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  1. If you live here you do not rent a bike we own them. You can get killed setting at a shop drinking coffee. Some guy in the states got up to get a pack of sauce for his food and a car ran thru the door and hit his table lucky him and by the way no Thais involved.
  2. I use a agent in CM but ther is no free ride, I have to meet all the requirements. Agents are different from one location to another
  3. It is a term originally used to describe the French people in Thailand say 100 years ago or even futher back. Now it is used as a word for western people in general. People who half Thai half western are called Luctung, spelling may be off
  4. Well waiting for all the disparanging remarks how stupid the french guy is , will it ever stop, do they ever learn. Come on guys what is good for Thais is good for farangs
  5. Get a non 0 multiply entry come and go for one year. The days of being a permanent tourist in Thailand is over. Even the hardest of heads could see this coming over the last few years and now the crack down on illigal retirees has also affected the legal folks to no end. No one is special any more unless of course you have more money than Big Joke and do not mind passing it around
  6. Really do not know what you guys are on about, they only want to know if you really have the money as opposed to the people who lied to get their little letter or use money from an agent. Prove to me it is yours leave it in the bank 3 months and can only spend half. Really what is so hard about that. O forgot some people are special but but my money is different. Anyone with a brain could have seen a crack down coming to retirees, everyone else had been hit, cheaters on education visas actually had to goto school O the mean old immigration people making me go to school.
  7. Ok talked to Nick this morning and the owners of the property have deciced not to build new hotel on that property because of the new rules and regulation about hotels. Also if you ask for HP they have some in the refrigerator. Mad Dogs is not closing any time in the future
  8. Ah the beat goes on why do thais leave accidents, well not all thais leave and for people who keep repeating that racis slur is still beyond me. I had an accident on my bike a few years ago and the trucker behind me pulled into thelane behind me to block on coming traffic and him and his wife both got out of the truck to see if I was ok. Other than a few skid marks an a bit of skin off I was ok. Thais are just like people every where some stop to help, some do not, some run away some do not. A few people who post here should stop generalizing Thai people and what you assume they do or do not do.
  9. By the way what exactly are normal people and how do they think
  10. they could take the fire trucks to the hot spots and put the fire out, that would do more good than spraying the air
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