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  1. Sour grapes because you don’t have a yellow book or pink I’d card.
  2. The OP is begging for much needed help and is getting shelf location info your mom told you 40 years ago.
  3. Yes but why is yours usually worse than others at immigration, at banks, even restaurants?
  4. Take it back and keep it there. You should know that some stuff needs to be kept locked up.
  5. Sorry the guy I know does pumps and filters.
  6. Related to pump or filter or other?
  7. Great I will fly my sofa to Sydney and have them clean it. <deleted> Jason.
  8. I don’t care about modern or schooled at all, even well equipped is not always necessary. Results matter.
  9. A lot of folks go to Pro Auto because Ton speaks English. They would not be there otherwise. The excellent mechanics with limited English just are not on their screens.
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