soon as they meet a decent side England will get beaten. Good players with a very average manager. Scotland meanwhile are getting schooled by the Czechs.
  2. I wonder if the trough is empty and the kitchen is getting too hot? Maybe they prefer to take 10 years off to enjoy their loot? Let someone rebuild the country to some semblance of normality before they return to pillage it again ?
  3. That's the thing. Whereas I am not the least bit bothered by your Brit joke - I'm sure there are those who would say that joke is racist since it ignores the significant contributions to society of 'Brits of color' or 'Asian Brits'. Even using the term 'ghost white' could be termed offensive. If someone told a joke which referred to Nigerians as 'death black' then I am sure there would be a backlash from the perpetually offended. It's time people lightened up (god damn I think that's offensive as well now! ).
  4. You only have to listen to Anutin's rant about dirty foreigners that don't shower if you need proof that there is racism within the Thai government at the highest level. You can also refer to government policy of charging foreigners 10x the price for certain services even if they pay income tax, VAT etc. Then there's the comments about foreigners and the homeless having to wait for vaccines. It's really undeniable. And I don't see much the outrage from the Thai public about this, certainly not to the level that some foreigners are berating the Serb for a stu
  5. If I had to guess what happens? 1. Confidently declare there are plenty of vaccines for everyone. 2. Reduce testing. 3. Stop reporting the vaccine numbers.
  6. Why do we see so many tall Dutchmen? The short ones are still hanging on the gutters... I know I know. Not funny. No need to 'clog' up the forum with indignation... Seriously though, I'd agree the Serbs crossed the line on this occasion. A fine and a telling off is sufficient though, no need for cancelling of careers, jail terms, crucifixion or whatever the vindictive wokeists are calling for.
  7. Incredibly sad, but unlikely to stop especially when you consider that the military who run the country set a terrible example when they also partake in this practice on it's young recruits.
  8. Exactly. My Facebook feed is starting to fill up with pictures of friends and family sat in the sunshine in pub gardens in the UK. The last thing they'd want to do is spend thousands of pounds to jump through hoops so they can sit in an aircraft for 12 hours and spend 2 weeks in a country where they can't even have a beer outside their hotel room and most of the tourist orientated places are boarded up. The cherry on the cake is that they face quarantine when they get back to the UK. Who needs that after 15 months of lockdown? No chance...
  9. Cautious optimism? A bit like celebrating victory in the marathon after starting an hour after everyone else and having a good first 500 metres.
  10. Well first that would have required the Thai team to have a knowledge of history outside the borders of Thailand. Highly unlikely. Secondly, the Serbs would have wondered why the Thais are shouting "Leblenican" .
  11. Good idea (as long as they're not the primary beneficiary to your vast fortune).
  12. The same relatives that stand to inherit Billions? Maybe police work isn't for you.
  13. Southgate can say what he wants, taking the knee has long been synonymous with BLM. As most people know (even the so called "stupid" fans) BLM is a radical left wing political movement and should never had anything to do with football. We already had the "Kick it out" campaign to deal with racism in football, which was very successful and there was no booing from fans, only support. Same as the fans cheer their team's black players week in week out. Same as they chant the black players names and ask for the black players autographs. Even black players like Wilifred Zaha have dist
  14. Anyone who thinks the government is incapable of killing off Pattaya should take a look at Khaosarn Road. By trying to make it 'better' they took away the very thing that made it popular. One day they might realize that the best thing they can do is leave things alone. If something isn't popular it will eventually die a natural death and be replaced by something that people want. If it isn't broken then don't try to fix it.
  15. One does when one is staying at the Hilton and has never had the misfortune to stay in Hua Hin before.
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