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  1. Somehow I doubt that. Love him or hate him, the guy has proven to be determined and resilient.
  2. I saw a few interviews with Farage today and for the first time ever he looked a beaten man. He's convinced this treaty will go through and he knows how bad it is. I hope he's wrong, but he does tend to be correct with these things about 95% of the time.
  3. With the DUP against it, and half of the ERG against it this deal has no chance. As for Juncker saying he won't extend again, he looked drunk again when he said that so it's best ignored. He shouted at a Channel 4 reporter and then wobbled off taking little mini steps with a big guy either side making sure he didn't fall over. It's not his decision anyway. I'm starting to think this deal is meant to fail, then Boris can play whatever card he has up his sleeve to get around the surrender act for No Deal and claim he tried his best but Parliament voted against the deal so they got no deal. I hope I'm right.
  4. Well you said "outlawed", I said "banned". Same thing is it not? Head protection is not the craziest idea, but it would certainly make the sport less of a spectacle. You could also make them wear 20 ounce gloves but if there comes a point where a fighter can't break down his opponent over the course of 12 rounds then the sport will have fundamentally changed. These deaths are incredibly sad but also pretty rare when you consider the number of contests around the world each year. An old school friend of mine has run a boxing gym for over 20 years and it's incredible to see the good that the sport does for people in terms of fitness, discipline, confidence etc. The sport does way more good than bad, but I'm all for reducing injuries if it can be done in a way that leaves the essence of the sport intact.
  5. This deal sucks, and there is very little chance of Parliament voting for it. They're still hoping for a revocation of A50 so this will be voted down. So the real question is, what next? Parliament rejects it and then what? The EU say they won't extend again but I don't believe them. Will they insist on another referendum for extending? If so the question must be this deal vs. No Deal since Remain has already been eliminated. Will Boris even ask for an extension? Will an EU country veto the request? Will Labour grow a pair and agree to a General Election? Is there a loophole in the Surrender Act? Could be an interesting couple of weeks. Hopefully we'll leave with No Deal on Halloween. November 1st can be UK Independence Day
  6. Yeah let's ban it and send it underground where it's much less regulated and hence much riskier. Great idea.
  7. No different to Rugby. If the team knows one of the opposition is key to the success of that team they will often target him with massive hits in the first 20 minutes, trying to remove him from the game. Normally it's done legally (but they're still trying to hurt him) but occasionally it's done illegally like the spear tackle on O'Driscoll in the 2005 Lions tour. It's a contact sport and yes, people do try and hurt each other.
  8. As someone who is probably lower than the average user age on the forum, I find it perplexing that all the old retirees on here moaning about having to cut back on things like eating out due to the exchange rate are so keen to write off the vote of older people in the UK as if their vote is less worthy. These are people that have worked their whole lives, paid into the system and rightly expect to see some payback for it in their old age. To somehow dismiss their vote or even worse, laugh about how many of them have died since 2016 is deeply disrespectful. So what if more old people voted Leave? They earned their vote and it should be respected as much as anyone else's. So what if someone worked as a binman or a bricklayer for 45 years, he's entitled to his opinion as much as some clueless 18 year old student whose been brainwashed by their A level Sociology teacher. The idea that all Leavers are stupid and all Remainers are sophisticated members of Mensa is deluded.
  9. Nothing thin skinned in my response, re-read it. So you think it's stupid, therefore anyone who supports it must be stupid. Classic, overly simplistic <deleted> logic. Since you raised the issue of the "personal" effect of Brexit, I can say the only effect on me has been mainly positive. In real terms, my property value in the UK has continued to increase steadily since 2016 and the portion of my salary that goes home every month is now buying me 30% more pounds than it was. My brother in law who works in finance in the city says he's never been busier. The only complaints I've heard from family and friends in the UK is that their holidays are more expensive due to the weak pound. That doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for people sending money the other way, but any change in FX will always benefit some and cause issues for others, that's the nature of the beast. However, my reason for supporting Brexit was NOT economic and I would be prepared to take a short term economic hit (let's say 5 years) to break free of the federalist EU project, regain sovereignty, open our trade up to the rest of the world, regain control of UK borders and fishing waters, stop funding other countries in the EU to take care of UK taxpayers etc. because I believe medium to long term it will benefit the UK. That doesn't mean a short term hit is inevitable, just that I believe it would be a price worth paying if it happened. You might consider someone who is prepared to take a short term financial hit to regain those things as stupid, but I would say that I am looking longer term than you and have different priorities. If it makes your world view less problematic to write someone off with different views or priorities as "stupid" then I believe that says more about you than it does me.
