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  1. The military is and never has been politically neutral. It has always sought the support of the elite who control most other things.
  2. Careful with that red and white flag, or you'll be off for attitude adjustment soon.
  3. I think the PM probably sees himself as a Time Lord. Maybe Davros, the dalek supreme being is closer to the truth. edit: Instead of cries of "Exterminate! Exterminate!", it would probably become "Punch in the face! Punch in the face!"
  4. Can only be investigation. 'Intelligence gathering' could be seen as an oxymoron.
  5. I'd suggest you carefully melt away out of sight.
  6. Perhaps an opportunistic thief came across the body and cut off her long hair to sell. Maybe police should be combing wig-makers establishments, testing DNA?
  7. One hour after you posted Sir,.......they are getting good at this......... Thailand 4.0 in action: Looks like TAT must have some sort of 'auto responder' trawling the net - one mention of a negative taxi driver story and it will automatically reply with with something to negate it.
  8. Oooh, you grammar Nazi - ha ha! I heard it was Rudolf Hess who edited Hitler's Mein Kampf - making Hess the first true grammar Nazi.
  9. with a gold watch?? Where are they going to find 1,700-odd watches for all those generals? Even Prawit could possibly be strapped to help out with that one.
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