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  1. Alot of deadbeats come to Thailand or sometime caught out by sickness or acident and wind up on overstay. This kid sounds like a deadbeat, just the kind Thailand has been very busy cracking down on th rules to flush out
  2. Try again went ot today a fair amount of people doing what ever, you have to remember , which many do here, there are more than a few other nationaalities other than English, Scot and other s of the Isles, as well as Europeans of many differnt countries. there are Chinese, japanese, Korean, Indian, iranian, and the beat goes on. They have inproved all aspects of the operation 90 day report there were two people ahead of me 10 min and on my way home
  3. Poor Simon it seems there is one thing after another, I feel for you man, better luck next time
  4. People are miss informed if the think all bar girls have to go with you, they do not it is their choice and I have seen it happen many times when the girls say no and it can get tense.
  5. How long does it take to get reimbursed for a claim and do they send the money to your bank account in Thailad or the US.
  6. A few years ago they had a president running Thai who actually cut the debt but they fired him for some trumped up charge and it has been down hill every sense
  7. I have brought many vitamins to Thailand over the years, you could hear them rattling around in case but never searched my bags the OP must have made something very obvious about his cargo
  8. Does it matter what they say about one Thai guy or woman.
  9. I am here because I like it. I do not jump at every little change they make nor get excited about things I cannot control. It is to bad that anyone has to leave because of insurance but alot of people do not plan ahead or seem to think there will be any changes. In the end Thailand has gotten tird of the deadbeats here lying about how much income they had, people not paying there medical bills. People get mad at thailand when they should be mad at the cheats and thieves
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