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  1. The link below will take you to a very entertaining 15 minute video made by an automotive specialist in Australia. This video is several years old but the main subject is the difference between ordinary diesel and premium diesel. Basically with premium petrol, there is a higher octane reading which will offer better performance. It seems that is not the case with premium diesel. According to this video, the ordinary deisel is identical to premium except for an additive to assist cleaning the injectors. I believe the issue with premium fuel and normal grade diesel in Thailand is identical with
  2. I have just put some really good soil around my house and it is only about 20 square meters of earth. I can see that there are a lot of different grass seeds for sale on Lazada and I was hoping that someone out there has had good luck with one of them. If not, I will buy sod. But here in Chiang Khan I do not see where to buy any any. Does anyone know where we can buy good quality sod that will survive the hot dry summers we have here. Water is not a problem with our 42 meter deep well and we have 3 ponds also on our 6 rai rice farm.
  3. I went to Chiang Khan hospital yesterday, where I live and my Thai wife went in to ask the cost of a Covid 19 test. The answer was 3000 baht. When my wife told them that I was an American, they told her that they would find out if it was possible and call back. This morning, the CK hospital called my wife and told her that only Thai citizens and foreigners from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia could be tested at CK government hospital. My wife asked if I could be tested at Loei government hospital and the lady on the phone said she didn't know but that Loei Ram private hospital was offering tests fo
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