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  1. Siripakorn also said he think there will be 1 million Martians who will spend their holiday on planet Earth.
  2. If you want to win the final it doesn't matter who you meet really . I was hoping Ole would draw Molde, his old club. They shocked by knocking Hoffenheim out.
  3. No women on that picture from 1934, how times have changed. Now we even have women football commentators , especially when Arsenal play.
  4. Yes it could. If Klopp is available you can send him to us.
  5. Try Vietnam or Laos , even Cambodia if you want to sing without getting arrested. They also sell French baguettes there so no excuses.
  6. Nonsense, they speak better English than a Scotsman. If they are good teachers their accent are maybe not perfect but their teaching skills are.
  7. Mourinho offer nothing to this team, he think he is in control of the best coaching team in the world. His exact words. tottenhams-mourinho-my-coaching-team-is-best-in-world Which player is he going to blame this time? BTW Bale had a great game to my surprise, he looks fit again.
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