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  1. I see it as a pathetic excuse too. I suspect the reality is more likely she did know what to do but couldn't be bothered. However, coming up with what she thought as an attempt at face-saving has just confirmed her excuse has made her look stupid and lose face big time. Good.
  2. I can only compare the volume of the sirens here to those in the UK, where they're much, much louder. If you were on phone or had the radio on, you still would hear a UK emergency vehicle. Googling says that apparently UK emergency services sirens are typically around 110 decibels (dB). It's a lot louder than the ones in Thailand.
  3. Ha ha, very good! Look you've got me to uncover by doing that - two different dates already. Perhaps there's more out there...
  4. Where does that info come from? Initially the TAT themselves seem to claim: "The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was established on the 18th March 1960. TAT was the first organization in Thailand to be specifically responsible for the promotion of tourism." I suppose you'd expect them to say that if they claim they're 59! source: http://www.tourismthailand-middleeast.org/en/about_us/ However, wiki makes them 40: "The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was finally established on 4 May 1979" source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_Authority_of_Thailand#History
  5. Employees retire at 60 here, so next year hopefully for this government agency too. As an aside, I've read recently there's been some discussion about raising the retirement age to 65 in Thailand.
  6. judging by the TAT figures regarding tourist numbers which everyone here regards with derision, I wonder if the figure above is nearer to 5 years and 9 months? Not wishing to put down the BSI, an electronics company I owned years ago gained BSI certification. As someone once cynically described to me the system of following standard procedures and documenting them, they said if you had a system that your BSI manual documented to keep tabs on a shit company, as long as you followed the procedures in the manual to keep it shit, then your BSI accreditation was correctly following what it was designed for.
  7. More likely: Slow police on the crawl for a quick disappearing loris tout.
  8. I was in that situation less than two months ago, being in the ambulance as my wife was rushed to hospital. The closer we came to the hospital in the town centre, the less anyone would move out of the way, despite the siren.
  9. {quote} But there has been one thing the Smart City porject so far has excelled at, and that is getting big number budgets thrown around as if the money fell from the sky. To that, to ask exactly who has benefited from the Smart City initiative so far, we’ll let you decide. {unquote} This article seems to highlight the details of how spin doctoring of an 'in phrase' does nothing in reality, apart from create photo-opportunities and endless waffle, while wasting public money.
  10. After 40 what - orgasms, years, lovers, million Baht?
  11. An anti-ego vaccine, for that fragile Thai male ego. An excellent idea. What would the vaccine comprise? Valium, sleeping pills, muscle relaxant?
  12. I remember an old timer from the UK Royal Navy telling me when they visited Bangkok in the 1960s it was 10 Baht a go then.
  13. I've at last found the Guinness advert where I stole the quote above from: (I think it was 1995)
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