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  1. Extract 4 of her teeth and call it even. We only have her word that the dog bit her and others.
  2. He's part of your representative democracy, is he not? If you don't like him, campaign for a change.
  3. newatthis

    Kerry Express

    All I can add is that I'm happy Lazada uses LEX also. They are so reliable whereas I dread it when the seller uses Kerry. Try to remember and avoid those sellers.
  4. With or without the Embassy letter?
  5. This is the 21st century, you know. We even have pussies in slacks now.
  6. newatthis

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Well, where ever you go, cobber, I wish you and yours the best for the future.
  7. newatthis

    Lazada issues getting worse

    I've used Lazada for about 2 years now with no problems; BUT lately delivery has been a pain in the neck, LEX delivery is fantastic...always on time. But the other delivery firms have been a headache in the last 4-5weeks. For one, I even sent a google map reference through LINE and it still didn't turn up for 4 days. [and this is in the same city which isn't that big] Nice new delivery vans, though! Been looking for another parcel and the same delivery firm listed on Lazada as saying "tried to deliver but could not reach you." while their tracking code showed "recipient requests postpone delivery." It's all BS when you consider LEX delivered here on the same day. Sellers are good and so are the products. I even asked the sellers to please use LEX. It guess it depends on area and contract.
  8. We'll still be able to pass, no matter what.
  9. Where were these heroic men in green when Suthep, his monk mate and others were blockading Bangkok? Bloody hypocrites!!