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  1. ...and just last week my 3 yr old had an 'accident' and wet the bed.... Hmmmmm.... I guess his bladder was moving a little too fast....
  2. Speed doesn't necessarily kill however I am betting that stupidity causes more accidents.
  3. I can say that I have had my fair share of tickets over these past couple of years. I lowest one was for doing 101 kmh in a 90 kmh zone. Generally speaking I think most are given when one is doing 120 kmh and above but I have also been given one for doing 109 kmh.
  4. I can't envision a cheesecake made without any cream cheese.
  5. This is my 'go to' cookie to make the crust when I don't feel like splurging for real Graham Crackers. As far as cheesecake being expensive, I agree. However the only ingredient that's expensive is the cream cheese and I use only Philadelphia as I think it tastes the best. I typically buy a 2kg block and make 2 cheesecakes. The second is either frozen or distributed to neighbors and friends. BTW, these 'go to' cookies are found nearly everywhere and typically cost less than 40THB. but it does take about 1 1/2 pkgs for each cheesecake.
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