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    Toyota GPS

    Don't know if its just me or is the above a law unto itself. I live in Hua Hin but often go to Bangkok for a day trip or overnights sometimes and about 6 months ago i bought the top spec CHR. Trying to input anywhere on its GPS seems to be a nightmare,I have 3 GPS apps on my iPhone and can input and find just about anywhere in a few seconds but after 2 hours the other day i almost ripped it out of the car on just trying to input the hotel i had booked, my iPhone app had it in seconds. A few weeks ago had booked a night in the Holiday Inn in Silom, every combination of it resulted in a cannot find and by accident i eventually put in Si Lom and suddenly there it was. Now i know doubt someone will say that is the correct spelling but surely the GPS should have found the holiday inn alone. Another example is the development where i live - it doesn't exist according to Toyota although every other GPS finds it, so i mark the spot as home when I'm parked and it comes up with a name prefix that nobody has ever seen or heard of. Bottom line is it seems to be letter specific with no intelligence and maps are probably a poor translation from Thai to English (which doesn't affect my phone apps in the slightest). When i do rarely succeed in inputting a destination it works with excellence, so is it me or can someone point me in the right direction with it and yes I do have the English instruction manual which sits on my knee as i try.