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  1. Did Ben go on to run a dental practice with his friend? Ben Downe and Phil McCavity.
  2. It seems it's nothing to do with 'biometrics', but checking passport data with other agencies. There must be some instances of using 'biometrics' to check fingerprint, iris scanning, etc, to apprehend holders of false passports, but that does appear to be a minority. I suppose it's the age old saying that if you lie about something for long enough people will believe it. Having wasted spent 2 billion Baht they're trying desperately to justify it.
  3. Did they use a stun gun or a general anaesthetic when they cornered the scoundrel?
  4. My first wife had an aunt who had two sets of twins. No word of a lie: Lin and Lan along with Tw-it and Tw-at.
  5. “Eye of newt and toe of frogs,” they chant. “Conjure a drink that looks good for votes.
  6. lol So he is human then. This is quite amusing. As to a coalition with PT, we all know that is a non-starter. Like matter-antimatter, it'd be fireworks. Mumbling to himself. I always thought that was considered as the first sign of madness.
  7. They're leaving it all a bit late. Phase 1 is supposed to be up and running by 2021.
  8. I wonder what a green buffer zone is and if it has a definite use, or is it some management-speak in-phrase?
  9. (from the link above) "Despite the ban, many farmers still use paraquat because it is cheap and an affordable alternative is not yet available." Initially I thought it meant farmers were using up their stock even though possession is illegal, but then I noticed 'because it is cheap'. Does this mean it's still being sold?
  10. True, not same - Thai electrocute easy, ferang refuse to die. It was clarification I was after, not shooting.
  11. Thanks for that. Just what I wanted to know.
  12. I'm not trying to be critical, but as someone with limited medical understanding this seems confusing to me. If someone was hyperventilating, what would be the use of CPR? Surely isn't that only required if the heart stops beating?
  13. Thanks. Not wanting to appear pedantic (well I do) สายไฟ is also use for cable, wire. Is there an opportunity for misunderstanding by using this word? สายนิวตรอน and สายกราวด์ are just using the English terms. I got สายดิน from the warning notice on our electric shower, saying that an earth must be fitted to the unit.
  14. Thanks Crossy. I was look for the Thai script for those hopefully.
  15. that's quite neutral for you .. I'm not phased by it at all. Just trying to keep my feet on the ground.
  16. after a colour blind electrician wired the place up .. The must have been de-lighted.
  17. I know earth/ground is สายดิน - unless there's another colloquially used word? What are the words used for 'live' and 'neutral'? I need to explain to an alleged electrician, to make sure he connects them correctly.
  18. My face and your a*se! (very sorry, no offence intended. It's a very old joke I just exhumed) edit: Sorry, I only just saw someone has already done that joke.
  19. Ha ha ha! Thanks, that's all cracking stuff! Presumably from a Lucas staff archive of disgruntled employees?
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