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  1. At the rates you guys are offering, you can forget the "quality" and just accept any white face that's desperate enough to stay here.
  2. Coming from people who still believe in, and fear, ghosts, superstitions and other hocus-pocus, I really amn't surprised nor interested in their opinion.
  3. Launching campaigns and strictly enforcing the law are two completely different things. They'll still set fire to unwanted stuff because 1. That's all they know and 2. Because they can get away with it.
  4. What?!?!?! Is it any wonder it's a failing entity? 240 leeches sucking every penny out of the company.
  5. How difficult would it be to put him on a plane and fly him back? With or without his consent.
  6. Wasn't there a report just recently stating that many in the force were in debt? Chit like this might explain a part of that debt.
  7. Hope this topic doesn't upset our Joseph too much.
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