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  1. We can always move to Mars . Elon Musks grand children will be living there.
  2. There was a bicycle shop in Thepprasit road 2 years ago, not sure if it's still there. Here it is
  3. Farang 1000 baht and up. After all this is Phuket.
  4. Why not just leave your car in a private parking space and take the taxi to the airport? But if you like to throw money away no big deal.
  5. The youngest who gave birth was a 6 year old Peruvian girl. Weird but that's facts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Medina
  6. It's only recommended to wear a mask if you are near other people who are not belonging to your family/relatives, like within 1 meter distance. In Norway that means elderly homes, transportation, crowded areas like inside smaller shops . These are recommendations , not requirements. We'll have to wait and see if the general population in Sweden actually listen to their government. The closing of public swimming pools , libraries and gyms started a few days ago in cities like Malmo and Stockholm , about time. Links in Swedish, google translate will give you some idea. https://w
  7. The Swedish government are now suggesting to wear masks in crowded areas, like the subway, shopping malls etc. So they are slowly following the strict guidelines we have in the other Nordic countries . I think they are tired of all the sick people and the increase of elderly patients admitted to hospitals. Basically there are no differences between the Nordic countries now, it's strict everywhere. Even teenagers been told to stay home and not go out and party.
  8. One day I will start a website specializing in pictures of Thais finger pointing. And we can make a top 10 list.
  9. The Norwegian would be an easy victim for the Pattaya police, time to fill up the brown envelopes. I am sure his pension will cover it.
  10. If he is guilty I say let him rot in a Thai jail. But we just don't know that yet. He is 87 years old, 20 years ago he would have been 67 and probably don't know much about internet technology . His computer could have been hacked, or a friend or someone else could have had access to it. So let's wait and see before we hang him.
  11. Forget this vaccine from Pfizer, there is already a new traditional vaccine on it's way that can be stored in a normal fridge. And that vaccine will be very important to distribute to all the poorer countries in Africa, Asia etc. Also it's more than 90% effective.
  12. I'm guessing 1000's of Thais already died with the COVID-19 virus present in the body, but they were never tested.
  13. It will be difficult , anything over 9 points must be good enough and then we have to win against the weaker teams for a top 4 finish.
  14. All the people that looked to Sweden have to regret it now. Here in Norway we still have only 300 deaths from COVID-19 since early March . In Sweden last 24 hours more than 60 people are dead! Talk about choosing the wrong strategy and still Anders Tegnell are defending most of it. In Norway and Finland we just don't understand how they are thinking, and finally the Swedish politicians yesterday had to take control of the situation, so now they are closing the gyms, cinemas and other crowded places! They even talk about closing the schools. About time , only 6 months too late!
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