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  1. Agree... it'd be one hell of a conversation for the unsuspecting OA holder at the border or airport though.
  2. If the second entry on an exempted OA were to require health insurance, I can see a lot of people who try a bounce 3 days before the OA expiration date getting stamped in for a total of 3 days
  3. Only in so much as it sets out that exact scenario for a second entry made on an OA effective oct31st 2019. Whether it means when the visa was issued or when the entry was made is a bit confusing
  4. My understanding of this was that the second entry on an OA (bounce before actual visa expiration date) will require insurance only if the VISA was issued after oct31st, in contrast to those offices mentioned already that will enforce for all subsequent extensions after oct31st if underpinned by a previous OA but again, all anyone can do is wait to see how in fact this will be applied
  5. The bottom line is we cant answer that yet... How this is being applied from one office to another is different and although Jomtien is one of the offices that has said you will need insurance for your situation, that may very well change. You're in the lucky position right now that you can wait till after the 31st and see how this is going to be applied over the next few months. Perhaps more importantly, anything anyone says now is likely going to be irrelevant by the time you have to start looking into this.... your best course of action is contact/visit Jomtien a month or 2 before you are due to extend... by which time this lunacy will at least have some historical continuity for each office.
  6. For god sake... forget about extension then ok? The argument being made was that the OA visa needed health insurance because it did not need any money held in a Thai bank..... I dont think we can suggest that because the OX visa requires health insurance and ALSO money in thai bank.
  7. You miss the point... the argument was that health insurance was required on the OA and NOT extensions because those extensions required money in thai bank. The OX requires both the funds in thai bank and the insurance... so the idea that the extensions dont need insurance only because of money in thai bank is questionable.
  8. then you would need to explain the OX visa.... which is obtained OUTSIDE Thailand, requires 3 million in THAI bank before application AND requires the same health insurance requirements as the OA
  9. I think for this point to hold any water... it'd have to be based on NON O and its sub class... not all other long stay extensions of other classes, just wanted to make that distinction.
  10. Opinions on this vary and the order gets interpreted differently... but for you it doesn't look like it matters does it? Both the visa and your entry on the visa will be before the oct 31st deadline.
  11. If you're up in the sticks in issan, then you wont be able to get TE to do your 90 day reporting either. I'd start asking you immigration office if you can do it online and/or via post. If you're going to pay 1 million thb though (and you cant use the limo/spa/golf rubbish) .. then you can get the 20 yr package for the same price of 1 million... it makes no sense to pay the same for have half the validity if you cannot use the transfers/golf packages/ spas etc...
  12. No there is not... you're talking about the elite family alternative membership.... this is for "attaching" a family member to a CORE member... the core member being a fully paid "full" package membership holder... it is not for the individual. The cheapest 10 year package is the one I quoted above @ 1 million THB. I suggest you contact TE customer service to explain your options so you have the information you need. I'm not getting into the TM30... this forum has hundreds of post on it.
  13. Was not aware of any 10 yr elite visa for 800k... the Privilege Access membership (10 yr) is 1 million. The services offered for each membership type is on their website... they can do 90 day reporting for you (you must include a valid TM30 for them to do it)
  14. I'm far less concerned by the nuance of whether this will apply to extensions of an original perhaps long past OA, (the debate on that will be moot within weeks) than I am about the utter lunacy of having to ditch far superior worldwide coverage in favor of a Thai approved policy (at least after the first year) which - by default - necessitates a new policy for those who are too old to get insurance, or now have to pay ridiculous premiums to get insurance because of their age (and now maintain TWO policies if they want to keep their superior coverage for use in home country) On top of that, @Sheryl points out the uncertainty over those already covered in Thailand with SS by virtue of marriage to a Thai with government insurance as well. Not to mention US military that again are already covered. insanity
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