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  1. Where would you go , Bahamas ?
  2. Nonsense. A new study shows that eggs is good for your health , it was linked to higher cholesterol levels before , but that was fake news. Your body needs vitamin B and proteins, if you stop eating meat you need to replace it with something else. Kidney beans are high in proteins but how often do you eat it ? So you can't just turn into a vegan before you are aware of which food will give you the important vitamins and proteins. I stopped eating bacon and red and processed meat, not a fan of bacon anyway . Just eat less junk food and more of the good stuff and your on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Beer is not a problem, and it contains vitamin B , but all in moderations of course.
  3. Yes of course, just be a bit careful with the booze, I enjoy a beer from time to time , but getting drunk or high will probably kill a few of your brain cells.
  4. Nothing bad will happen, you did not commit a crime. Move on with your life.
  5. Remember to bring 20k in cash with you next time.
  6. Pay 15k to an agent instead , cheaper than flying out of the country .
  7. There is also a direct VIP bus from Sieam Reap to Bangkok , it takes about 8-9 hours . They handle all the documents at the border for you. Fare is around 1100 baht. I traveled with them many times . https://www.giantibis.com/
  8. He is pointing at his phone in the end of the video claiming that the lady damaged it. Very brainless this idiot.
  9. First of all , you only need your phone number , you do not need to show any ID. Secondly , you download the BIg C app to your phone from here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.t2p.bigc (only for android phones and remember to select English from the menu) So you can always check how many points you got. It will update itself automatic within 24 hours. And also show you the latest promotions.
  10. I see some really tragic cases here in Pattaya. The key to live a healthy lifestyle is not to sit on a bar stool all day . But there are some of us who enjoy life without alcohol and personally I get plenty of daily exercise. Eating healthy food every day can be a challenge. Eat less of the bad stuff like red meat and more veggies and fruit is probably the way to go.
  11. But they have a history of staying in Thailand for months , not 2 weeks at a time. It's a big difference.
  12. You answered your own question . You do not live here on tourist visas , you are considered a normal tourist only staying for a few weeks, so no reason to question you . The immigration are looking for people working illegally or criminals.
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