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  1. Yeah, according to wiki it did stop in December - E04, then resumed this month with E05: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennyworth_(TV_series)#Season_2_(2020)
  2. This must be series 2 you're talking about? I hadn't even realised there was a second series until your post and I looked on imdb, which says there are (will be) 10 episodes.
  3. I managed it. Mind you, it was a long tunnel I had to dig.
  4. Over 100% - that must mean if you have covid, it will get rid of it for you.
  5. Perhaps a good idea suggesting this, I'm not sure. However, it's a pity he didn't say how effective just one mask is.
  6. Given his track record on the drainage system, I'm guessing water polo will be the main event held here?
  7. How can a 237-year-old shrine be considered ancient? Old or antique, but not 'ancient' - that word would indicate to me an earlier period of time - at least a thousand years ago.
  8. If they've been doing it that long they must really stink.
  9. I've worked it out: Incest is not allowed legally, so unofficial incest is encouraged.
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