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  1. There seems to be a new (female) immigration boss at Padang Besar. (As in 'new' since I was last there 90 days ago) I got pulled out of line - and while I was sitting in her office I saw her reject a backpacker. She demanded proof of income (20K), then evidence of somewhere to stay in Thailand - insisting on a hotel booking. He tried to tell her that he was staying with his girlfriend and her family but she was having none of it. Only evidence of a hotel booking would suffice. Take care with this woman - she was hysterical, literally screaming at the poor confused guy, who obviously had no idea of the rules and was happily coming into the Land of Smiles. Every time he tried to ask something, or even opened his mouth, she cut him dead (it was the same for me - she wouldn't listen to anything I wanted to say). Best to head over to Sadao instead - Padang Besar now appears to have an unstable person in charge.
  2. Thanks ubonjoe. Can you tell me how I get a re-entry permit? Sorry to say it's the first time I've heard of it.
  3. No as daft as it sounds, but I need guidance! Non Im B multi, issued in Kota Baru, expired March 12th 2019. I went across the border & back on March 11th and thus extended it for another 90 days. Got a stamp which expires 8th June 2019. My question: now my visa has actually expired can I still come and go on the 90-day extension? Effectively I have another 3 months. So can I leave the country during this 90 day period and return again during this time? Or should I now expect a 30-stamp (visa on arrival??) and have to pay the 1,900 baht for it? Thanks in Advance.
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