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  1. Where else is the bullsh!t supposed to go then - flush it down the toilet?
  2. Only if you stayed in a hotel that filed a TM30. The answer must be, in order to avoid being listed, either stay in a hovel or take a tent.
  3. Save one for me. I hear they're becoming an endangered species with they strong Baht and government measures to scare them off.
  4. Perhaps now. In the Thai/Japanese fighting on 8 December 1941 when Japan invaded Thailand, the Thai navy fought them for five hours, before being told by Phibun Songkhram - the PM at the time - to surrender stop fighting the Japanese.
  5. If you have a yellow book, you're temporarily staying in the kingdom, not permanently. I've been here temporarily for over twenty years.
  6. Don't you know? They come to watch the cricket! watch the cricket? Surely you mean they come to eat the crickets - a cheap and nourishing snack.
  7. Yes, but promising what: to buy one drink each, not sharing one between a few of them? to take one girl each out of a bar, not sharing one between a few of them?
  8. Think purchase...commission! Think also 'national security' - that all-encompassing phrase that prevents discussion or questioning of where money has gone or what it's been used for.
  9. Less than 2% of GDP, fairly standard stuff and lower than the neighbouring countries. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/ms.mil.xpnd.gd.zs Edited 16 minutes ago by saengd An interesting link. It's actually lower than two neighbouring countries and higher than the other two neighbouring countries. I'm not an expert, but I would have thought that the amount spent should be consistent with the 'perceived' risk - if so are the Thai military expecting war with Myanmar or Cambodia?
  10. Which people ?? Which people: The government. Not sure if that should be 'witch people' as they're so evil, or 'wich people' as spoken by someone with a lisp - describing the same corrupt group.
  11. As Cadbury just described them - 'the Assembly of the Rich' - the last thing they want is for opportunity and education, as that would sow the seeds of creating a more equal society.
  12. It then goes on to explain that customers will need to 'sign up for an account' in order to pay electronically. I'm guessing that will rule out tourists straight away. Here's an opportunity to bring the ticket sales system into the real world, but it must be 'real world' Thai-style. It doesn't look as if it will be easy for tourists to book onto a slow boat fast train to China.
  13. The strength of the Baht is not up for 'addressing'. Those at the top who are really in charge of the country don't want the Baht to drop, as it's obviously in their interest to keep it where it is - sod the rest of the country.
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