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  1. Hey thanks! Damn, I had downloaded the catalog and even provided a link on this thread but missed that page about the gift vouchers....duhhhh That sounds better than the piddly 0.4% that was replied earlier. But then again, spending over 500k THB and getting in return 5k works out to being about 1% which isn't much of a loyalty program in my opinion, especially with the markup on their products.
  2. Can you provide a link to that as I thought I had thoroughly searched their website and found nothing stating that, did I miss it somewhere? TIA....
  3. Funny that with spending over a half million THB that they would only reward you with 100 THB of free in store merchandise.... Pretty lame or else the % that was replied is bogus... I believe the latter but won't know until I confirm with the ownership of the program (Rimping).
  4. So you are saying that my 23k+ points will only net me a little over 100 THB of free in store merchandise? Too friggggin funny.
  5. Can you elaborate with what the rate is?
  6. Yeah, I'm aware of the Rimping Shopping Vouchers but have never attempted to redeem my points for them. Tell me, how many points does it take to receive 1 THB in free store merchandise? I am guessing that I'm not able to get 23,164 worth...
  7. In case anyone is interested you can download the catalog from their website. Just go to the link about halfway down this page: http://www.rimping.com/superplus
  8. I'm curious to see just how many points everyone has accumulated. I've been shopping at Rimping for 11 years, got a member card on my first visit, and have yet to redeem any points. Looking at my receipt from just yesterday I have 23,164 points. I just downloaded their catalog and below are 4 of the things I can get (top point items for the number of points I have). You get 1 point for every 25 THB spent. So that means over 11 years I have spent in excess of 579,100 THB at Rimping. Now that's worth a free vacuum....
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