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  1. Many years ago it was 200 and farangs wanted the caddies to like them so they use to give a lot more same with the bar girls when they were 500. Farangs messed the whole job up here by always tipping too much now the rates of exchange have changed and no one can afford golf or bar girls.
  2. All the stuff I have been reading here about the pitiful stories about men who have spent all the cash on a house and land for the wife and family and kids and are now broke is really pulling at my heart strings. 800,000 is not a lot of money when talking about a house and land today in Thailand. If the wife wants you to stay tell her to get a loan on the house and land and car you bought for her and her family and deposit the money in the bank. Tell her you will make the payments on the loan. How much are loan payments on 800,000 secured loan for 20 years? dont spend more that you can afford to lose in Thailand also if your at retirement age or younger but retired early you should be ashamed of your self if you have work all those years and only got a poultry sum of 25,000 pounds.
  3. cant believe the clown never saw the bike coming and got out the way 55555555555
  4. lots of them here, with the new immigration rules, should be getting rid of a lot more soon.
  5. it pays to live in a nice area where you dont need them
  6. yer thats what they all say, you said it, like your bragging about it. i been here 19 years never seen inside a police station how did u get your sorry ass in jail for no reason? cos they always locking up innocent farangs right !
  7. well i dont have any problems. the trouble with most people they bring all the crap on them selves trying to save a few bob
  8. convert a retirement to a marriage visa due mainly to the poor AUD to Baht rates and new rules. ok i have the same situation with sterling so i opened a sterling account and sent over the equivalent amount in sterling no problem. do the same with your AUD
  9. just do it the right way no short cuts or scams no problems.
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