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  1. Ok so now that you have all read the report, please tell us what the conclusion is, because I don't think the person who posted it understands that it doesn't support his longstanding position on the infection. It certainly won't be because of what this report says; it is plausible to hypothesize that pre-existing cross-reactive HCoV CD4+ T cell memory in some donors could be a contributing factor to variations in COVID-19 patient disease outcomes, but this is at present highly speculative All that they are saying is that one can hypothesize that cross reactive T cell memory may be a contributing factor in SOME blood donors. It's not a new idea. Multiple papers have already been published that suggest cross-reactive T cell recognition between circulating “common cold” coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2. A parallel concept of interchangeability with the common cold corona virus is behind a couple of the proposed vaccines. There is no point throwing out references to research, if the people posting do not understand what is being discussed.
  2. In her case it is not. She attended high school in one of Canada's wealthiest communities, Westmount, Quebec. Her mother was a visiting professor at McGill and a researcher at the Lady Davis Cancer Institute of the Jewish General Hospital, a McGill medical school teaching hospital. This is the hospital that successfully treated Michael Davis throat cancer. Really, read the sections above that I highlighted and put in bold. Wow. Indeed as demonstrated by the comments above. As the beloved President Obama used to say, when they go low, we will go high. I count the days until civility and decorum are restored to the White House. I don't think Sen Harris attendance at a wealthy Canadian high school in the late 1970's would have given her a deep unnerstanding of the medical care system of Canada, especially since it has changed significantly in the past 20 years. Really? She hasn't done it yet. Her father would have boxed her ears if she had spoken ghetto. He came from an established Jamaican family and was a professor at Stanford in the world renowned economics department. Her mother was a respected health scientist. Unlike the current residents of the White House, she has actual "genius" genetic stock and graduated from universities with high standing on her own. Do try and keep the race baiting to yourself please.
  3. Except that is not what will happen. Have you ever considered taking the time to understand what a Level 3 Control procedure is? Why do you people panic and become hysterical imagining a situation and conditions that do not exist?
  4. It is a Level 3 and a temporary measure. Although called a "lockdown", it is not a lockdown. Essential services continue to function. Grocery/Food stores will remain open, restaurant food delivery, takeouts, and drive-throughs will be allowed; day care for essential workers continues; public transit continues, Important industries like construction and manufacturing remain open, as will retail so long as it is contactless retail; gatherings of under 10 people are allowed and exercise at parks within the region is allowed. Keep it real.
  5. Poor kid. He loved her very much. At least he left her with jai dee and self confidence. I just wish his death was not referred to as "suicide". The man had Parkinsons induced dementia compounded by Lewy body dementia. He was in tremendous pain and suffering, robbed of the energy that gave him life. Easier to call it "Suicide' than to recognize the impact of the dementia and deterioration of the body. He was already dead once he could not be Robin Williams anymore. The USA could have really used his energy and brilliance right now.
  6. 3 Key targets; Canada, UK and USA. Much of the initial Covid19 R&D had been done in Canada since this is where the initial Corona Virus vaccines for animals were developed (University of Saskatchewan) also tarheted was the national bio lab in Winnipeg and NRC in Ottawa. The Oxford group in the UK has been under constant hacking attacks by presumed Iranian, Russian and Chinese spies since the need for a vaccine became urgent. In the USA; NIH, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, J&J and Moderna are key targets too.
