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  1. Assuming those phones are even manned AND the staff could be bothered to put down whatever game they're playing to actually take the call.
  2. You seem to be very quick to jump to the driver's side. Maybe he only worked a "normal" shift, but decided to stay up late the night before work watching netflix, chatting with numerous people, updating his FB profile/photos, shopping online, etc. Or maybe he was too busy on his phone while driving at the time if the acvident. I've experienced it a few times here and have, on more than one occassion, let the driver know that it's not acceptable. I am constantly gobsmacked to see a screen (tablet size) next to the driver in the cockpit of a particular bus company which I use quite often to travel between BKK and Korat. Generally speaking, the drivers here don't have a bloody clue!
  3. I remember the thread. Interesting read and food for thought. Re the drought: We've had no rain here in Korat/border Buriram for at least a fortnight now so I've had to water my figs again today - using only a very, very long garden hose! I hadn't planned on putting irrigation in until Oct., after I return from holidays, but I guess I'll have to to take care of that between now and mid Sept., before I leave. I honestly don't want to think about what the next 10-11 months are going to be like waterwise.
  4. You're absolutely right. My sincerest apologies for having expressed an opinion.
  5. Good point about getting coverage from an insurer there. Thanks.
  6. Why stop there when you can impose rules and laws that extract even more money from us?
  7. I need travel insurance for myself and my 2 year old kid travelling to Europe next month. I only need about 2 weeks coverage. Any suggestions which insurance company I should contact? Thanking you in advance.
  8. You can take some people out of the brothel, but you can never take the brothel out of some people. How desperate must you be to agree to a 200k "finder's fee" - even if it is spread out (no pun intended) in installments - in return for a 20k/mth. job? What was this young woman thinking?! 20 grand - X thousand finder's fee - less cost of living = not much savings.
  9. Well, well, well, what a surprise... A dirty official. Who would've thought that?
  10. Just because there are plenty of organic farms in Chiang Mai, doesn't make his/her comment any less relevant. I'm sure for every one organic farm, there are thousands cheating and/or not organic in the least.
  11. Can these farmers, who produce clean and safe food for us, expect higher prices for their efforts?
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