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  1. just goes to show ..... don't believe any of the stories written and published on the internet until actual proof to verify the story can be provided. The world is full of cheats & lair's
  2. you need to get out more. Join a club or something
  3. LEX TH tracking is useless as you mentioned. Recently I had the unenviable task of contacting Lazada to find out where my package was .... they then gave me a tracking number ... Package has been picked up from Lazada warehouse " so ? next day " nothing next day " Package is on the way to bla bla warehouse " so ? 2 days later .... package is being sorted in bla bla warehouse " what the heck ? sorted ? 1 item .... lol
  4. i think Lazada is a bit of hit & miss ..... everything can go right one time, and the next can be a disaster. I recently received from Chilindo and no issues, just a day or 2 late. I recently received a 16" fan from Lazada , no email ... but driver did call. Almost a week to get ... Today received an item from Shoppee ... driver called.
  5. oh dear .... poor boy, only 26 .... and shot through no fault of his own, i hope he pulls through. maybe the police will shoot the perpetrator.
  6. lately, it just seems they can do no wrong ... it really is amazing trusting thailand !
  7. at least your being honest with yourself and not like some ...
  8. one does not have to be blind freddy to see what all the airlines are doing regarding giving back refunds .... They have xxxx cash to keep the business afloat ... pay wages, landing taxes, airport fees etc ... They are going to push refunds back until the end as they want cash on hand ... do you really think they will pay your refund before they pay wages or landing fees or daily running costs ? what do you think the financial controller has told call centre and accounts staff to do .... i am sure it would have been something like this ' as we need to seriously control our current costs, please refrain from paying out refunds until further notice ....
  9. seen those pics last week .... unfortunately, this will likely be the normal procedure for flying. you can thank CH for that.
  10. I believe decent ones starts around 9,000 baht ? 2hp ... 3 incline settings ... 3-10 km/per hr
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