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  1. You can download and fill out the form for funds in excess 10k and declare it entering the US - best - because dividing it among others is not legal and so stated on standard customs form - it is not a problem declaring valid cash leaving Thailand (15k dollars or more) or entering the US (10k dollars or more) - it is a problem trying to structure the movement of cash or not declaring it. A swift transfer from Bangkok Bank (your account) to (your account) in the US is easy at any main branch and in that amount the fee would be not more then 1250Baht - funds will arrive in your account in as little as 5hour or up to 5 working days depends on trending rate - if moving for Thai banks i.e. dollar dropping it will take as little as 5 hours. The routing number is not your normal one like you use for ACH or direct deposit - find online your banks international wire transfer routing number and swift code. Site that swift code and append your account number to that wire transfer routing number. The details of the account in US must match the address and name of that account on the form. If you have online banking with the us account check your profile and be sure you use the address they have for your account. Just did such a transfer from a local BB branch for 12k - they said easier if a main branch but did it via a fax and telephone call with main branch while I waited took all of 15 minutes and they made copy of face page passport etc. If it starts to be hassle i.e. manager is in self inflicted ass covering mode which leads to no can do - just withdraw funds or find another branch - you can order the amount of dollars you need right from that branch and come back and pick it up if not in stock. No need to run around town with wad of baht looking for exchange. You can get 10k dollars to carry and transfer the rest or what ever This type of transfer requires no online account at BB just pass book and ID and properly filled out form. It is helpful if passbook shows the deposit from off shore and returning the funds to same account of origin, at any rate just note in remarks on the form the truth - your returning your money from your account to your account.