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  1. What is your problem ? Trying to make a point about something you don't know nothing about? This is what you said : because he has a gun, like half of households in Thailand
  2. Amazing ! Good job BJ ! How did that women think she could get away with removing pages from the passport.
  3. So you are suggesting that half of the farangs living here keep a gun in their household. You must be American. This is not normal .
  4. "Col Anotai reported that after early investigations, it seems the Polish man is in Thailand on a tourist visa. “We are also investigating how the man came to own a hotel here,” he said." Good question, and his name has not been released to the media, which is normal to do here. So I guess he is protected somehow. And loaded with money.
  5. I was also thinking about a hair transplant, but then I discovered the wig and realized I could be a cool guy with lots of hair that looks really natural and good on me. So I have a collection of wigs now, this is my favorite.
  6. Ok so now we also have a witness who talked to the woman on the phone before she was killed. This just strengthen the evidence against the husband. The police really need to interrogate him about his movements in 2004.
  7. Good , so where did he get the money to run a hotel in Phuket? From the Polish mafia? Let's hope he will get blacklisted.
  8. Too early to tell, yes a few will leave, and the low season in towns like Pattaya could be worse than ever.
  9. I think it would be wise of Boeing to wait with any important projects until all the mysteries surrounding the 737 MAX has been solved. It will take a long time to build up the trust again. Mention Boeing now and people will just shake their heads in disbelief.
  10. Then you are living on the edge of becoming an alcoholic, but do you need a beer when you wake up? I would start exercising and drink plenty of water so your mind can focus on something else than alcohol. Your brain has already accepted the heavy intake of alcohol and that could get worse over time. And I would stay away from the bar scene.
  11. She's a good looking woman, who can blame him? And really she asked for it to get this job. She could have said NO.
  12. No , not asked in the beginning of March, in and out in 5 minutes.
  13. I recommend NordVPN , its only $2-$3 per month depending on the subscription. Hundreds of servers there and you will always find one that works. As others have alread mentioned , BBC iPlayer can sometimes be difficult, but you just change server until you find one that works, the other UK channels are no problems.
  14. I don't know about the UK, but in Norway and Sweden this is true. It's difficult for some elderly people, who maybe worked and paid taxes all their life to find a place to live, because the immigrants are first in the queue , believe it or not.
  15. Whatever happens we will never get the 300 souls back, they should have lived until old age, but thanks to Boeing they are now dust. I think the investigation will reveal what has already been discussed, and ordinary passengers will think twice before flying with Boeing MAX and other aircrafts. Airbus on the other hand will get more business.
  16. He dsoent look too unhappy in the picture, he just bailed himself out and have the best lawyers availabe. Nothing to worry about, he can go home and eat like a fat pig.
  17. Some conflicting reports here, I believe it was the younger woman on the small bike who was 5 months pregnant . It doesnt matter now, unfortunately it looks like nobody is surviving this terrible accident.
  18. Right, he is more dressed for a beach party. The only reason for carrying that sum of money is if they were on their way to a car dealer and just been visiting the bank. I paid for my car with cash, and that was the only time, the seller followed me to the bank.
  19. Add "Yes, I am happy" so they don't think you're completely lost it. Any answer must be very positive, and remember to look like a real tourist, wear a beach hat, and take a lot of selfies during the interview.
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