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  1. Some locals on the sois can chip in by covering manholes with carpets to ease the smell from all the oil, grease and waste they throw down their hourly.,
  2. Do they not do autopsy’s in this country? Oh another farang dead, lets just blame suicide or illness. They could at least make sure the ‘actual’ cause of death like any other normal country would.
  3. Ghosts are embedded in the culture here. Half the movies from here have ghost stories in them. They build spirt shrines to scare them away from new houses. Ghost stories were also common place in certain western countries many many years ago.....but education, realism and independent and analytical thoughts helped dispell those myths. Will Thailand follow suit? Not for a very very long time.
  4. There are many cases all over the world where people ‘just fall’ from high rised condo parties when intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. It still needs a thorough investigation to see if there was any malicious intent. Considering the owner is a doctor and with the competent police force we have here... Case closed - misadventure.
  5. So he is a doctor’s son...So what? Lock him up and keep him out of the news.
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