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  1. They already opened the beaches in California, can anyone inform the mayor most of the world are not in a lock down anymore ?
  2. Somehow I struggle to take the official numbers from Thailand seriously.....
  3. Its about keeping the balance right. Here in Norway we succeeded, despite what Tegnell thinks will happen. The Norwegian and Danish strategy worked.
  4. After today's daily press conference Sweden will have more than 4000 deaths. When Anders Tegnell was interviewed by Norwegian TV last week he claimed that Norway will catch Sweden after a few months , so he actually believe Norway will have up to 2000 deaths. That is a crazy statement really, will never happen. Why? Norwegians are opening up slowly, people are more careful now and keep social distancing, compared to a few months ago. We will not walk around and hug each other. Ask Tegnell and he will be clear about both Norway and Denmark will have the biggest problems, not Sweden. I never understand this guy, if he is right he is a genius. If he is wrong he should look for another job.
  5. Yes 50/50 is the way to do it in my opinion, I would hate to stay in Thailand on a permanent basis. I love to travel and in one year I stay a few months in Europe, up to 6 months in Thailand, and a few months somewhere else in SE Asia. I also work as freelancer and pay my taxes in my home country, so I try to avoid staying in Thailand more than 6 months at a time. The good thing about Thailand is the cheap rent, so you can pay for a nice condo for 12 months without having to live there the whole year.
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