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  1. Given the Remainer's predisposition to ignore Democratic process and the wishes of the majority, that's an excellent point . I'd like to think they wouldn't stoop to the levels of BLM vandalism/mob rule though.
  2. Exactly. The only thing worse than a Thai overcharging foreigners is the foreigner who thinks it's fine that he's being overcharged. Absolute mugs.
  3. It's good to see that Barnier is keeping up with his ridiculous demands. The fact that no country could ever sign up to such a lopsided agreement means a No deal Brexit is looking increasingly likely, thanks Michel . I always though a level of integration similar to that which Australia has with the EU was an excellent model for us Great Britons. It's been over 4 years now but all good things come to those who wait. With all the empty pedestals following the BLM vandalism, maybe a statue of David Frost would be apt.
  4. I used to go to Thailand Circuit in Nakhon Chaisri. Quite a small technical circuit but very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Thailand+Circuit+Nakhornchaisri/@13.9102661,100.165358,16z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sthailand+circuit!3m4!1s0x0:0xd0b4af04fa0d70bb!8m2!3d13.9111897!4d100.1675516 I actually prefer off road now. Riding around a road track I was always acutely aware that a small mistake (by me or someone else on the circuit) could result in massive injury and hundreds of thousands of Baht cost. Off road you can still get hurt obviously, but the speeds are slower and the ground is softer while the fun is greater IMO.
  5. Looks kind of bland. More Japanese looking than European. I've never ridden one but most people say that they are technically great but almost too good in the fact that they lack character and are a bit boring. I'd much rather have a Tuono or a V4 StreetFighter personally.
  6. Another ban in the name of Covid19. Of course, this has nothing to do with C19 and everything to do with the big guys stomping on the little guys. It's policies like this that led to Thailand reaching number 1 in the world for wealth inequality in 2018. Bringing happiness to the people. Thai sty. https://theaseanpost.com/article/growing-gap-between-richest-and-poorest-thais
  7. They're all gradually backing away from the movement now they read the small print. Classic left wing stupidity. Virtue signal first and work out what you're shaking your fist at later. The premier league is backing away now as are many celebrities. Obviously no action will be taken for supporting a movement that supports removing capitalism, the nuclear family, the police etc. But if you oppose this stupidity you're cancelled. 2020 might be the dumbest year in human history.
  8. I'll believe it when I see it. If it does happen (unlikely) it will be temporary. Once things return to normal after C19, the classic combination of stupidity and hubris will also return and they'll revert back to 2 tiered pricing.
  9. It will be a lot more than that. If tourism is 15-20% of the economy and that is 80% down then you're already above that figure on tourism alone. Not to mention the extremely poor harvest due to the drought and the effect of decreased external demand for Thai exports and decreased domestic demand for almost everything. You can double the 5-8% drop easily. Most likely even worse than that.
  10. Indeed. Hong Kong citizens would be a massive improvement to the dregs that have been washing up on the beaches in the last decade. Hard working, innovative people are always welcome. I never believed the Project Fear nonsense about huge labour shortages in the UK post Brexit, but if it were to happen I think I might see a solution .
  11. The rollback on promises has started. Expect the government to find some way of bailing them out while trying to save face. My bet is on a huge interest free loan from the government (that THAI defaults on long after the story has faded from the headlines). THAI will continue to be a huge financial burden on the taxpayer and will continue to offer freebies to the people with connections.
  12. The CCP can respond to this however they like, but why would the UK be willing to take 10 million mainland Chinese? Thanks to Brexit, as a sovereign nation again we can do what we want . I would support the decision to assist an appropriate number of people from Hong Kong though. Hopefully this disgraceful behaviour by the CCP is enough to get Huawei excluded from any UK tech deals as well. They should be considered a Pariah nation by all civilized countries.
  13. My girlfriend often sends food back if it's undercooked, not enough of a particular ingredient or whatever. As long as you do it politely with a smile they don't mind.
  14. They were simply protecting their property from the law breaking trespassers. Good on them. If more people stood up to these BLM cretins then they might crawl back under their rock.
