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  1. SInce he lives here , I am pretty sure he owns it. Like so many other foreigners who lives and works here, most of them can afford a bike, but not a car when your monthly income is under 50k baht . I just don't understand why they don't use their brain, being a teacher and all that. Insurance is not expensive here.
  2. I didn't know it was so difficult to use torrents in Europe , but I have not lived there since 2011. Here in Thailand I use Bittorrent and no VPN , downloads works just great. But I'm going back to EU soon so I hope NordVPN will work there. I pay for the subscription to watch BBC on iPlayer.
  3. I predict a 1-1 draw here. Would be good for the other team in the top 4.
  4. They are from Finland so probably already on a good travel insurance. So they probably don't have to pay for anything except flowers. If they were Chinese they would have been offered 25k baht and all smiles.
  5. Maybe he is one of the owners of the hostel ? I see many foreigners "working" in the hostels in CM .
  6. They managed to fill up the tunnel with 20 Thai officials for a photo shoot. Now they are waiting for Big Joke to arrive for another one.
  7. A win today would be nice but in my mind I picture a draw, and no Kane on the pitch, Hope I'm wrong, would be nice to be only 2 points behind Liverpool, when they lose on Sunday.
  8. Big Dick is his name. Together with Big Joke they are now in charge of the country .
  9. Another hopeless case without insurance. And he lives here. "Should have known better" etc. I am tired of this.
  10. I only use debit cards when I shop here, nothing else. As a Norwegian, coming from a "cashless" society where you use you card even for small transactions, a Thai debit card was the first thing I applied for when I moved here back in 2011. I have 3 accounts with Kasikorn , and one debit card hooked up to one of the accounts. It works almost anywhere so I never carry cash with me. Only a few baht in my pocket. Every month I go through the transactions online just to check if there has been any problems but I have never seen any mistakes like double charging etc, Just get a card and relax.
  11. No it isn't. If you were a new member I would suggest you're a troll. But with over 3000 posts surely you can not be. I suggest you take a trip to Naklua, Pattaya Central rd, walk up and down Beach rd. walk up Soi Buakaow, Pattaya Tai, 3rd road. And observe if there is no traffic. Then you can come back here and whine about nothing.
  12. Obviously you don't get it , inhaling particles from the air will not make you sick today or tomorrow, it will kill you just like smoking cigarettes will kill you slowly. If you're a smoker maybe you don't care much.
  13. Good to see the boy is awake and will probably escape from this severe injurry with only a few scars. But the rest of the picture is about Thai mentality and just looks stupid, not a good memory for the kid.
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