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  1. What a low life scumbag! I hope he can spend some time in a Thai prison first before being sent back to Germany.
  2. Is Magnus Carlsen there? If they want visitors they should invite some high profile guests.
  3. Not for me, I'm Norwegian. Anyway up to you, I want to invest and save money in my home country.
  4. Which leaves out VN for me if I decide to relocate. Cambodia offer 1 year visas and has done so for several years.
  5. The important part here is : "We provide the required funds" . It's been like this for 30 years, the agent will take care of everything. So IMHO there is nothing to lose, just less stress for retired people. If I could choose between transferring 800k into a Thai bank or spend 15k yearly on a reliable agent, the agent wins every time. I prefer to keep my hard earned money in a foreign bank.
  6. Use an agent, 15k saves you a lot of troubles.
  7. Nobody mentioned AirBNB.com ? You can get monthly apartments from 5000 THB and up.
  8. Much better from United, why didn't you play like this against Newcastle? But nothing changed really, take this good performance with you and you should beat Norwich comfortably.
  9. I agree on Decathlon. I bought some very cheap shoes there, size 47 EU. And when they have a sale you can get some of the models under 1000 baht.
  10. It's just an estimate, based on experience. My mates in Pattaya and Bangkok , I know at least 15 retirees been using agents for many years, the latest reports I have are from September 2019. One popular agent in Pattaya alone do more than 500 visas in a year. 15-17k fees. If you want his name you have to PM me.
  11. I agree, its a gamble to drink raw milk, especially in Thailand.
  12. Stupid girl, why even visit Thailand in the first place? There are many other countries you can smoke weed legally. Just use a brain.
  13. Listen , there are more than 10 000 retired expats right now only using agents and who do not have the 800k in the bank, and been doing so for many years, you would be surprised how many. But you need to stay in the Pattaya / Bangkok region. The stamps are legal because they are official!y stamped by an IO. If the agent will get in trouble later , that's not your problem.
  14. Maybe 20 years ago it was difficult to find big size shoes but not anymore. ECCO shoe stores (Danish brand)can be found inside the bigger malls like Central. Very good quality but expensive. I buy all my shoes there, I am size 13 (46-47 EU) . Sometimes they are out of stock but you can order, the ECCO factory is located in Thailand.
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