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  1. There's no time like the present to clean up! The standards here are shocking! I'm surprised more people aren't off work with the trotters. Now is the perfect time for this. Fewer customers means they can close shop for a day or two and go to the training.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me how they are more concerned with the outside/image, yet don't consider the inside/content. With the abismal state of education here, haircuts are the least of their problems.
  3. Everything in moderation. I'm convinced that levying an extra tax on all this unhealthy food isn't the optimal solution. Those who can afford it, will simply pay more and continue their lifestyle. A more effective way might be to make people aware of the health issues associated with unchecked consumption of certain foods and ingredients.
  4. Two years banged up because he was too tight to pay the excess baggage fee. With his kind of income, that just don't make sense. I can't help but feel that this is just a drop in the ocean.
  5. With remuneration packages as low as they are here coupled with large class sizes, uninterested students and never ending bureaucracy, there's not much chance of too many "proper/qualified" teachers wanting to take teaching positions here. The entire system needs a major overhaul. Until then, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for many of them to be able to articulate themselves coherently in "Ingalish". That having been said, I lived briefly in China a few years back. Practically 0% English ability there. At least here, you can just about get by (with a lot of patience and imaginat
  6. Strange, from personal experience, both inside and outside the classroom, I would've put money on it being the other way round.
  7. Even if they were to reduce it to 10 days, what sane person - business traveller or your average Joe Soap holidayer - would want to spend so long holed up?
  8. I predict a precipitous increase in the sales of x-ray machines in the near future. Wonder who owns that company?
  9. These are tough times which are causing many prime ministers and presidents around the world sleepless nights. I don't envy them one iota. What I'd like to know is where is all this money for stimulus plans coming from? Or more worryingly, how much longer can they continue to stimulate economies?
  10. I've helped a few doctors over the years prep for tests in English and they have to repay this "free training" by practicing medicine for a few years at a hospital - not of their choice - and usually outside Bangkok.
  11. Where in my reply did I talk about voting? Where did I say it was my country? As for voting who should be let in: It was blatantly clear for a very long time that a virus was spreading rapidly in Wuhan, surrounding areas and throughout China, yet governments worldwide continued to allow people from that country to travel into theirs and they allowed their citizens to travel to China. Let me ask you this Aussie; Did YOUR government let you vote on who should and shouldn't enter Oz during those times?
  12. Any scheme that helps to get some of those old smokies off the roads is good in my books.
  13. Those of us who live here full-time, have homes, families, jobs and eventually even friends and a life here, think differently. I don't give a rat's behind whose country it is; it's home to me/some of us. People with your attitude never have that feeling, no matter where you live.
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