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  1. I just received a small message from my Thai landlord where there was a list of 5 Amphurs noted as being in a lock-down. There wasn't much info as to what the lock-down restrictions were other than don't go in and out of these 5 areas: Mueang Chiang Mai San Sai Hang Dong Saraphi San Kamphaeng Anyone hear anything else regarding this?
  2. The driver in the 2nd video obviously has never taken any formal training. You are not supposed to turn your wheels until you are actually making the turn. Sitting there with wheels turned will only cause a head on collision when someone rear ends you and pushes you out into oncoming traffic.
  3. To check each LED you can also measure the resistance across both twice. Once in forward polarity and once reverse polarity and see that all are good and orientated properly. If your DMM is a good one it might just have a diode check position. Also some DMMs produce a strong enough current that would allow an LED to light up just so slightly.
  4. 'Grounds' can be confusing to say the least. There is 'circuit' (signal) ground, 'chassis' ground, and then 'earth' ground. In most cases, not all, the three are typically tied together but there are cases where they are kept separate.
  5. The ULN2803 is not a normal CMOS or TTL IC as one would think. It's a driver, a Darlington Pair transistor driver where the 'Common' is actually the circuit source (pull-up) voltage for the output.
  6. Plastic.mp4 Read this thread and then minutes later saw this on Reddit: LINK: https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/mpm6w0/oc_where_every_plastic_ever_made_ended_up/ Plastic.mp4
  7. It's difficult looking at the backside photo and understand exactly what is above. Looking at the backside photo I can say it's a mess. I mean you seem to be having stay leads laying across and potentially touching nodes that they shouldn't. I didn't see a reply from Crossy's question, the one where it was asked if you have supply connections to the IC. If you take DMM what voltage do you measure at pin 10 of the IC when using pin 9 as the reference? (measured directly on the leads of the IC)
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