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  1. To follow up after consulting some people that worked with Reynolds Thailand it seems like a much more expensive proposition than I was thinking it would be. From what I've been told, the chemicals used can't be brought into Thailand easily ( hence why the company manufacturing weld-on 40 can't bring it in). So a huge expense is the chemicals ( 15K for these alone), plus I will have to cover their transportation from BKK to HKT and their accommodation plus labour. However, they will give me a guarantee of 5 years. This is not something that can easily be done DIY and having this done correctly. There's only once chance to do this the right way and from what I've read, working with the various chemicals and applying correctly can be difficult without experience.
  2. I have a crack in the corner of 1.5 inch thick acrylic and I thought I could perhaps fix this with weld-on 40. However, the company that makes this says they don't sell in Thailand. I tried to buy some on ebay, but they say shipping won't allow this type of chemical to be shipped. Does anyone know of a company that specializes in acrylic manufacture and or repair? I've contacted Reynolds, but they want to just sell me a whole new setup.
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