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  1. They burn the cane to rid it of leaves thus making harvest easier. I have been to Kanchanaburi when the burning takes place you cannot see down the road 10 feet in front of you. I have said many times the Bangkok smog problem is from this burning. Sugar cane is becoming a big cash crop and more farmers are growing it so more burning. A few years ago this was never an issue in Bangkok only in the last 2 or 3 years has it appeared and this is as more cane is grown in areas around Bangkok. This is the first story I have read putting the blame on the sugar cane growers.
  2. Please enlighten us as to what exactly has Trump done for women and minorities in the US.
  3. I have ex family who live there since my sons divorce. Visited once and yes the people are great but of course they were family and guess what they did not all speak english, they myth about english is just that, yes is tourist areas you will have people speaking english with a heavy accent good luck understanding half of what they say. The roads in Thailand are much better that the ones I travelled in Philippines, medical care will be more expensive there as well. P.I. is still a third world country with the same problems as Thailand plus some of its own
  4. Captian best of luck to you, I have been here 8 years and coming and going since 1998 no plans to move this is home now. Yes there are issues as with any country or place we live. The immigration fiasco is one and I say fiasco because the way the expat community has responded to it. For me nothing has changed I always showed income now instead of living from a ATM machine I need to monthly send the money to my Thai Bank account, thanks Big Joke no more trips to the Consulate for a letter that cost me 50 dollars. The way each of use looks at life is different, I just do not worry about those things that I cannot control. I knew years ago I would have to abide by the immigration rules and accepted that fact. Again good luck to you on your new life back in the states, come back for a visit
  5. You are flogging a dead horse, for better or worse alcohol is legal but meth isn't. Thailand has a problem if the Burma Army will do nothing bomb the labs. That will cause a down turn for a bit then bomb again sooner or later they will get the message. America has it's meth problem hard to control when someone can set up a lab. in the back of a pick up
  6. Not really you are making an assumption
  7. I have toured all over Thailand,always used a paper map. You should be able to pick one up at a book store. I did most of my touring on the back roads and never a problem. Travalled on the major highways only when needed. Into Bangkok thru MinBuri and out on the 32 kind of no other option. I ride a PCX 150 very dependable. Have fun on your new adventure. I always spend several hours pouring over maps before starting trips never lost. Men ride big bikes real men tour on scooters. On one of my trips in Surin looking for hotel and this other PCX following me into parking lot. After getting off a young Thai kid ask me did you ride all the way from Chiang Mai and when I said yes he about fell over. Said if you have any problems call me and gave me his phone number. Really a nice guy.
  8. The need to show 400,000 at 90 day report was a one off statement in one of the other threads posted by a TV user. As Joe says nothing in the police report about it but it has developed a mind of its own being substained by post such as this one. All they need to do at your next extension is to senie you if 400,000 was not present in your bank account as required
  9. Spot on most Thais as they do not use immigration really doesn't care or even know where his local station is
  10. And why do you really care about what Big Joke says, it is all for the Thai populace really nothing to do with farangs
  11. This has been on going for over a year Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Bangkok nothing new
  12. Most of these people are not tourist but professional thieves who come to take advantage of the lax period of time when people tend to focus on having a good time.
  13. This time of year is always dry until Mar. My wife says mae hong song when she was a kid from Nov. until end of Feb. always cool but now not so much now
  14. Ah nothing like a good cost of livin article to get all the cry babies out enforce, I love it my nightly entertainment
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