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  1. CUSTOMER RELATIONS Building 6, 1th Floor, Head Office Tel : (66) 2545-4216, (66) 2545-4217 Fax : (66) 2545-3841 E-mail : customer@thaiairways.com
  2. Opening ceremony today ….. closing ceremony coming soon.
  3. hope they go under ….. management and their HiSo execs can all lose face. he should have said ' staff need to work harder at looking for a new job '
  4. sorry ... I don't know what teddy boys are …. not a sheltered life but just did as suppose to do and not go out to stab someone.
  5. this will really bring in millions of baht …. not ! lol
  6. hasn't this been discussed 1,000,000 times on here ….
  7. There's obviously a lot more to this than just the fight. Who knows what she is really like or what he is really like. Difficult to judge either just on this piece of news. Tomorrow they will be sobered up and apologizing to each other and back to normal again until the next argument breaks out ….. seen it all before !
  8. That figure is a drop in the ocean compared to other Asian countries. Singapore tops the spending by a huge amount, Brunei & even Malaysia spends twice as much on defence hardware. So Khun Prayut Chan O Cha is correct in that Thailand needs to keep up with other Asian countries on defence hardware. The chart shown is in Per Capita US$ ….
  9. It is always a concern when drunk and rowdy passengers board a plane. To assist in such an event, cable ties and a stun gun should be added to the emergency kit.
  10. that's Queenslander ..... they are a high set timber house with big airy verandahs and open underneath so as to let the breeze flow through. I've got some website's of Thai wooden houses that some folks might want to visit …. when I find them shortly I'll post them up ..
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