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  1. I have some friends coming down from Bangkok this weekend and they have asked me to find a room as they thought the hotels in Pattaya were all closed. But a quick search on booking.com shows availability... Can anybody confirm what's going on, are they open or closed or something in between? TIA.
  2. I am about to open a shop that measures 12m x 12m - two sides are glass (front and side) and the other two are solid wall (back and other side). The side with glass will have shutters down at night, the front glass will not have shutters as I want people driving past to see what is in the shop. There is a family living on the back of the land, they would respond to an alarm if they hear it, they have some pretty big dogs that would get involved also. I'd like to put a DIY alarm in the shop that does three things: 1. Is triggered by motion sensor and door contact 2. Sends me an alert when it is activated 3. Activates a siren Does anybody know of any kits on the market that will achieve this or do I need to buy separate parts and try to get them all working together? Thanks in advance.
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