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  1. Well that would depend on at least two factors: 1. How dirty the input water is and 2. The quantity of water filtered daily. Might also depend on your tolerance for slow filtering and water less than 100%, like a little dirty because the filter is dirty. Filters vary in price a lot. You going to change them yourself or have someone do it?
  2. Check with the Temples that are distributing food, they will tell you what they need and where to buy it.
  3. No Japanese Spaghetti, what a bummer. It is the Afghani Sashimi that is really missed.
  4. What would you do if you had a real problem? Call Mom for a bailout.
  5. So when will the gyms open? That was your question, right?
  6. Yeh a woodcarver sitting on a stoop in Candidassa told me that too at 6:15 am thismorning.
  7. No total costs should be considered, not just school fees. Total costs to include food, housing, medical, transport....
  8. Excellent John continue on and report 5 times a day as your contract stipulates.
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