  10. Well you're no spring chicken and frequently moaning about the effect of the exchange rate so you don't exactly fit the theory.
  11. Give him a break, it's not easy to drive fast and shoot accurately after 7 beers and 15 whiskeys.
  12. Well, the boss of Calais port has said there will be very few problems. We import plenty of goods from non EU countries (with no trade deal) and have very few problems. So tell me, how do you know (not think) that it's going to be a complete disaster? You don't. You're panicking and trying to convince everyone that you are right to panic. So yes, I "poo-poo" your Project Fear BS.
  13. The aim of boxing is not to kill your opponent. This isn't dog fighting where 2 animals are put into the ring against their will to fight to the death. Or bull fighting where the aim is to kill the bull. Boxing is a highly skilled combat sport where deaths happen but are thankfully rare.
  14. Still spouting the tired old cliches about Brexiteers? No wonder Remain lost the Referendum with such a poor understanding of the Leave demographic. It's amazing that Remainers still haven't learnt that insulting people doesn't make them change their minds. Should you be fortunate enough to get another referendum, no doubt you'll be in a state of shock when Leave wins again. Maybe you should get out and talk to some Brexiteers face to face (no doubt you'd drop the insults when you're not hiding behind a keyboard) and find their real reasons for leaving. You might be surprised.
  15. Nobody is forcing them to box. They all know the risks. If you don't like it you can change the channel.
  16. If Trump is waiting for a mutually beneficial deal that benefits BOTH sides then he could be waiting a while. Rule 1 when negotiating with the EU? "Deals" with the EU can benefit the EU only.
  17. I think the borders would be a bit chaotic for 2-3 weeks after No Deal and then everyone would adjust to the additional paperwork, rules etc. and things would return to normal. We import from plenty of non EU countries with no trade deal in place with no issues at all. Project Fear ramping up ahead of 31st .
  18. Very sad. Saw a few interviews with him in the build up to the fight and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. As for the sport, boxing does way more good than it does bad. It turns around many troubled individuals and deaths in the ring are fortunately very rare these days. Injury is a part of many sports and death happens in many sports as well. No reason to call the sport of boxing into question IMO.
  19. More nonsense. Continuity deals can roll over existing trade agreements as well, not only regulatory alignment. For example, the deal with South Korea covers trade and we have 2 years to renegotiate it. Feel free to continue spouting more rubbish though.
  20. Well we all know how quick the EU are at securing trade deals. They make a sloth look dynamic. We've done around 15 deals so far but then we haven't even left yet. We have continuity deals with the likes of Norway, Switzerland, South Korea, Central America etc. Many others in the pipeline. As for the barstool comment, not very original, not particularly amusing. "A" for effort, "D" for attainment. .
  21. It's not at all surprising that someone who supported the overthrowing of the Democratically elected government in Thailand by a Military Junta would also start insulting people who have very real concerns about the undemocratic nature of the EU. Labeling Brexit supporters "idiot nationalists" while simultaneously supporting Military generals illegally taking power in the name of national security does seem a tad inconsistent though .
  22. It's not at all surprising that someone who supported the overthrowing of the Democratically elected government in Thailand by a Military Junta would also start insulting people who have very real concerns about the undemocratic nature of the EU. Labeling Brexit supporters "idiot nationalists" while simultaneously supporting Military generals illegally taking power in the name of national security does seem a tad inconsistent though .
  23. 20 years??? We've done a few already and we haven't even left yet. You Project Fear peddlers are like a maniacal religious cult . Once we're out of the EU we'll be able to sign FTA's very quickly, we won't have a chain attached to the cumbersome intransigent monolithic 'empire' that is the EU. Until then, yes, tariffs BOTH WAYS with the EU. Not an attractive proposition for the German car makers as their economy teeters on the brink of recession. https://www.ft.com/content/46f8f9a8-ed4a-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195 https://www.spectator.co.uk/2019/10/germanys-ailing-economy-cant-afford-a-no-deal-brexit/
  24. Give it a couple of years after we've left. As Britain surges forward and the EU countries slip into recession they'll have forgotten all about the process of exiting. They will see the pain was worth it.
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