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  1. They like it around the same date, just makes it easier for you if it is around same date
  2. These people who have become stranded are stranded by choice. They will sit on there butts until the 31rst and then show up at immigration demanding another extension. Time for Thailand to tell them get a flight out, you have had 2 months to arange your transport out. By the way if you are in Chiang Mai and have a car you can do your 90 day report at the drive up window, did mine yesterday in and out but no burger
  3. Depends on how much the economy of your home country and how much it contracts.
  4. Well something else to get everyone in a huff. Give it up boys, if you are in Thailand do not leave untill all this has passed because you will not be getting back in anytime soon. When they start letting tourist in then you may have a chance. If you are from the states it will be awhile before any american gets on a permission to visit. Say what you will about Thailand but they are trying to protect the people who live here alot better than the president has done
  5. Cannot blame Thailand at all for not just allowing these people to just show up. The new cases in the US armed forces is up 20 percent
  6. Thailand is no longer under a state of martial law they are under an emergency order not as strigent as martial law.
  7. Who cares what the bunch on Downing street come up with, they have done such a botched job of controlling the virus who wants to go there. Thailand keep doing what you have done because it has worked unlike my own country and many other countries who chose to avoid the fact the virus was in their countries.
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