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  1. If you're using an official statement (as proof of address and prior banking relationship) to open an account at another bank in another country, you'll want K Bank to print out one at any of their branches and have them put that red company stamp on each page. The PDF version you can have emailed to you might not be as welcomed. You can also make sure they have your name and address spelled exactly right in English before they print it.
  2. Immediately or March 1? Some of the Bangkok Post articles suggest March 1. Haven't gone out today...
  3. Like humanity. Just blip in the grand scheme of things.
  4. 80% BTC 3% BCH XRP no way ETH pass The rest in fiat and gold in no particular fixed %. And as always, zero debt/no leverage, no matter what the finance professors and experts say.
  5. Not a fan of Bitstamp, Neeranam? UK/Lux/Slovenia based and they are fine with Thai addresses for KYC. They've been around long enough (IMO) that you don't have to worry as much about the Bitfinex/BTC-e factor... not that you'd be keeping funds on exchange for longer than need be surely. You can also wire/SWIFT transfer from your Bitstamp account to your bank accounts anywhere, not just the UK.
  6. I seriously doubt fdsa really believes that Bitcoin can't be exchanged for fiat or pretty much anything else. The fact that he/she has internet access suggests that they would be aware of the hundreds of crypto exchanges around the world, Paypal, Square, Coinbase, bitcoin ATMs, etc. (unless the one site he/she uses is the TV forum and the only people he believes are the eight guys whose primary financial focus is 17th century tulip market and something about emperor's new clothes)
  7. Definitely one of the few pebbles in my shoe when it comes to the future of BTC (which I am definitely still in for the medium to long term). You can just kind of feel that eventually it's going to come out that the $33 billion in Tether that is floating around out there is actually just backed by a few hundred million in USD.
  8. Probably the biggest paper "loss" (loss of value, not actual loss) I've ever had. I feel for those out there who had leveraged positions.
  9. Compare to the old Chinese practicality of CZ's Binance rules... If you're unverified, you can "only" withdraw 2 BTC per day. If you're 2nd tier verified, then 100.
  10. The folks at *** and **** were fine with my Thai passport. But yes, personal visit required and you'll need a reason to open the account. Mine was simply, 'I want to reduce my country risk and to diversify my assets.' It also didn't hurt that I hinted that I would be willing to purchase an insurance savings plan as well (instant commission for the account rep. and also basically ties you to the bank for the next 15-20 years).
  11. I felt the same way about cassette tapes and compact discs (wave of the future AND disaster waiting to happen). Thank goodness those things are now history, way too stressful.
  12. Sold most of my ETH at around $198 after buying in the $700s. LOL. Wasn't the loss that made me want to leave it, it was the mass of coins they have in the float... (not that scarcity is everything, there are plenty of 'scarce' coins that aren't going anywhere). No idea what's been causing this latest run. If it keeps running up like this I might go back and check my lesser used wallets to see what I have left.
  13. It does pain me a bit to hold cash and gold (and that $6000 per kilo drop since mid last year stings) but one does need a hedge against crypto just in case. Was doing around 20% liquid holdings in crypto but because of its growth, it's flipped it by its own performance. We're all guessing but I'd 'guess' that we see 100k/btc within a couple (not a few) months.
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