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  1. Poof goes into a butchers shop and says “I’ll have that lovely long black pudding you have in your window mr butcher man.” butcher says “certainly sir, would you like that sliced?” poof replies “what to you think my bum is, a slot machine?”
  2. Who cares about a country that is $22 trillion in debt?
  3. Off next month to see my old man and do a bit of work. Won’t see much of the sun as I’m going to Scotland. Mind you haven’t seen much of the sun through this manky haze for a while either.
  4. Vegimite is for poofs. Marmite is the man.
  5. 49 years on this planet and never heard of that. Bucket listed now!
  6. Is that photo just a Wigan thing? I thought pie rolls were a Scottish thing, but that is a work of art. Need to head south next time I’m back!
  7. Knock Knock Who’s there? Who Who who I’ll think you’ll find that’s whom. Boom boom said Basil Brush.
  8. For Foreign Currency I use Bangkok Bank. For Local Currency Kasikorn. Kasikorn’s online and phone banking are excellent.
  9. First time I ever took viagra was in flip land about ten years ago. I was a bit pissed and thought it was a good idea. Took two burds back to the hotel room and when we had a shower it was so hard I done a piss and hit the ceiling. Punished both of them all night, but the next day the headaches and heart burn put me off it for a good few years.
  10. Thank thuk I am leaving next month.
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