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  1. I agree on Decathlon. I bought some very cheap shoes there, size 47 EU. And when they have a sale you can get some of the models under 1000 baht.
  2. It's just an estimate, based on experience. My mates in Pattaya and Bangkok , I know at least 15 retirees been using agents for many years, the latest reports I have are from September 2019. One popular agent in Pattaya alone do more than 500 visas in a year. 15-17k fees. If you want his name you have to PM me.
  3. I agree, its a gamble to drink raw milk, especially in Thailand.
  4. Stupid girl, why even visit Thailand in the first place? There are many other countries you can smoke weed legally. Just use a brain.
  5. Listen , there are more than 10 000 retired expats right now only using agents and who do not have the 800k in the bank, and been doing so for many years, you would be surprised how many. But you need to stay in the Pattaya / Bangkok region. The stamps are legal because they are official!y stamped by an IO. If the agent will get in trouble later , that's not your problem.
  6. Maybe 20 years ago it was difficult to find big size shoes but not anymore. ECCO shoe stores (Danish brand)can be found inside the bigger malls like Central. Very good quality but expensive. I buy all my shoes there, I am size 13 (46-47 EU) . Sometimes they are out of stock but you can order, the ECCO factory is located in Thailand.
  7. Maybe a few months in a Thai prison will sort out his personal problems? Besides IDC is not as bad as the worst Thai prisons. Could be a life lesson. If the family can't afford the ticket now, maybe they can save up and pay the air fare in a few months ?
  8. And that's why you were considered a genuine tourist. If you had applied for a 60 day TV and tried the 30 day extension multiple times , you could get in more troubles. But if all you do is visit Thailand several times in a year and stay here less than 30 days they will treat you like a genuine tourist. That's my theory anyway.
  9. So you live in Hua Hin ? How can you be sure "the ladies" are telling the truth? How did you know him ? Too many questions here.
  10. The bars in Pattaya need as many Indians as possible to visit so they can sell more drinks. 7 Indians for 1 shared drink is 100 baht. So only 700 Indians are needed to sell 100 drinks.
  11. He looks like a monkey escaping the zoo, the famous Bua Khao zoo. BTW I'm surprised he was not electrocuted up there with all the loose wires.
  12. If you're in your early 50's and healthy you can get yearly insurance well under 20k baht. So I don't understand why they talk about 40k minimum.
  13. It's more local visitors on Wednesdays since its 50% off , so a few times it's been packed. But when the average daily income is 300 baht here you cant really expect it to be packed.
  14. Flowerland Pattaya outside the city https://www.flowerlandpattaya.com/ And even more interesting, Nong Nooch tropical garden. 15 minutes by car. It's big so you need to spend at least half a day.
  15. Do you really think Poch would have done any better with the players Ole had available against Newcastle? Give him one season, sack him in March /April if the results are still poor.
  16. Old discussion, if you move around only for a few months and get back to your home country, a tourist visa or any visa that permit your stay is sufficient. Several immigration officials been asked about this and they are not going to arrest DN's as long as they do not live here permanently. And I am not talking about a big group of them renting office space, but individuals on international contracts , paying their taxes at home. But we've had this discussion before.
  17. Just like in Central, some chains decides to move out and something else will take over. It could be a fashion store or restaurant, who knows, but any respectable business wants to be inside a big mall like T21.
  18. Nonsense, ever heard of Digital Nomads? They can work anywhere in the world for as long as they like. International contracts , does not involve Thailand in any way except they want to live there some months every year.
  19. Its always been busy inside T21 , but not every weekday. The locals seem to visit during the weekends, most of the Asian restaurants are packed. Some of the shops do not have many customers but they will be replaced with something else. High season or low season, the mall will survive.
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