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  1. I am trying to set up a small portable 2 KVA generator to supply power to lights and a small water pump during a blackout. If there is a black out, I will secure the main power on the consumer unit and shut off all the breakers. I would then connect the cable with a male plug to the generator and the opposite end of the cable to the outlet on the back patio using another male two pin plug. I would then start the generator and back feed 220 volts to the consumer panel. The power would only energize the circuit for the outlets in the garage which is good because nothing is normally connected to
  2. What are the regulations for a 13 year old girl with Thai mom and American father who are both living in Thailand, to do her 15 day quarantine when returning from Europe? Can one of the parents stay with her while she is in quarantine? Is there a difference whether the Thai mom stays with her daughter in quarantine or will it cost more for the American father to stay with her in Bangkok?
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