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  1. Sigh. One again, with typically mystical Thai flair, they've addressed a problem by totally sidestepping it and doing something else instead. Thailand's biggest problem and mortality rate: young riders on little 'motorbikes'. But it's an enormous, out of control, area with no way of fixing it. So target a smaller sector instead - 'big' bikes - and claim they're doin something positive to bring the accident rate down. The irony is, to anyone with half a brain cell, that this is exactly the sector that has the least problems and accidents. Kids can't afford superbikes, so it's
  2. The same way we're given the accurate figures for Thai road deaths??
  3. For countless generations Thailand has been utterly egocentric and seen the rest of the world as somewhat inferior. Perhaps this latest setback for the Thai government might start to get it through to them that they simply can't just go plotting and scheming, regardless. They're looking pretty stupid, making all these clever hub and bubble plans, when the regulations in other countries simply don't fit in with them. I know it must come as a shock, Thailand, but the rest of the world simply isn't geared-up to bother much with your grab-a-tourist plans - they've got problems of their own.
  4. Of Course. What did Trump say about bringing the USA's numbers down? Stop testing. What do you think Tland's been doing since the panic started back in March?
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