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  1. This seems an appropriate title - the Wake as in the death of Patong, indeed Phuket, is upon us. There really seems to be no glimmer of life as we know it for a long time. Those optimists talking about October 2020 tourists will be back are now singing a new tune. Maybe 2021 now. There just is no trade for the road side vendors, even the 7-11s are losing money, indeed some smaller ones shuttered up. It's just dismal. It's just the speed this happened is just breath taking. I wonder will many 'party' tourists ever come back. We suddenly had no rental income. Those that got stuck here with no flights have no income. We waived rent and just hope they can pay the big electric AC bills they run up being in house all day. The Wake is for sure upon us RIP
  2. Nice looking Kite (small eagle). I wish it a good life.
  3. So 2 million baht policy .... cheap skate ? May I ask if you have been vaccinated for rabies ??? As far as I know there no such universal vaccination. Or are you just trolling.
  4. Well I do have medical insurance, but to my surprise only cover first 15k of each emergency incident. I thought it was 50k on a 2 million baht cover policy. If vaccinated ?? How many get pre vaccinated for rabies ??? Get real please. Yes, now I paid for some fancy serum (that was much of the expense) then If I get bitten again I still need the multiple rabies shots.
  5. Really .... Really. I thought like that for 24 years in Thailand, But about 6 months ago I walked out my hotel reception to cross the road and I was attacked from behind, dog just charged in my blind spot. Turned to charge back, but eye contact and show of foot and fist force scared it off, Did a lot of behind knee tooth damage. Cost me 40,000 baht in private hospital fees for clean up, injections over 6 weeks. I say kill them all if have no responsible owner. Where can claim my 40K back ??
  6. Just depends on the quality of the contacts. Cheap switch more likely make a spark.
  7. Maybe more welcome, happy to see them. But charged more to make up for lost income.
  8. Thanks for that. Still managing to get the Tab A with careful position of charging plug. Takes a few tries to get it charging, plus need switch off tablet. Will not charge when power on. So early morning I take care of the charge and after 5 hours 100% charge. Wife happy for rest of day. She has a smart phone anyway. She likes the larger screen when at home. Not venture in places need the stupid Q code think.
  9. Kata beach is closed at 08.00 this morning. I looked.
  10. When mall open I had thought Banana IT at Chalong open. But today closed. Can't find any information when these sort of stores open. I need a new tablet ASAP (wife's Samsung battery not charge good after long life). Don't trust Lazada delivery right now. Plus I like to look up close.
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