  7. And you had the multiple diagnostic tests that confirmed the infection? I too had the bad cold that was circulating in January and then I had the cough that didn't go away in February and March. That was not Covid19. We now have a good idea of the percentages of the general population who had Covid19 and the information was taken from the tests administered and from blood donations. The most recent published daya is for canada, 2.5%. The UK is up around 3% with data to come. That is from the actual data, not from the land of make believe, Even though you did not require hospitalization does not mean that other people did not. What we know is that as the disease moves away from the higher at risk groups to those younger, the severity of the infection reduces. You are not providing actual data, but your opinion based upon what you want to believe. As millions of under 20 year olds become infected as they go back to school, the hospitalization rates should drop. This does not mean that the disease is any less dangerous, because it will still lay waste to the 45+ age demographic, knocking some out for weeks and killing others. What exactly do you know about this infection? What do you know? You say you were infected. Ok. . Now tell us the condition of your lungs. You know because you have the xray or the scan that shows their condition, right? You insist that once "recovered" there is no ongoing damage. How's your disposition to blood clotting now? Did you check your enzymes? What I know is the that there are physical changes in significant numbers of the population to warrant concern. Some people will heal on their own, but others will carry the damage for many months or for the rest of their lives. What do you think happens to people who have had pneumonia? Do you think everyone goes back to normal? Do you not realize that often there is damage done which makes these patients more susceptible to an illness. You know who is more likely to suffer from respiratory illness severity going forward? people who have had a respiratory illness. Why do we have to keep explaining over and over and over again what the effect of cumulative damage is? If people just died it would be easier to manage, but they don't die. They end up like a sizable group who now report ongoing lung capacity issues and fatigue.
  8. You are unable to distinguish between a factual report and an OPINION piece. Birell was opposed to any restrictions from day one. He is also anti face mask. You toss out an opinion piece that supports your political view, and that does not offer factual evidence. Where did you get your 99.9% data? The current data shows that 20% of the infected in western countries require hospitalization. How do you know that infected people do not have medical issues? It takes time for some infections to manifest their damage, and this is particularly demonstrated with respiratory illnesses. Infirm people are not necessarily at risk. It is people with pre-existing immunological susceptibilities. This is seen with people who have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, lupus, addisons, and cognitive disorders. Although those over the age of 60 are deemed higher risk, we are seeing the physical damage present itself in younger patients now that more of them are becoming infected. We can't isolate the 30% + of the population at risk. Nor can we afford the cost of the infections and shut downs that occur when a workplace becomes infected.
  9. I enjoy walking on the beach. The wind off the ocean is usually bug free and the air is not full of smoke. It is fun to walk on the sand, to see the little sand crabs scurry as the birds hunt for food. I enjoy sitting on a patio, having a drink as the sun sets. There are a couple restaurants in Hua Hin where a dinner at sunset, with the gentle lapping of the waves is relaxing and a delight. Chiang Mai doesn't offer me this.
  10. The only stupidity currently on show in Australia now are the covidiots of Melbourne who have put their country on the brink of disaster with their behavior. You may be dismissive of the 19 deaths and 322 new cases for Victoria reported today, but it is a gruesome warning for countries like Thailand. Why would Thailand wish to allow selfish irresponsible covidiots into the country? Things were going well for Australia, but a core group just had to ruin it for everyone. Thailand is prudent and protecting its people from the invasion of disease carriers from the UK, Italy, Russia, India USA and others. Few countries have shown that their populations are responsible , or mature enough to entrust them with the freedom of international travel. I know how many tourists behave and there is no point in asking them to be responsible because they are incapable of doing so. Instead of blaming Thailand, go and hold your countrymen accountable for being selfish prats.
  11. Ranks right up there with Rosalie Lawson's Sour cream and Onion potato chip. People see what they want to see and if they are mentally unbalanced or looking to manipulate, they will see incredible things.
  12. It is not jumping through hoops, but a reasonable precaution intended to reduce the potential for the introduction of the infection. Considering the selfish behavior and new surge in cases in Europe, USA, Australia etc. is it any surprise why Thailand would be cautious? The screening requirements prior to boarding are intended to reduce the potential for infection. Keeping the infected people out reduces the burden to care for the infected should they arrive in Thailand. The more infected there are, the greater the risk to health care workers and to other people. I don't want to get on an airplane if there are known infected people aboard. Is it fair to the other pax and to the aircrews not to screen? The isolation requirement is intended to add a second step to pick up the people who are asymptomatic or who are infected and received a clear test result. People can be infected during transit or may not have detectable levels of the virus in the first 72 hours of infection. You can complain once the world gets rid of the covidiot problem.
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