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  1. There's all sorts of software similar to Avira which is either a trial version or something downed from a site which is one of those 'grab-all' things . . . and I've learned to NOT let them install automatically. Not just to always do a custom install, but to check the licence agreement right to the end before you click OK - quite often at the end of it there's a mention of the 'bonus' (haha) it's going to install for FREE! Only today I broke my rule and was just about to install a wifi driver upgrade from a generic site - then I noticed it was about to install Firefox as my default br
  2. The definition of 'work' is absolutely anything they want it to be . . . quite literally. It doesn't matter whether it's paid work or 'voluntary'. And, like most things in Thailand connected with foreigners (immigration, visas, permits etc) the local officials have extremely wide-ranging powers. During my time living in Thailand I have known personally one internationally-renwned Norwegian painter who was fined: he used to go to Samui for extended periods to accumulate work for his upcoming exhibitions. This was deemed 'working'. He was so infuriated that he left Thailand for good. I go
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