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  1. This looks like a good gas water heater to me. With the starting system on most heaters they are safe.
  2. Gas Heater is made by Hitachi and bought in Thailand. As it was less than $100 I assume it was made in Thailand. This was a very good investment and strongly recommend gas hot water heaters. The water is hot instantly. No waiting. It uses 2 D cell batteries for the ignition. Gas will not enter the heater unless the batteries are working to fire the heater.
  3. With the gas heater I agree that it is less efficient but you have instant hot water. I use one tank of gas per year. I took my electric heaters out and gave them to the Thai neighbors. The gas is instant and great. I like the quick response. I would never go back to an electric water heater.
  4. Electric hot water heaters are very inefficient and use a lot of power. I changed over to gas heaters in both bath rooms a few years ago and they work perfect. You get all the hot water you want with very little gas utilization. Very easy to install. Make sure gas tank is on the outside. Not sure the price now but I paid B3500 for mine. Also, some people use gas hot water heaters in their kitchen for dish washing.
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