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  1. djayz

    Looking for a small business in Korat

    Firstly, never rely on free business advice you get on the net. Look for a professional who can advise you and guide you through the process. It'll cost you, but probably a lot less that going it alone. Secondly, what's your background/experience? Good luck!
  2. So they're coming down heavy on the two or three cyclists in Thailand who drink and cycle, but motorists in their thousands can drink and drive to their heart's content... No problem. Strange???? Is it 1st April already?
  3. That I haven't seen (yet). Can't wait though.
  4. Learned something new today.
  5. djayz

    Recycling empty glass bottles

    There are plenty of people here who travel around collecting glass and plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. They'll gladly take them off your hands. I think they sell them to a guy with a bigger truck who in turn sells them on to recycling plants. It provides the really poor with a little income.
  6. Honestly, more times than not they don't ask me. However, I have noticed over the last few months that more and more staff ask. Stores where I shop regularly know me and just hand me the small item without asking. There's a MaxValue close to where I work and I pop in there at least once a day to buy a can of Red Bull. I swear to you that the check out guy reaches for a bag every time and I have to tell him I don't want one. This has been going on at least once a day for the past 6 months... If that ain't brain dead, I don't know what is! Now, as another poster has already pointed out, if only I could stop them from offering me straws and plastic cutlery when I buy drinks or food...
  7. Only because I keep telling the checkout girls "Mai au tueng krap" everytime I buy a bar of chocolate or a bottle of water - or my absolute favourite: a hot cup of coffee (who in their right mind puts a takeaway cup in a plastic bag?!?!)
  8. That and the rumour that nobody here fails tests are probably the two driving factors behind the surge in Chinese student enrollments.
  9. That's held between the old airport Don Muang and Chatuchak, right?
  10. Mrs Djayz is starting to grow those. I think they're native to Israel and very sweet. Difficult to get here though.
  11. At least she could speak to him at his level.
  12. Honestly, who here expected anything different?
  13. Had any died in the attack, he could have used their names later to claim they left him their watches.
  14. djayz

    Pygmy Goats

    On FB there's a group called "farm livestock for sale Thailand". IF I remember correctly, I've seen goats (don't know much about goats so I don't know if they're the exact breed you're looking for) advertised there. Might be worth a try.
  15. djayz

    Nakhon Ratchasima: Blind children home.

    Hi meatboy. Have you found an orphanage for blind kids in Korat? If do, would you mind sharing the address or location?