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  1. I have been in and out of Don Muang 4 times over the past ten days and have to agree on this as it was always packed and very busy. I returned from Singapore a couple of nights back at 12.00 midnight and two flights from China had just arrived .... so anyone who doesn't think the numbers aren't up should visit Don Muang and Suvarnarmbumi airports. Just saying what I witnessed .....
  2. on another note regarding CC purchases .... has anybody had the same trouble as I'm having with Verified by Visa ?? I had to get a new mobile number recently as the old one was cancelled .... so went to the BB changed the number thinking all would work ... low and behold ! tried to pay a bill online ... and of coarse nothing worked ... I need 8 digit refence number .. then OTP .... then maybe something else ... !!!!! OMG ! I gave up after 40 minutes on the phone to BB.
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