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  1. Good feedback so far. Any preferences between diesel and petrol? Looks like petrol vehicles are cheaper than diesels.
  2. Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines are two that come to mind. Flying in and out doesn't cost too much more.
  3. Mrs. SP is thinking about a 2nd hand SUV. I see Fortuners tend to hold their value better than say Trailblazers, Pajeros etc. Is this just due to the badge, or do Chevy and Mitsu have more reliability issues? We're looking at vehicles in the 500-700K range. I've looked at kaidee and one2car. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. Currently redoing all the grout work on our pool and thought maybe it's a good time to switch to salt water. Any idea of the costs of doing this in Phuket. The pool is 15 metres long, roughly 5 metres wide and around 1.5 metre average depth.
  5. https://www.consumerreports.org/sedans/2018-honda-accord-first-drive-review/ Are Thai made accords going to have the same body shape as what's pictured here? Ass end kind of reminds me of a cls.
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