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  1. Supposed to be 2 way. And yes, it looks quite narrow. Need a bit more than plastic bollard divide. Assume cement segments like Central tunnel.
  2. The circle should be back open. So don't take tunnel. Go left slip road up to circle then up Patak road to Kata. No real reason that the circle should be back open now. I assume they just want to ease the flow from Rawai to both Chaofa roads. I guess we have to wait til underpass open.
  3. Jung Ceylon has plenty of parking space.
  4. However, the driver of the Fortuner, 45-year-old Saichol Muasikew, later presented herself at the police station, confirmed L/Cpl Phatchara Wichernnara of the Kathu Police. She was fined B400 for reckless driving causing damage to another person's property, Capt Nipon said. “She said she was was shocked and scared. She presented herself at the police station without police having to track her down,” he added. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/driver-fined-b400-for-reckless-driving-as-tour-bus-slams-into-power-pole-to-avoid-collision-70382.php#aUdcOPibt7kluJO9.99
  5. So now it's 80 cm wall according to our other Phuket news source. “The pool area has a glass wall that is 80 centimetres tall around its perimeter. However, the boy climbed up onto the box covering the pool pump to jump into the pool,” Kamala Police Chief Somkid Boonrat explained to The Phuket News this morning. Read more at https://www.thephuketnews.com/chinese-boy-9-dies-after-fall-from-rooftop-pool-70345.php#HepQHJFag53lBwaK.99
  6. "40 centimetres glass wall" is the only barrier. Kid climbed over it.
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