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  1. They are aware that their children’s little lungs are breathing this sh1t and will continue to do so damaging them continually... and yet, they all allow it to happen. So much for family values.
  2. I recently bought a bread maker as I was fed up with the garbage sold in CM. Anyhoo, had three efforts already at “healthy” bread and while each tasted great, they completely collapsed during the rise cycle. I suspect it is because I am adding too many grains combined with whole wheat flour (although I did try and balance it up with proportions of white flour). On another recipe I followed it to the letter which included one cup of multigrain cereal and that collapsed as well, but it still tasted good. I have have been reading a lot on it and believe I may need to add Vital Wheat Gluten to my whole wheat grain recipes for my next effort. I realise it’s a learning curve, but any input would help.
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