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  1. Of course some men come to early, As to the OP cannot see how anyone can hold anyone in charge to account, that's not how it works here, ask anyone at the bottom about trickle down....
  2. Temp solution They have plenty of teachers who love to teach on TV Could have a differnet channel for each year group every morning. While most dont have hi speed net , almost all have TV These need not be h budget studio stuff. The BBC Open Uni or Ted Talk , basically a talking Head which could be recorded via Skype, Homework questionaires, puzzles even prizes etc, this is not rocket science and used in outtback areas worldwide.
  3. This is developing online learning, which is inevitable regardless of Covid However for thse in a shack with perhaps only a cheap mobile phone and parents who unable to help the poorer families and hill tribes will miss out. However almost every Thai home I have ever visited even without a car or washing nachine has a TV Surely it must be possible to broadcast materail , one channel per age group say from 9-12 am , there are plenty of examples worldwide?
  4. the word AIL seems to stick out perhaps that refers to the state of the flog carrier
  5. German bankruptcy law like most put crditors in a line First to get paid understandably are the insolvency administrators(how else would you induce skilled accountants otherwise). Secured creditors the taxmen probably eat most of the rest , if any crumbs the unsecured creditors may just get cents on the Euro. So whatever the merits, justice of the contracts a haircut may be better than nothing, a fine judgement.Perhaps the locals should reciprocate.
  6. Yes that's how I understood reports from Germany.Tui like many is in trouble, however a contract may be enforceable, if we thinj back to the abandoned 1997 projects or teh Saxona debacle. Of course should, if when any firm becomes insolvent especially in a different jurisdiction it becomes hard to "get blood out of a stone". There seems to be a resentment by some here against Thai hoteliers inwith my experience provide excellent comfort and value compared to many other places, albeit with some safety issues.I recall a 4 star resort where 2 bare wires 3 m of ground hung above a bathroom mirror , of course having living here many years was unsurprised. The real issue is Thailand needs tourists, TUI may fold but the unique attractions of LOS will continue. There may be some restrictions, but these will likley be similar in competing destinations . Europeans may have less disposable income and reluctant to do long haul at any price but Indians and Chinese may fill the gaps. The othe rmajor factor will be the exchange rates versus the source country relative to other choices like Bali langkawi Mauritius for thse who want a tropical beach or pattaya who want more bang for ther buck.
  7. I guess 31st not a good idea as very busy ? Or has every one else left? I was thinking of going around July 14th if border opens from Thailand. However I guess it depends on reciprocal opening of neighbour states. If land border opens what are the health requirements? If only by air is it still possible to do a day trip to nearby country like Hong Kong, China Singapore ? On Non O immigrant (married ) . 1 Do we need any Insurance never neeeded before? 2 A health certificate, can that be issued that day in Thailand , is a Covid19 swab test or antibody test ? 9am and used to re enter 10am ?.Be hard to arrange all this written in Thai during a land border bounce. 3 If must be from neighbour where to obtain ? 4 After re entry Do we need to self qaurantine 14 days? Any advice welcome
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