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  1. Agree however in a place where evem cops don't where crash helmets and selectively enforce laws enforcement progress will be slow.If there are big profits teh trade will go under ground. The key issue is corruption.Perhaps the traffickers be displayed at Chatchalk in cages for a while might make such trade unacceptable.
  2. Interesting thankd for teh report ,how long to deliver as Lazada seem to source local a few dats and China a few months to here recently. Also do they have bluetooth mike so you can interrupt Ken Bruce if someone calls on a linked phone?
  3. If we have a choice surely the best and earliest will be the choice of all bar ant vaxxers. A second vital issue will be acceptable proof , I expect airlines will want a WHO international standard as a stamp in passport or stand alone digital plus paper copy, we can hardly expect check in desks or border posts to be able to read every global language. Despite public resistance the foolproof obvious solution is an implant with the vaccine so regimes will assert , you've had your chips. I think with low risk here and Western nations the trial or guinea pigs by 2022
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