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  1. Was planning to play a 2 times a week and wanted some suggestions of courses nearby Pattaya. I am a member of PSC so I get reduced fee listed on their website but wanted to know which course our worth driving too as their are too many to choose from. I will play Siam CC as the sports day cost with Caddy is about $125(inc tip) Wanted to put that high on my bucket list as its one of Thailand finest. Any suggestions based on your experience is greatly appreciated.
  2. Big Khauna- Update.. Returned to Chonburi and had went to one of my favorite establishments back in the day when it was Pastrami on Rye. Brought a article from Honolulu Newspaper (June 16, 2019) and it mentioned this restaurant and had a photo along with others throughout our Universe that our associated to Hawaii food establishments worldwide. Meet the new Owners (Jessie and her son Jackie) and they were flattered to see the actual clipping: which I knew I would be stopping by planning on giving it to James the prior American owner. I was happy to have eaten their Cuban Sandwich and it was authentic and excellent tasting. Little did she know I had eaten many Cuban Sandwiches in Havana in 2018. They are keen to doing a promotion for Expats and Members of Thai Visa group. I suggested free drink with any entrée would that lure many members to go? As if you go once you will return most likely as they have a excellent Breakfast set and free 5G Wifi and AC. Your feedback on what promotion would work as they have food we all like when not eating Thai dishes.
  3. Thanks for your feedback, as I know little about what course are the best value and distance from home. Tennis anyone?
  4. Anyone live near Pratunmnak (Cosy Beach/ 125 baht for the hour) I'm looking for a Tennis game 4.0 best time is 8 am before the heat of the day. If interested please message me I have extra racquet should you not have one. Last topic is I brought my golf clubs and would like to play some quality courses on Sports Day any recommendations as I'm not interested in playing out of any of the local Golf Club where they have weekly games. I wanted any recommendations for best course/ value near Pattaya? plan to play 2-3 times a week Siam CC is high on my list. My index is a 13 would gladly drive and pickup any golfers who would like to join me prefer early mornings. Thanks for your feedback, I'm in town thru August.
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