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  1. Very sad story. I'll never understand why "grown ups" take their $**t out on the defenseless. RIP little boy.
  2. Do you, by any chance, still have the video link/information about turning the Sada leaves into this I sent repellent?
  3. Thank you Phuketsub for the kind offer, but Songkhla is a bit too far for me (we're up in Korat).
  4. I honestly doubt that will be the case... unless people higher up really want it and see to it that it's implemented.
  5. At least they've recognized the problem and the need to do something about it. A step in the right direction.
  6. I did not edit your post, I quoted a part of your post. The very fact that you believe that a pedestrian should get out of the way of some jackass on a bike riding down the footpath is the bone I had to pick with your comment. That's a big part of the problem here - too many people bow and bend over to the bullies. But, hey, if you want to bend over, go ahead. Enjoy. Re me standing in front of a motorbike on sidewalks - yes, I have, and will, continue walking down the footpath and I haven't/won't step aside for them. Never! The victim has more courage than most people here, you included.
  7. Are you nuts?! The pedestrian had every right to stand on the footpath. It's the <deleted>' motorcyclist who is in the wrong here. Firstly, he shouldn't have been riding his bike on the path in first place, then, after having been told off he turned around with the sole intention of showing the pedestrian who's boss. He rode right into him with the intent of harming him! The pedestrian deserves two medals. One for pointing out to the young lad that footpaths aren't for motorbikes and a second for not bowing to the bully.
  8. You're saying an awful lot, but each post is making less and less sense. Obviously something got lost in translation. If you go back to your previous post, the one I responded to, then read my response to it and your newest post, you'll find that you're all over the place.
  9. Are you suggesting paying unqualified, sometimes even inexperienced, tradesmen here the SAME as their Western counterparts? Most tradespeople in developed countries have undergone serious training at college and / or apprenticeships, have passed exams, have proven their abilities in both tests and on the job. They have to adhere to very high standards of workmanship AND safety, both of which are practically unheard of here. They deserve a higher rate of pay for this plus the cost of living in Farangistan is generally higher than here.
  10. Thanks Grollies! Would you mind giving me the BKK tel. no.? I know you said they don't stock it any more, but if enough people enquire about it, maybe they'll realise that there's a demand for it.
  11. And that's a part of the problem right there. I strongly believe that the good, loyal, diligent employees should earn a lot more, but the rest, the lazy sods, shouldn't earn a fraction of what they're currently on.
  12. It's always a pleasure reading your contributions Dr. Truelove. I'm trying to keep everything as organic as possible and absolutely abhor the use of hard chemical insecticides. With time I hope to build up the soil fertility using composting, mulching, etc. To cut a long story short, I have a few citrus and avocado trees which I want to protect. Neem oil/spray was recommended. Thanks again for the very detailed and informative reply.
  13. Thanks kickstart. Much appreciate the info.
  14. Hi guys. I vaguely recall seeing a telephone number for a guy in Bangkok who sells neem oil/spray but I can't for the life of me find it again. Do any of you guys have the tel. number? Remember which thread it was posted in? I want to spray some plants and would like to try neem. Thanks in advance.
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