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  1. I did mine 90 days ago Ok. Now need renew 20th April. Cant even connect Immigration 90 day option. So drive through for me
  2. This big ferry only 09.00 and back 15.00 (leave Phi Phi). There are some fast ferries, think also morning. But late in day I doubt it.
  3. Ok I will bite. The member clearly stated "Rawai" was much better. And I would agree with that. He was throwing the Kamala supporters a bone. "I could imagine Kamala being much better pre covid. " You just could not let it go .... sad
  4. Pulled up this existing thread to ask if anyone able to connect to Immigration online. Try to renew my 90 day report. Browser can't find Thai immigration site. Has it changed web address ??
  5. Expect just the paid managers. For sure not the owners.
  6. What is the answer to this. Any member can dig up any gov directives. Not clear to me home quarantine or containment some where.
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