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  1. Read the quote they are doing it for everyone including foreigners you are creating an issue where there is none I'm not creating an issue, I'm asking a specific question. You say 'they are doing it for everyone'. That seems to be saying everyone will have an army funeral, irrespective if they want one or not. I read the quote, this is what it states: My genuine question still stands, "How do they choose who they will help?"
  2. No only other dogs bum ........ regards worgeordie You mean they're trained to smell arsenic?
  3. Judging by the speed it is being administered, I would have thought it would be more accurate to say 'with both recipients having a high level of antibodies.'
  4. Either that, or overwhelmed by the odour of bla-raa from someone's somtam.
  5. 'That man should make a PM one day' Is that make one out of some sticky-back plastic and a pair of Val's old knickers?
  6. If they release all the infected ones, then don't imprison any new ones with covid, it will solve the problem. <For the hard-of-learning: The text above may contain traces of sarcasm>
  7. Tomorrow's news: Suspects flee Thailand, evading tracking after cutting off the Chinese monitoring bracelets with a pair of scissors.
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