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  1. It loses something when you need to explain. You said: 'I suppose this time you got some help from a professional?' Just my alleged sense of humour.
  2. That's a bit paranoid. Good job they don't normally deliver on Sundays, otherwise left out in the scorching heat would turn into Black Sabbath.
  3. Right, I've got it sussed: Send all the incoming Chinese tourists via Thailand Post and spray them, as no one in government has the balls to quarantine them, or stop them coming in.
  4. 'and live together in peace' Sounds to me more like a spiel from a Miss World contestant. I bet he also wants harmony everywhere, as well as whirled peas.
  5. I wonder what miracle Saint Mildrith performed to gain her sainthood? I was under the impression this was how it worked? Is it likely Mildred of Nong Khai might perform any miracles, or is it likely she may have to make do with an OBE for services to mobile phone usage?
  6. 'A memorandum of understanding' - that must be code for waiting until the events have faded from the public's memory, then do nothing.
  7. Just how effective are these masks I wonder? There seems to be varying opinions on whether they will prevent the virus permeating through them. Wasn't there also someone (a nurse in China?) who contracted it through their eyes - it was thought they had conjunctivitis to begin with.
  8. Wasn't this the same guy who paid 1,000 Baht for a doughnut during the siege? I hope any straw he might clutch at from the same shop is paper, not plastic.
  9. Keeping it all in-house does nothing! Perhaps it will show the officers how to carry on their business without being flagged.
  10. They need somewhere for the highly publicised 'lap nai'. Instead of crashing into a vehicle, they can crash out on the bed. Seems obvious.
  11. Hmm, cough. I was hoping it was going to a a bottle of single malt, not an hallucinogenic.
  12. I take it this will wait until the Coronavirus has officially disappeared from Thailand. We don't want to encourage travelling right now surely, increasing the risk of infection. Or will they run it on the same basis as Chinese travellers coming to Thailand, and ignore the risk completely?
  13. From our illustrious leader the PM who said five years ago he was going to reform the RTP, but turned out he was too scared of them and did nothing.
  14. Dave Carroll had his guitar broken by United Airlines who refused to admit responsibility. After arguing with them for a year, the singer/songwriter wrote a song and put it on youtube in 2012. It went viral. One of the highest watched videos ever. Five years ago it had 11 million hits. He wrote another two songs which caused global embarrassment for United Airlines. You can watch the other videos (songs 2 & 3) after this one has finished:
  15. Shurely shome mishtake? 'significant contributions to their own wellbeing.'
  16. Perhaps put them all on the EU monkey mountain, next to the butter mountain.
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