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  1. Hmm, there was no fee or anything when I signed up, but that was back in 2013. Maybe try with a VPN? That said, the usefulness of the forum has gone seriously down hill. In the early days there was more focus on the various coins, and of course bitcoin itself. Now it's all folks making guesses about the market and a lot of weird urban myth type threads.
  2. Doge is fun to trade. Now that is pure gambling. That said, the only funds I put into such trades are house money (Doge gains included). It's one of those coins that wherever I am at the end of the day, I close my position as it's not something I would sleep on. Here's one for the crypto reluctant (I'm trying to send some to Charlie Munger just to see what happens) to maybe put a few stimmy or social security checks into.... SLP coin. Also known as Small Love Potion. Currently 27 US cents a coin, around 400 million in circulation, you can buy it on Binance, less than $1
  3. That's just the current Yuan/Renminbi to BTC exchange rate. What battle are you referring to?
  4. Just basic knowledge of current tech events. Not all blockchain type techs require proof of work (proof of work is the electricity/power consumer in this ecosystem). There are similar systems that rely on proof of stake or proof of selection, which consume far less energy (not to mention it's the tech itself that allows quantification of electricity use... if there were some way to quantity the electricity currently consumed by the financial system it's designed to replace it would likely be a different relative picture...). There are alternate low energy chain technologies such as Holoch
  5. I'm not sure if there is any way to discuss that in depth without sounding completely shady (all the while being completely legal of course).
  6. Like all things, something will replace it. And chances are it'll be something blockchain like, it won't look like the legacy financial system. So for the Fogeylanders spinning the energy angle, you're just badmouthing 8 track tapes.... it won't bring back vinyl.
  7. Generally speaking, people love successful people but not successful neighbors.
  8. Or only sell your crypto in countries with no capital gains taxes. I like to look at the mammoth US cruise industry as to how to best take advantage of global tax and labor laws.
  9. Yeah, that was embarrassing for them. But should be clarified that their customer database was hacked, not the Ledger wallet tech itself. To each his/her own, but I would trust a device (phone, tablet or computer) that I have personally formatted to be 'virgin' over something that I order from Amazon to store my crypto.
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