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  1. By far my preference is the Thailand Deluxe Atlas - by thinknet, it's bilingual & 1:550,000. I have now got the 4th edition, lost the last one

    Or lent it out. It was hard to find - couldn't find it in the regular bookshops but went to a huge one in Central Plaza - if you have the time order it online - price on the back is Baht$550

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  2. Couldn't find it in Ubon tesco, Korat tesco, Kanchanuri tesco - they all had a place for it on the shelf - had more luck buyin limited amounts @ smaller alcohol shops near major hotels

  3. Ok define "drinking"

    Is it drinking any alcoholic beverage ?

    Once or twice a week my sister in law has a glass of beer ( lots of ice ) with me after a hard days work

    Or is it the guys who have a shot or 2 before a days work @ the ma & pa shop

    Or me who will have a bottle or 3 of Chang on ice during the day in this heat

    I believe this is all moderation as I am sure the other end of the scale is quite a lot more

    I have seen alcoholism and it's effects in a number of countries but this petty reporting & collating of insignificant data has no science behind it and shouldn't make print

  4. Depending on what class you're looking for....

    There are 3-4 morning trains to Sisaket from Ubon.

    Check out: hhtp://www.railway.com.th/

    Thank you for the link - I don't know what I was looking at previously but that was better

    I know I could get a bus, taxi, my sister inlaw to drive me, walk or a buffalo & cart but I like trains

  5. I would like to be in Sisaket by 12noon on Tuesday - would much prefer the train but the time table is a little confusing on the SRT web site, can anyone suggest a departure time that will get me there pre noon or do I have to bus it?

    Yes I know the train is slow :-)

  6. I have had a ipad3 for just on 10days - no issues runs like a dream, great battery life - absolutely fine, no real complaints - ran music for 7 hrs today still have 50% battery


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