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  1. agree .... There is no way Biden will win .... Trump does speak his mind and ok, he says some pretty strange things at times, but he does know what is needed and he certainly knows the stock market and what the economy requires. He knows folks are suffering, but he cannot fix that overnight .... I bet london to a brick on that he will win hands down !! imo
  2. silly old coote ... you'd think by 95 he'd know when to shut his mouth
  3. follow the 362 until you reach route 1 and then just follow your dream.
  4. Burmese truck drivers don't have much money, and I've never seen one outside my 7-11 swinging on a bottle of Chang
  5. Just found out ...... When I check the ' smooth scroll ' box , WIN10 changes all desktop thumbnails into icons as per the OP's problem, and the text goes into a light slight pixed format, so I went and checked the cleartexttype mode it is fixed. Can anyone explain why this happens with WIN10 ..... both the smooth scroll problem and the text issue ?? What has smooth scroll got to do with Thumbnails / Icons ?
  6. after reading the first few lines I felt sick instantly with a rush to stop reading... absolutely awful tragedy ... very sad.
  7. 8 mill ... 11 mill .... yah shucks ! who really knows ..... just hurry up a throw that dice will ya !!
  8. let's hope he changes his hair salon before the next rally ....
  9. to the thai's who won't go there because it's priced way above other places.
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