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  1. It was such a nice day peddling along looking at the scenry and wham right into the back of a truck, damn that hurts.
  2. It appears a lot of people posting here not from CM typically a red taxi fare is 30 baht that is what I have paid from past Maya to Taepae gate cheaper than a grab for the same distance. Most people like Grab because they will come to your door and pick you up. Anyway not many red taxi out after dark
  3. The only difference in taste I have ever noticed is the use of cane sugar instead of corn syrup.
  4. It is safe for you to drink your own urine but to drink someone elses can cause allergic reaction. His urine is probably causing other people to have more aches and pains
  5. Read the OP it involed B.Grimm, Itai-Thai and another company who are in partner with CP.
  6. The problem with airasia is the add ons they come up with, I prefer EVA but would fly Thai in a pinch
  7. A few years back they had a Thai running the show and he was making progress turning them around I believe his last year there they turned a profit. The board dreamed up some less than stellar reports on the guy and fired him it has been all down hill since.
  8. There are a few here who have no class. He is known world wide for his singing and song writing
  9. Geez just take your stuff to immigration and do it, if they fine you deduct the fine from your rent. If you want a tm30 guess what move out or file. Sometime life isn't fair even to boy wonders. My wife forged my landlords signature to the form because the land lord refused to come to immigration.
  10. It is their system and has been for a long time, they will not change it to make some whiney farangs happy. Get over it boys are go back home were everything is so perfect. There I got go back home out of the way
  11. Today I got flagged thru a check point behind two old grannies who got pulled over on thier scooter no helmet. Why is it always picking on faranges when they do stop Thais as well.
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