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  1. djayz


    Thanks Sheryl. It appears there may be a typo on the sign - should be ศูนย์ - either that or my eyesight really is failing me.
  2. djayz


    I've just seen a sign ศูนอาหาร. อาหาร I understand, but I can't find ศูน in the dictionary. What does it mean?
  3. Yawn... So what?! Nobody cares about this story any more because we all know it's a load of crock. From beginning to end. I for one, would be much happier if Boss came back to the Land of Shams and life went back to normal. On an almost daily basis there's a new "development" in the case: from secret eyewitnesses, who years later turn up, to them dead a few days later. Now coppers admitting that they may have miscalculated the speed. Nobody buys this [email protected] any more. Nobody is that stupid to believe any of this.
  4. No, I didn't, but I'll gladly repeat what I wrote before: in two decades of travelling around Thailand, and SE Asia in general, I've never once been denied service.
  5. djayz


    Thanks to all the members who posted. I think I'm getting the bigger picture now. Always assumed this was only for people who were up to dodgy stuff.
  6. djayz


    I think that's more of a licensing issue. Certain companies are only allowed to broadcast/show/sell in certain territories.
  7. I'll gladly start travelling and spending here again as soon as: * I'm treated like a tax paying resident who works and resides here legally (by that I mean I want to be treated like a normal human being), * they permanently abolish dual pricing, * they prohibit tuk-tuk/taxi drivers beeping and shouting at me/us when I/we go for a stroll, *properly train those employed in the hospitality industry. As part of their training, they should be educated not to pick their noses in the restaurant or kitchen, not groom their hair or clip/file finger nails while anywhere near food and they should clean tables and cutlery thoroughly, * tell the BIB to stop targeting farang for driving offenses which their countrymen commit a million times more often, * prohibit the brain dead street vendors from walking up to restaurant tables trying to sell their wares, *clean up the parks, roadsides, canals, rivers, etc., *tackle the soi dog population explosion (sorry it that upsets some of you, but it really is a problem which should be tackled asap. Some of those muts pose a real health hazard). I could go on ad infinitum, but those are my main grievances. Having said that, I've had pretty positive experiences while travelling here, but I can't help but feel that if the above mention problems (and a few others) were solved, it could be so much better.
  8. I've never, in the 20 years that I've traveled and lived here, been refused service in any establishment. What state were you in when they refused to serve you?
  9. A month ago I had to take my laptop or an IT guy to have the Wi-Fi adapter replaced. Went back the next day to pick it up and he had installed a new version of Windows (without this having ever been discussed OR a part of the wifi-adapter problem). Anyways, now everything is in Thai (grrrrrrr!!!!!!). Is there a quick way for a novice like myself to switch everything to English, or do I have to take it back to him and have the English language version reinstalled?
  10. djayz


    Thanks! I'm hopeless when it comes to typing in search functions. "geolocation" - that's a new one for me. Thanks again for the links.
  11. djayz


    Just wondering, does the average Joe Soap like me need a VPN? I'm not up to anything dubious or "bad" online, so I was wondering why do people need VPNs in the first place?
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