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  1. Is it really stainless, or just galvanized?
  2. "Worried now about my future bills." Check your meter once a day, see if it's advancing by the normal 20 to 30 units.
  3. "He fiddled with wires on their side of the meter..." The OP didn't say that.
  4. "...they said no, it was not their fault." Unless you have reason to believe that the meter itself is faulty, then from your brief description it seems most likely that there is/was some degree of leakage on your side of the meter. In the wiring that you own. It sucks to lose money that way but it could be a lot worse if the exact cause isn't located and repaired. That segment, from the output of the meter to the panel's master breaker, is unprotected. The rest of the wiring in your house is protected from starting a fire by the breakers but the first segment has none.
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