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  1. How about airplane lessor approval of any rehabilitation plan ? This seems essential to me.
  2. What they need most is a change of leadership in WHO in order to restore confidence and China should not be picking the new leader.
  3. Getting back to the subject at hand it would seem that the government could manage 2 flights a week by expanding texting and quarantine areas. A couple of A-380’s might be perfect for this job. BDX just announced a new 15 minute test which might be ideal for airports. Since we are now into July it is a bit surprising that all of the Thais who wish to be repatriated have not been sent home yet.
  4. This boat cannot be restored as its design was flawed and it is not a seaworthy vessel under any circumstances. It was poorly constructed too and I believe it has a truck engine, not one specifically designed for marine use. Chop it up or sink it. Can you imagine what the Chinese would say if this boat was returned to service !!!
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