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  1. And the equally trashy girlfriend will now have to find another ATM (alive or dead) to live off, too.
  2. I do hope you've contacted Greta and told her to stop flying around the world.
  3. Yeah, maybe the poster was frightened that we had forgotten him / her. By the way, I have to report that I went shopping at Tesco Lotus yesterday and nothing bad occurred. I spent about an hour shopping and then there were many check-outs open. The clerk put all the groceries in my bags, I paid the money and was through the check-out in about three minutes. So, just to let you know that Tesco Lotus at Ayutthaya Park is open and the above situation is the norm. Thanking you
  4. No. Long enough to hold an election and let the people decide who they want in Parliament.
  5. It's too late Thailand. You had your say back in March. Now live with it!
  6. "and Thailand needs to keep up with other Asian countries." Why? This is the same logic that keeps Thais in debt! The "Jones" have it; so we must have it. There's no logic there; just a green-eyed response to another's possessions. If they have not utilized properly what they already possess; then further possessions are just a waste.
  7. Because when people really don't know what's going on, they speculate. When they know a little bit, then they fabricate.
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