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  1. This is the 2nd time in 6 months that our food order in a restaurant has been forgotten. We were given a menu within minutes of arriving and ordered our food and drink almost immediately. Our drinks arrived very quickly but we waited and waited for our food and observed others that arrived after us now eating. After 40 minutes since ordering we called the waitress who to her credit went to check immediately and came back to apologise that our order had been missed and did we still want it. I said if here within the next 15 minutes then ok but alas it wasn’t so we asked for our drinks bill and left. so how long is reasonable before getting impatient in these situations?
  2. My Thai wife is one of 6 siblings and her elderly father has just given each of them 1 rai of land each. However my wife and one of her brothers have discovered that their births were never registered which is leaving them with an expensive problem of having to pay 5% tax instead of 1% tax which has been estimated at around 70,000 baht each. I should also add that her mother died many years ago which also seems to complicate matters. We went to my lawyer who wrote up and made changes to my will for what I considered a very low cost but she wants 50,000 baht to sort out my wife’s problem. My wife is incensed at this cost and she left quite angrily so is this cost fair and reasonable or is it gross overcharging. Indeed, if she sorts it at that price we still have to pay the 1% tax and adding the 2 costed together we might just as well pay the 5% tax and probably no hassle. I should also say that despite being technically illegitimate she has been legally married and divorced, has a legal I’d card, driving licences for both motorbike and car and a passport all without any problems whatsoever and is unlikely to be left another inheritance from her father so what are the viewpoints of which action to take.
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