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  1. Has everything relevant been inspected? Input to the heater, output from the heater, shower head assembly? It doesn't take much debris to slow the flow.
  2. That is an interesting design. Safety-wise, I would be comfortable with it. Thanks. If that time comes, I'll hope to find a model that uses Asia standard TV connectors rather than F connectors. Simpler is better.
  3. I could place my antenna in a more discreet position, much lower, if I used a booster. I know they work well. But, there was an incident in my family (in-laws) where a young mother was electrocuted by an antenna booster that was leaking 220vac to the mast. That has made me cautious to an extreme.
  4. Okay, all that ends well, etc. Me, I'd say a gallon is 1/10 of a cowboy hat.
  5. I emailed the question to ACS an hour ago. They replied that in my case, with my Thai partner named as executor of my Thai Will, there should be no issues.
  6. The U.S. Embassy absolutely requires signature from next of kin regarding disposal of remains. I don't know if this rule is forced upon them by the Thai government. Since I am not married, cannot be married under Thai law, I have a Thai Will which states that my Thai partner should be treated as my next of kin in every matter. Attached to that Will is a letter to American Citizen Services which repeats that request/demand, and states my preference for local cremation, to be arranged by my partner. I've been told that I'm "good to go".
  7. I live in Jomtien and I'm wondering if the odds are good for a clear DTV signal. I see one on the map somewhere in Naklua. Is that all? I thought there was another on Pratumnak hill.
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