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  1. That is the best and most equitable solution, of course a non runner it is not the most lucrative for the insurance industry and 'friends".
  2. Like many such initiatives that start with 1 big claim , zero plan and end as a number two. After a while you stop listening and observe what actually happens.
  3. I recall an incident at the hospital in K Phet as the Dr explained to me "He had the audacity to die" as the farang had been killed by the child of a poo yai no furthur action occured and the widow fled the country. Once they realize most over 70s with pre exisiting are virtually uninsureable they will have to leave or they could add a simple levy to foreigners flying out, impossible to dodge and the young and fit pay while they can and their parents generation reap the benefit as in civilized nations. I fear they 'll follow the money the American way with insurers creaming the profits from sick dying people. In the French Republic they have a practical method where teh state can take a "virement" effectively a claim on the estate, problem is most falangs outside of condos have no property, it's their way. Like many others it would be better to leave but for those with families farms businesses kids and other investments its a wrench. I imagine once OA has been milked with enough gravy for all all long term visas will be in thrall to this
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