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  1. You said Public opinion is against any deal. Here is where you said it... Even if that were true (I'm not sure how you've arrived at such a conclusion) it doesn't matter since there will be no public vote.
  2. Are you implying that because there are only 3 examples in the video I posted, that only 3 MEP's are fed up with Barnier's stance?
  3. Of course, some members will say the opposite. Hence my point that the EU is divided. I never claimed they ALL think the same thing. I quoted 3 MEP's to show that there is real division there, and you have inadvertently proved my point.
  4. We already had the referendum. We chose to Leave the EU and we have left. We also had a General Election whereby we chose the Conservatives on a campaign of "Get Brexit Done". We can't have a referendum on every minutia of the future trading status, that would be ridiculous. However, the democratic process has served us well despite the anti-democratic factions of the Remain side.
  5. What does public opinion matter? This is the EU. There will be no vote on it.
  6. Not really. It depends on the alternative doesn't it. If the alternative is an FTA we'll take that. If the alternative is level playing field, rules on state aid, surrendering fishing, ECJ jurisdiction etc. we'll take No Deal. If the EU wise up to the fact that we are now an independent sovereign country they can get a great trade deal from us and we'll continue buying all their stuff. If not, No Deal.
  7. Selective quotation? You wish... Yes, No Deal would be perfectly satisfactory for the UK. A full disentanglement from the EU's corrupt tentacles. Marvelous.
  8. Don't take my word for it. If you watch the clips from the European Parliament that I posted you can see for yourself. Or you can just keep your head in the clouds by ignoring the facts. Up to you.
  9. Too painful to watch? Don't worry, it's just another racist Gammon Brexiteer YouTuber.
  10. Don't take my word for it. Watch the 2:05 minute mark and the 5:55 minute mark (yes, 555!). 9:45 will also open your eyes. One big happy family!
  11. From the clips I saw from the European Parliament, the member states themselves are now openly fed up with the EU's refusal to compromise. They are not impressed with Barnier using their industries as a bargaining chip in a negotiation where he has clearly over-reached. The pressure has built on Barnier and the lid is coming off. In my opinion, that is what has changed.
  12. Therein lies the problem. The French want our fish. The Germans want us to keep buying their overpriced cars with the fake emissions certificates. The EU themselves want to punish us for leaving and still control our legislature. So many disparate voices each with their own agendas, pretending to be a united front. Thank god we're out.
  13. Talks are back on. The various countries within the EU have told Barnier to grow up and stop playing games with the future of their industries.
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