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  1. "What was your que number? " I got 58 at 8:50 a.m. They called me in at 11:15.
  2. "Did CW Immigration require just the bank letter or also a 3-month or 12-month bank statement? " Just the bank letter from the day before, stating the balance on that day, plus the updated passbook with a transaction on the day of extension application (and photocopy). No detailed bank statement was required. I use the 800K method. The account I have only serves for that purpose, so there are no transactions other than interest paid, tax withheld (as of this year), and the small withdrawal done on the day of the extension application each year. There are so few entries in the passbook that it actually serves as a bank statement.
  3. "Did they ask for any proof of residence/address?" No, they didn't ask for any proof.
  4. I just want to report on my annual pilgrimage to CW yesterday for the extension of stay based on retirement and re-entry permit. The L1/L2 queue was as busy as usual, and a bit slower than last time. I arrived at 8:50 and got called at 11:15. They returned my passport with the extension stamp at 11:45. Good thing that the re-entry permit area was empty. Without even having made the photocopy of the new extension stamp, they did my re-entry permit (they did the photocopy for me) and I was out just before noon. Lucky me. No questions about insurance or TM30. (I have never held an A-O nor O visa.) They had me sign three extra forms and my photo was taken while holding up one of the three. And the SCB branch office at CW is totally closed down, maybe for a full renovation. There is an ATM machine with passbook update in the basement, not far from where the branch of used to be. Let's hope it's this easy next year!
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