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  1. Who here didn't see this coming? And I didn't even need to go to a fortune teller to know the outcome! The cards are stacked against those who oppose.
  2. I'm pretty sure my grandchildren will be reading about these suggestions, recommendations and plans in a 100 years from now. The image of a hamster on a running wheel comes to mind - around and around and around but never actually moving forward.
  3. It's actually a topic in the farmimg forum.
  4. Why is it that for the past few days ads keep popping up and cover the articles I'm trying to read? Bloody annoying! Here's an example of what I mean. When I click on the close "x" in the top right corner, it simply opens a new windo "Stop seeing this ad", but that's all.
  5. Maybe the Chinese know that most (all?) companies in Thailand have way too many employees on the payrole. I'm pretty sure the staff who are not chucked out will learn what it means to really "work" under the watchful eye of their omnipresent Sino-cousins.
  6. It was quite chilly this morning in Korat. Reminded me of home.
  7. Why share with the peasants when you can keep it for yourself, your family and your friends? This is not a country where the benefit of the whole nation is more important than a few holding on to everything.
  8. Great idea! An extended holiday of being subjected to the cacophony of different "music" blasting from various speakers and an extra few days of dirty water being splashed on anybody who dares leave their home. Brilliant idea! That'll draw the tourists in by the millions.
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