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  1. Isn't it time that the French government took steps to deal with its citizen who is allegedly involved in extortion and foreign corruption? Before anyone says, impossible, I note that almost all western countries have introduced very explicit laws in respect to their nationals aiding and abetting corruption in foreign lands. Such people are liable for prosecution in their own countries. The days of being untouchable ended a couple years ago. All it takes is a documented complaint to the French embassy. The Dutch national should file his complaint there.
  2. If you are concerned about air quality, why would you want to ride in a stinky diesel car to HH (8.05, 2nd class with spotty AC that can sometimes run too cold or too noisy or too odiferous, and that can leave one with a sore throat for the rest of the day)? Sad to say but the most suitable train departure in the morning (9.20) is an open window train 3rd class, that leaves you grimy at the end of the journey or gasping for air during the long, slow ride. Take the airport link BTS to BKK and then hop on the airport bus to Hua Hin. It's cleaner and faster.
  3. geriatrickid

    Temple novice found hanged in Ayutthaya

    The lack of mental health care, and public education, can cause people of limited financial means to seek help from wats. Troubled youth are often sent to be a monk in the hopes of curing the affliction or in giving the family some respite. If the family was reluctant to visit, there was probably a legitimate explanation. Common sense says that there is information about the deceased that is missing.
  4. geriatrickid

    Help Me Im starving

    That is not the trendy keto diet. And the fact of the matter is that the cardiologist was correct. There are set diet plans for heart patients. These plans are tried, tested and proven. Heart patients have special parameters in respect to sodium, potassium etc. Depending upon the medications taken certain vegetables are reduced or avoided (e.g. people on blood thinners should reduce their intake of kale, spinach, green tea etc.) Everyone has a diet plan they guarantee will work. The problem is that many heart patients are different and the purveyors of the diet advice are not there when blood pressure soars or a person is haemorrhaging in the gut and bowel because a diet wasn't right. Let the patient follow the guidance of the person who has reviewed the medical dossier and is aware of the patient's details.
  5. I doubt that love was ever a part of the relationship. Perhaps one was an unwilling object of attention or there was a financial arrangement that had undergone a change in the terms, to put it politely. Mentally stable 26 year old married women do not chase after elderly men for "love".
  6. Absolute stupidity. Why are young adults forced to wear a uniform if they wish to pursue a higher education? That says it all. If Chula put as much effort into improving its academic standards and quality of education, perhaps its diplomas would be acceptable in the developed world.
  7. And yet Mr. Beckham is still unintelligible when he speaks, not particularly engaging and has the mental horizons of someone who has spent much of his life kicking a ball and posing for photos. He's a somebody in the world of nobodies. In respect to the drugs and the operation; it seems rather obvious that this is motorcycle gang related. Farang fat slobs under the age of 40 with tacky tats and dealing in drugs are usually linked to bikies.
  8. geriatrickid

    Premchai and wife in court over tusk charges

    This just gets worse for these two. If the allegations are true, international sanctions can apply.
  9. It's about the insurance extension on the credit card. The CC came with an insurance product that responds to allegations of fraud. It's not the CC that is stuck with the cost.
  10. All these puffed up claims of being being mistreated by airlines and how you have punished them. Get real. Jet Star is a budget carrier. The profit margins are very thin so if someone hasn't flown with them a few times, it's unimportant. The airline won't miss the cumulative 1000 baht "profit" because someone else will have taken the seat. The nitpicking on the baggage charges is ridiculous. The airfares are discounted to reflect the baggage allowance. Meanwhile, TG still offers a much more generous baggage allowance than Air Asia or Nok. The airlines have factored in that some infrequent customers flying on the cheap tickets will be unhappy. They are easily replaced by other budget flyers who chase the lowest airfare. The profit is generated from the premium class passengers and on the pax who must pay one of the higher cost economy airfares. No one wants to hear that they are not valued, but the truth is, the excursion class airfares get what they paid for: A basic seat in the back of the bus.
  11. These sort of responses offered with false authority really irk me, because they offer a solution that isn't necessarily there. Why? The obligation is on the card holder to show that the transaction is wrong. The CC will not "sort" it out. No they won't. TG generates significant transactions for the banking groups and cc pools. Do you really believe that they can just "fine" a state controlled multi national? Seriously? If a CC tries to strongarm the Thai state it will find itself at a disadvantage, quickly. The obligation is on the customer to prove the error and so far there is no written evidence, just verbal allegations of wrongdoing.
  12. I hope one day this comes to Hua Hin. Still bag happy at the 7-11's I visit. Perhaps a hotline to report waste would help? The only people who don't look at me weird like when I use a granny bag are the western Europeans and Japanese.
  13. LOL. The issue of moving the dog is a non issue because in order to get the brain tissue samples, you must have the dead dog. You can't test in the field on a live animal and you would need to carry around the temperature sensitive dFA wash and a fluorescence microscope. They really do need to get their guidelines sorted.
  14. geriatrickid

    Danish tourist dies in Phuket road accident

    Considering the fact that the driver remained on scene, I expect that the driver may not be at fault. Usually, these guys run for it.