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  1. This remains a truly astonishing nation. Their grasp of marketing exists in another time-space dimension to the rest of the world. So we start with pleasantly ambiguous "Amazing Thailand". But it now becomes evident that whoever created that had NO idea that it was catchy because it had a double meaning. And then we "progress" to "Amazing Trusted Thailand" which is truly horrific. I'm now surprised they didn't go all the way and come out with "Amazing Trusted Thailand Honestly Really Truly". The only parallel to this childishly clumsy fail is the blundering embarrassment of a 'promotion' from an international hospital near me. They are known for issuing quick and nasty (and cheap) medical certificates. I heard that some nations are now requesting "Covid-free" medical certificates, so went in to check. "Yes sir, 980 baht." "WHAT! It's always been 250 baht!" "No, sorry sir, it's now 980 baht." "That's ridiculous!" "Ah sir, but you DO get French fries with it." Honestly, really, truly! Utterly unbelievable Thailand.
  2. I'm surprised that nobody's commented on the very strange photo that's been used to go with this article. A deserted beach - fine; easy enough to come by at the moment. But what's the reason for including a Thai down-and-out in the frame? Look closer - covered from head to foot with no skin showing, lying on bits of cardboard, no iPad, iPod or smartphone, and a carton of milk instead of beer. Obviously not farang. It doesn't illustrate a lack of tourism - it looks too much like a stray corpse in a desert. And as a visual symbol for a recession it leaves a lot to be desired, just one tramp asleep on the beach. Any insights into the obscure Thai thinking behind this photo?
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