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  1. I guess for the same reason you would want your donation tracked to insure the money goes to the correct person
  2. How can it be Moderna as they just got approval, some folks have really been posting false info about moderna.
  3. She was riding at a high rate of speed and right into the pole, the accident has been on Thai news
  4. Honey was used by the romans for various elements as well as vingar for open wounds.
  5. What happens if you have a very bad reaction while getting your shot, sure they do not have medical personal standing by to treat you. As stated above they are not a health clinic, even there own people have to use local hospitals for treatment. I am a American Citizen and do not expect anything from my government. I made the decision to live in Thailand I accept the fact I am under the authority of the Thai Government and live by the rules they have set up.
  6. The money boys got involved and has caused him to change his story and hopefully the jab will be happening soon
  7. Lets wait and see what they come up with before speculating what will be required. Post like this just causes lots of confusion. Reading many post on Thaivisa over the years you see the number of people who believe they first theing they read is the gospel
  8. Covering your face has nothing to do with life unless of course because you go maskless you become infected with the virus . When I first started coming to asia around 1963 I was always intereted why the Japanese wore mask. They had the good sense not to spread their colds. Wearing a mask is just good common sense to avoid getting the virus and spreading it if you become infected
  9. Wait until the prices come out then all the cry babies will be out in full force.
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