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  1. You guys are funny sorry to break it to you but this is still owned by Dave he is changing up for a different look. One of his long running supervisors will be running the show. She left a few years ago to open her own shop in Sansai, but gave it up. She was at the Dukes Phuket but that is now gone and Am will be running Fat Chows. Sorry boys no Chinese take over here. Funny
  2. They will never go for fire sale price. At my local bank some of the same houses have been listed for about 4 years at the same price.
  3. DHT is the actually hormone that causes loss of hair in men, DHY causes inflammation in the hair folicale causeing the hair to fall out. DHT also causes the oristate gland to enlarge as well being 5 times stronger than testosterone it pushes out the testosterone at the receptor sights. You can use the same medication to treat baldness and prostate enlargement.
  4. Yes have seen these documents and have supplied them. Is this your first time for a extension of stay.
  5. Just leave the family that seems to be your biggest problem. I spent a year once upon a time in Vietnam no need to go back
  6. The Vietnamese hit if quicker closing schools and other transfer areas, they also have a similar operation but they have a lot more people participating. Cannot remember but read a very good article why they had low infection rate, responding early was the main reason
  7. They know do not kid yourself, these people are the reason the number of malaria cases are down in Thailand. They investigate houses in the village checking for standing water and then informing the house holder what to do. they hand out the sand that helps kill the larva. No these people have been doing a good job a long time.
  8. Plenty of places in CM lowered prices, but stupid to lower prices below your costs of business
  9. I have a ETF in Thai companies, up up and more up
  10. No it was for passing a fake 20 dollar bill, but it looks like he was guilty without a fair hearing. To die over 20 dollars there are no words to describe how people are feeling. This death by cop has been going on for a few years now, it was just a matter of time for the lid to blow off.
  11. They have said nothing yet about tourist. Tourist return is only speculation
  12. There is a group across from the chinese embassy who hand out food every day. I gave them some money a month ago, they will take your photo. I walked up and ask someone handing out food they pointed to another man and then a very attractive lady came over and I gave them the money and they took photo. They have been there for a month handing out food.
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