  15. Depends if you've just paid a load of "key money" and taken out a new contract. Let's say you paid key money in January on a 3 year lease. You wouldn't fancy walking away now, you'd at least want a chance to make something back. Although given the extortionate amounts being asked for rent and key money, you would have been better off sticking the money in the bank and drinking at someone else's bar without all the stress.
  16. I agree with some of that. However, we are forced to choose one of the parties that stands in our constituency. Of them all, the Tories were the best option IMO (you disagree but that's why we have democratic votes even if the latest trend is to try and reverse the result e.g. Brexit). Obviously none of the parties are perfect. I have in the past held my local MP to account, however it is the job of the opposition to hold the government to account. Unfortunately Labour are currently mired in in fighting about the future direction of the party and antisemitism. That is not pointing fingers, it is a realistic summary of the facts.
  17. Do I believe they would do better than the North London Anti-Semitic champagne socialists on the left? Yes. Yes, I do. Better than Jo "I'm going to be PM" Swinson (weeks before she lost her seat in the biggest political humiliation I can remember)? Yes. Yes, I do. Last time I voted Labour, Blair took us to war in Iraq with Bush based on the lies about WMD. And you call the Tories the nasty party? Laughable. Labour are still utterly clueless, as shown in the clip below. Starmer sacked Long Bailey for anti semitic tweets only this week. Who is the nasty party?
  18. lol, more posturing from Krankie. Still, if it deflects from her own domestic failings then it might be a decent tactic.
  19. Our gardener left last month. She started off working very hard but after 18 months she pretty much refused to do anything except water the plants, when she showed up anyway. We treated her well and sometimes used to buy her small gifts like an electric fan or t-shirts for her niece. The final straw was when 2 of our dogs had a bit of a scrap and one of them ran off into the field to nurse it's pride/wounds. When my girlfriend asked her to help look for the injured dog the gardener stormed off saying "you care more about the dog than me". The gardener was completely uninjured in fact she was nowhere near the fight, simply jealous of the concern my girlfriend had for the injured dog. Haven't seen her since, the nutter .
  20. Whilst I don't normally support these "Labouresque" policies of throwing around vast amounts of taxpayers cash, I think that due to the Corona Virus the Keynesian approach is probably the right move to get the economy moving again after the disastrous start to 2020. At least Boris and Rishi will put the money in mostly the right areas, unlike the loony leftists Corbyn, Abbott, Long Bailey et al. would have done.
  21. So they can open for 3 days, with those 22 rules in place before having to shut again for a Buddhist holiday. Must be great being a bar owner over here, I might have to go buy one.
  22. I will be delighted to live with those consequences. The sooner the better.
  23. We have offered a solution. A free trade deal similar to the one with Canada. It is only the EU's inflexible, intransigent, childish behavior that is preventing such an obvious solution from happening. They are acting like a rejected teenage girl throwing a tantrum.
  24. Well that depends on the deal doesn't it. We want a simple free trade deal that helps trade on both sides and respects each others status as a sovereign nation. Like all free trade deals. If they want a deal that involves us subjugating ourselves to EU rules and the European Court of Justice, then they can forget it. No other free trade deal involves such stipulations and once again proves the lack of good faith that the EU has been demonstrating since we opted to leave their protectionist racket in 2016. Your comments on one of Boris' advisors is juvenile so I won't stoop to that level to respond.
  25. Your personal situation, whilst absolutely fascinating to all of us is Irrelevant. I earn in Thai Baht so it's great for me too. It has nothing to do with the wider picture being discussed in the current debate. You are correct that a weak currency does have some benefits though. Strangely you only point that when when discussing the weak AUD but at the same time use it as a stick to bash the weak GBP. Why? Because you have an irrational hatred of all things British. Some educational reading for you. https://techround.co.uk/finance/what-are-the-benefits-of-a-weaker-pound/#:~:text=A%20weaker%20pound%20may%20well,of%20the%20country's%20account%20deficit.
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